Relaxing in the privacy of his quarters aboard the Mothership after another long and trying day, Agent Ronald Sandoval sighed and gently put the photograph of himself and Major Kincaid down on night table beside his cot. It was taken after the Bliss epidemic - Zo'or had seen to it that it be known that if not for the combined efforts of the two Protectors and their quick resolve of the situation, they may not have been able to save as many as they did.

"Do you carry photographs in you wallet, Major?"
"Only my ID. Why?"
Gently running a finger over the image of his late wife, Sandoval softly said "evidence."
"Of what?" Kincaid asked quietly and gently, as if trying to keep him talking.
"That you were here."

Sandoval blinked at the sudden memory. He suddenly felt sad and disappointed that he hadn't gotten to know Kin-- Liam, better, and that all he had of the younger man were memories and one picture. They had worked together for 4 years, damn it! Four years: wasted. It was too late now; Liam was dead, died several months ago, in the volcano, trying to save the Taelons and the Jaridians.

"Sowulo, Mr. Sandoval. The Irish rune of inevitability."

He missed the younger man, immensely. In all honestly, it felt like a part of him was gone, had died with Kincaid. Whatever the connection between them was, it ran much deeper than he thought. Sandoval frowned. The familiarity of the man had always annoyed him, it was like he should know Liam, despite the fact that they had never met before Boone's funeral.

After getting Da'an ushered out of the area, Sandoval turned towards the man in uniform, saying "lucky for us you showed up today, Major Kincaid."
"Liam." An offered hand.
"Liam." Taking the offered hand.

So many times he hurt the younger man - he had even tried to kill him. And never once did he retaliate. Not once! In fact, time after time, Liam saved his life and/or stuck by him. It was so damn frustrating. He never did figure out why. Was it because of that unexplained bond they shared?

A judge ordering that he be taken to the nearest portal. Zo'or - only moments ago - had interrupted the proceedings and demanded that he be returned to the Mothership, threatening to destroy several major cities if he was not.
"You want company?" Came the unexpected offer of Liam Kincaid, whom was suddenly by his side.
Looking up at him, Sandoval repeated the same words he had on the train "some lives aren't worth saving, Major."

His life wasn't worth saving. However, Liam thought differently. Kincaid knew that he had done some pretty horrendous and despicable things, but for some reason, never held it against him. "I have this thing against humans murdering other humans." Briefly, Sandoval wondered if the younger man could see him now, would this still be so?

"... humanity is a very elusive quality, even for better people than myself."

Shaking his head, Sandoval got up and started to do some basic Tai Chi to help clear his head before he turned in for the night. "The problem with memories, Major, is that once you have them in your mind, it's very difficult to get rid of them." He recalled once saying to Kincaid, hoping to convince the young Protector out of seeing Marquette's 'dead' body.

Those words seemed to apply now. No matter how hard he tried to push the memories of Liam away, they were still there, haunting him.

Perhaps in time they would fade. But Sandoval wasn't sure if he wanted them too.