It had been an hour and a half since I had been in his arms. We passed each other in the hall and strolled off to an empty dead end by the corner of the hall. He pressed his lips hard against mine and let his tongue in. He held my wrists against the wall. He tightened his tongue against my neck. He undressed both of our waists down. He briefly unlatched my arms and put on a condom. Quickly he strapped back up my wrists and came in a rapist like fashion. He started licking the side of my neck. I just came, and kissed his biceps again. He pulled down my blouse to leave me in my bra. We kissed each other rapidly and made love. "Has anyone seen Katherine?" we heard from the open office. David quickly released and pulled up his pants. I zipped my skirt and started off to the office buttoning my blouse. A girl with brown hair and a dress that resembled a long black turtle neck was talking. "Katherine, you have a call" I pulled the phone to my ear...


"Hey Kat"

"Oh hi Theo"

"Hey, I haven't talked to you in a while, so I thought we could watch a movie at my place,"

"Yeah definitely"

"Ok well be there at eight, okay?"

"Yeah bye"

"I love you"

"I love you too" I was whispering.

I put down the phone and got to my desk. There was a lack of calls all day. I waste my working day imagining a four-some between Micheal, Theo, David, and me. Everyone had left the office and I was on my way out. It was dark outside and about six o'clock. I slid on my coat, and walked by all the cubicles. "Hey gorgeous" David greeted sitting in his cubicle. "Hi" I flirtatiously greeted him. I strolled into the cubicle and perched on his lap. He pressed his lips to mine. "So, are you over tonight?" he kissed my neck seductively. "I can't, I, uh, have school stuff. Sorry" he still kissed my neck with his tongue. "Oh, well, maybe we could have a little fun now. I only have a couple papers left to get to" he still kissed my neck. "I can't" I was regretful. "Please, just a little" he turned me around, and started to lick my cleavage.

He started to unbutton my blouse down so my whole bra was showing. He started to french kiss my chest. "I have to go" I was regreting saying it. "Ok, fine" he groaned irritated. "I'll see you later." I placed my tongue in his mouth. "Ok, bye" he muttered angirly. I buttoned up my blouse and went home. Once I got home and changed into a pair of jeans and a sweater, it was eight o'clock. Theo came in. He sat on the sofa and I leaned on top of him. He held hands watching the movie, but neither of us were paying attention. Renee and Angelina were out for the night. Theo started kissing me. He started to undress both of us. We were naked on the sofa and he put on a condom. He came inside me, passionately. "I missed you." he whispered. "I miss you too" I kissed his shoulder and then licked his neck. I was in control. I grabbed him and pushed him in farther. "Kat!" he groaned seduced. I started to lick the boarder of his ear and then his chest. I scratched my nails into his back. "Someone's fierce tonight." he whispered in a sexy tone. "I'm sorry" I mumbled. "No, it's okay. I like it rough" he said as we went rougher. We fell asleep making love, but we woke up before anyone came home.