Harry could not figure out what kind of creature was jumping on his bed. He was just getting used to the idea that he no longer slept in a closet under the stairs, and now lived in a huge bedroom with a real bed.

He figured the move must have something to do with the envelope he had received in the mail right before his first year at Hogwarts, addressed to Harry in the cupboard under the stairs.

He was not allowed to read it until Hagrid provided Harry with a copy when they were in the hut by the sea, but it certainly upset his Aunt and Uncle.

When he returned home after shopping with Hagrid, they told him to pack his few things and move up to Dudley's second bedroom immediately. It only took one swat at his head to get him packing and moving.

Hagrid had helped Harry to realize that he was a wizard and would soon be on his way to a wizards school called Hogwarts.

He experienced a wonderful nine months of school, a whole new world but was now back with the Dursley's after completing his first of seven years at Hogwarts.

After a full day of chores in the hot sun with no lunch and very little dinner he returns to his bedroom only to find a creature with big eyes and funny ears jumping on his bed.

He didn't know how to ask the question, and he didn't want to be rude, so he just asked, "Excuse me, who are you?"

The creature stopped jumping up and down and looked at Harry with eyes that spoke 'admiration and hero worship' yet there was a hint of fear. "Me be Dobby Sir, Dobby the House-elf."

Harry spoke, "It is good to meet you Dobby, and how can I help you?"

Dobby just about fell off the bed, and would have, if Harry had not caught him before he hit the floor.

"What is wrong with you?" asked Harry, "Are you ill?"

"No, I am not ill," replied Dobby, "I am just flubbered that you are being so kind to me, a lowly house elf."

"Well," replied Harry, "I don't want you to feel 'flubbered', but being nice is how you should be to others."

"I don't mean to rush you but my Uncle does not like any noise after nine o'clock so could you please quit jumping on the bed, and have a seat so we can talk?"

At that Dobby started blubbering, great giant tears running down his cheeks. "Oh, you are so kind, I have never met such a greatest wizard as you is, who is as kind as you be, asking me to sit in your presence."

By this time Harry is at a loss as to what to do.

"Dobby, I am not a great wizard, I am just Harry. I sure wish I was a great wizard then I could get myself away from here."

"NO," screamed Dobby, "you cannot leave here, you must not or you will be hurt. There are bad people out there trying to hurt you, don't leave."

About that time Harry heard his Uncle stomping up the stairs, the bedroom door flew open. Vernon's jaw hit the ground when he spotted Dobby. Dobby screeched and popped away leaving Harry to deal with a very angry Vernon.

Vernon was sure he had seen a "magic" creature in Harry's bedroom. This sent him over the edge. This was the ultimate of magic in his house, and he would have none of it! He felt dirty and used and decided that Harry would pay the price. He had warned the boy over and over again, not to bring any of that 'freaky' stuff into his home. And now he finds ultimate of 'freaky' sitting in the brat's bedroom.

His anger began to grow as he threw a punch at Harry catching him in the jaw and knocking him to the floor.

Vernon was a big man but most of his 'big' was all the extra food he consumed that seemed to gather around his waist. This spare tire prevented him from comfortably bending over so he reverted to kicking Harry in the ribs, legs, bum and finally his head.

He quickly tired of this as it was too physically taxing. He reached down and pulled Harry's belt from his pants and used it to tie up Harry's hands. He then pulled Harry upright and hung him by the belt to a hook on the wall that used to hold Dudley's television set.

He then ripped off Harry's shirt exposing his back and pulled down his jeans and shorts to his ankles leaving his backside flapping in the breeze.

Vernon looked around and spotted a package of bamboo poles he had given Harry upon arriving home that evening. He had instructed Harry to use them to tie up Petunia's plants the next day when he was pulling weeds in the garden. They were about three feet long, green, and half an inch thick and would be perfect.

Vernon usually used his belt but today he was wearing suspenders and didn't feel like walking all the way down the hall to find one. Vernon grabbed a couple of the bamboo poles, thinking they almost looked like the canes that he had been whipped with when he attended Smeltings, private school for boys.

Vernon knew that this activity was going to be a great release from the tensions of work. Harry deserved it and when he was finished with him he would feel relaxed,and could enjoy being with his family the rest of the night.

Harry hung against the wall, slightly in a daze from all the damage to his body and head. Finally he managed to figure out that his Uncle had hung him on the wall to be beaten. He also knew that this was going to be a painful night.

It would all depend on his Aunt Petunia and whether or not she would take a break from her favorite TV show and stop him in time. Vernon, once he started, seemed to zone out and really enjoy what he was doing to Harry.

Harry knew better than to beg for mercy or to even say he was sorry because it would make no difference and only tick Vernon off.

Harry didn't have to wait long as Vernon grabbed a couple of poles and began striking Harry's bare back over and over again, seeming to make a game out of making sure the stripes would go in different directions creating a decoration on Harry's back.

With a big smile on his face Vernon changed targets and began whipping Harry's bum and then his thighs, working back and forth between the three areas wanting them all to match each other in color.

Soon many of the stripes began to bleed but he was in a foul mood and continued his beating on Harry. Not only did he hit Harry but the whole time he kept yelling that he would finally beat all that ugly stuff, that unspeakable stuff, out of him once and for all.

As the color of Harry's skin turned from red to purple, as the welts and bleeding cuts increased, Vernon began to feel a sense of pleasure below the waist where he should not have felt pleasure. Vernon was enjoying himself as he crossed the line from discipline to child abuse.

Harry had never seen Vernon this angry and he was not sure if he would survive this beating. His back was burning so bad, like it was on fire, and he could not get a full lung of air as breathing was becoming difficult.

