TITLE: Like Father, Like Son

SUMMARY: A marine's death. A mother's kidnapping. A child's call for help. And a family secret that will change Tony's life forever.

NOTE: This story is set around season 3, Tony will be 34 in this and his full name will be Anthony Dominic DiNozzo while his father's name will be Dominic DiNozzo.

A single gunshot alerted a young boy of the trouble he was about to face as he turned the corner to his house. He watched as men dressed in black with shotguns standing in front of his house, seconds later his heart leaped to his throat as he watched his mother being pulled out of the house kicking and screaming. But before he could even react, he was grabbed from behind.

"Hey boss, look what I found!" A man's cold and sneering voice could be heard.

Struggling to get free, the boy did the only thing he could do. He bit down hard on the man's arm at the same time kicking the man in the crouch. The unexpected move made the man dropped the boy as the kid ran with everything he had in him, only turning his head back to get a last glimpse of his mother.

"Run son, run!" The mother's voice could be heard as she was shoved into the car.

The boy kept on running, and after what seemed like hours later, he found a dumpster to hide in, took out his cell phone and dialed the number that his mother had always told him to call if anything were to happen.

"NCIS, how can we help you?"

"Please I need to speak to Agent DiNozzo, I'm River Anthony DiNozzo, and I need help please hurry!"