The odd pretty blonde girl at the end of the bar had been talking to him for the last half hour. He hadn't been interested in most of what she said until she stopped talking for a small moment. "It's okay you know, if you think I'm crazy." His head shot back up and he looked at her again, really looked at her. "Nobody ever believes my theories. I'm used to it."

Daniel Jackson's heart went out to her, who knew how that felt better than he did. "What theories," he asked. He watched her face contort into a deep frown. "I can't really talk about it now." Daniel nodded in understanding. "Yeah, I've been there too, and I can't talk about it either."

The scilence that passed between them was comfortable now and standing he threw some money onto the bar and held out his hand to her. "Come on, lets get out of here." And taking his hand Luna Lovegood stood and crossed the bar with him. His arm sliding around her shoulders as they reached the door. And for once, both of those so misunderstood to the outside world, knew that the other would for at least that night, understand.