He took the first blows without uttering a sound, as Vernon did not like him crying out or whimpering. and if he cried the beating only became worse.

When Vernon started on his legs, for the third time, he could not hold it in any longer and began to utter a very low, deep, groan. This was not crying, this was a groan of the soul, a sound that was not earthly.

Harry slipped from consciousness, the last thoughts on his mind were that he would now be able to be with his parents, that he could now experience love.

At that moment the magic that held the house wards in place began to fail. The love required to hold them up was fragile at best and now non-existent. Only the emotions of hate and desperation reigned in the home now and the protection that Lily had carefully planned on saving her son was dying.

Death Eaters, who were still waiting for the return of their Lord, and others who were just looking for that brat that killed the Dark Lord, were waiting patiently.

They knew where the Aurors went periodically to check on a Muggle house and followed them. While they could not see the house, they knew it had to be important and if it was important it might just be the Potter hide-out.

As the wards began to fail the house became visible to all both evil and good.

The Order Member on guard at the time, Tonks, just stared at what was happening then sent a warning patronus to the Order, telling them that Potter was in trouble.

At the same moment, all the instruments located in Dumbledore's office, whose function was to keep tabs on Harry, were going crazy, setting off alarms all over the castle.

The few summer students and staff, eating in the Great Hall, went flying under the tables thinking that Hogwarts was under attack while suits of armor came running down the stairs toward their assigned posts at the front door and the ghosts started spreading a warning to all the portraits.

The grand front doors of Hogwarts began to lock themselves and Dumbledore flew to his office, followed by Professors McGonagall and Snape.

Albus knew something bad was happening at number 4 Privet Drive. After checking his office he asked Minerva to watch Hogwarts, as one of them had to be in residence because of the magic of Hogwarts. Albus and Severus floo'd to the house of Arabella Figg. They arrived in time to see the Dark Mark being set over the Dursley house and four death eaters entering the building.

They raced to Harry's house shooting hexes at two Death Eaters who were still on the outside of the home. Tonks had already hexed one of them and was in a fight with another. One of the Death Eaters fell quickly, having been hit with the incarcerous spell.

They would leave them for the Aurors.

Petunia's screams covered the sounds of Albus and Snapes arrival. They came in right behind the other Death Eater making short work of him. They had been very lucky that there were not more of them and that Petunia had covered their arrival.

They levitated the three Death Eaters from outside to the foyer and shut the door not wanting to arouse the neighbors. The Muggles would not be able to see the Death Mark over the house but they would see bodies lying around. They didn't have much time to figure out what was happening.

Vernon snaps back to reality and stopped whipping Harry when he heard his wife scream. He looked at the bloody mess hanging in front of him but figured the boy only received half of what he deserved and he would get back to him later. He looked forward to pouring alcohol over the wounds and listening to Harry scream.

Meanwhile his wife needed him as it sounded like something was wrong downstairs.

Albus asked Petunia where Harry was, instead of answering she grabbed her massive son and backed into the corner of the living room as if in shock.

Snape saw Vernon descend the stairs with the bloody bamboo poles in his hand and realized quickly what must be going on. He wasted no time speaking to Albus but knocked Vernon out of the way and ran up the stairs looking in the rooms as he went.

At the second doorway he heard a moan and slowly walked in with his wand out. What he saw made his stomach turn and his blood boil.

He had no great love for the Potter brat, son of the worst bully in Snape's life. But he would not wish this kind of treatment even on Potters father.

Harry was no longer standing, but hung by his wrists from a hook. All his weight was being held by his wrists and his hands were turning blue.

Albus walked up behind Snape and sucked in a deep breath as tears started blinding his eyes.

Snape walked over to gently release Harry and lay his bloody, naked body on the bed. He noticed that Harry was very small for his age and weighed almost nothing. The robes that he usually wore at school seemed to hide this truth from those who were around him.

Tears were running down Dumbledoors cheeks and he felt himself getting sick.

Snape was running a quick diagnostic on Harry trying to figure out the extent of his wounds. It was clear that Harry had numerous cuts, welts and bruises. Many of them very deep and bone was visible in places. He also had a broken jaw, three broken ribs, a broken foot from where Vernon stepped on him and a concussion.

Snape shook Albus back to reality yelling at him saying they needed to get Harry to Hogwarts immediately and they could worry about the rest of it later.

Albus instructed Tonks to deal with the Aurors when they arrived then pulled out a lemon drop and turned it into a portkey. Grabbing Snape and Harry, he whirled off to Hogwarts infirmary.

Poppy was caught by surprise, at their abrupt arrival in the middle of her ward.

It scared her so badly she threw the bedpan she was holding into the air sending its contents all over the place. With a, 'I will kill you later look', she used her wand to scourgify the wards floor and beds quickly.

She then noticed that Snape was carrying a young naked boy whose face told her that it was Harry Potter. She told Snape to put him on the first bed.

Snape laid him carefully on his stomach and that was when Poppy saw the full extent of the damage and covered her mouth as she almost lost her dinner. She screamed, "Who did this to him?"

"Later" replied Snape, "let's get him healed first, at least physically. He was remembering his own childhood and knew that while the physical might heal the mental may take longer.

Albus still had said nothing while he watched Poppy and Snape work on Harry.

Then he began the long walk back to his office, knowing in his heart that every warning his staff had expressed to him, every concern that Harry had pleaded to him, had come true.

He still held to the hope that there was nothing he could have done to stop it and that it had been necessary but he now knew that argument would not hold water.

His compulsion to control, to only see things his way, had once again caused him trouble and another person a lot of pain.