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Gone. Martha was just gone. She had become a casualty of the Daleks, without them even firing a shot. Anger and grief rage together in his chest, choking him.

"Bye, Jack." Her last words rang in the air. She had sounded so terrified...

His first impulse was to make someone pay. Through the haze of pain, a vague memory floated back to him—Rose running toward him and the Doctor. She was frightened. She had nearly been in the safety of their shadow when suddenly—so suddenly that he had not even seen it coming and was helpless to prevent it—she was gone. She had been turned into dust. There had been nothing left of the perky young girl who lit up their world. It felt as if a black hole had opened up and sucked all the life from his chest. The anger, the pain, and the helplessness had roared as one, turning him into a monster. He had shot without mercy. More than anything, he had wanted them dead. He wanted them to pay.

This felt like then, only ten times worse. There was no gun in his hand and no enemies to shoot at. It had been all Martha's choice. That ripped his heart raw. Why, Martha? I told you not to...

How could she be dead? She had been so very full of life. More than anyone he knew, Martha had a heart of gold and somehow had managed the odd combination of doctor and soldier beautifully. She was one in a million and he knew he would never meet someone like her—not if he lived millions more years, which, he thought, wryly, was a distinct possibility.

She had been snatched from him so quickly. He had not even had a chance to say goodbye. That knowledge hurt almost as much as losing her.

If he could only have been by her side. They could have fought the Daleks together. If only he had been there with her, maybe she would not be atoms floating through the air right now.

There is no time to grieve. Life moves on, leaving only a gaping hole in its wake. He will move on, fighting the war for Martha's sake.

You were the best, Martha Jones.

I'll never forget you.


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