With a vicious plunge, Aiden went soaring through the air at Edward. Edward, being Edward, pushed me out of the way of any harm and braced for the impact. Once the two collided it sounded like thunder clapping in the distance.

"Edward? You are alone," Caius said in disbelief. "I feel insulted. Did you think I would be that easy?"

Edward couldn't answer. He was to busy with fighting off Aiden for me. I stood up, ready to stand by his side and fight with him, but Edward knocked me back down on my ass the second he got a chance.

Having done this, Edward took all his attention from the battle. This left a large opening for Aiden to strike. Of course, he took that chance.

I heard the worst sound of my life that day. It was like we were back in Italy when Jane went on to torture Edward in her lair. I flinched as Edward's screams filled the atmosphere when Aiden delivered the punch.

"Edward, no!" I growled out of pure anger. What was I going to do?

SLAM! I tumbled backwards at the impact that just collided with me. The stranger and I went rolling down the hill we were on and out of the clearing, into the darkness of the forest. Once we were completely consumed by the dark I could feel the figure shift over me.

It was Renesmee. She glared at me with her large apathetic eyes. But there was something different about her. She looked as she did before the moon hit her. Like a half vampire, half human.
"The moon," I thought. Yes, that had to be the answer. The transformation can only happen through the moonlight. I then knew how I was going to save Edward. I would have to lure Aiden into the darkness, where Edward could have the advantage and finish Aiden off.

SLAM! Another impact collided with Renesmee and me. It was Esme. When she pulled up to look at her victims her teeth immediately became bared, as hisses and growls escaped from them.

"Esme, it is me," I said. Renesmee began to growl a few feet away from where she was knocked by Esme. Right, the transformation might be stopped by the shade, but not the mind control.

"Please, you two have to listen to me. I am your family," I pleaded. Renesmee took a swipe at me with her hand, which told me that my pleading wasn't working.

I stepped back a few feet. There was no way I was going to be able to take them both on at the same time. My feet began to tremble as the two stepped closer to me.

With a flash of yellow, Esme was knocked to her feet. What was that? Next Renesmee flew in the air with a flash of black.

"Are you scared, Bella?" Rosalie's voice called. She was now restraining Esme. I prayed silently for my sister-in-laws.

"Got her," Alice called bringing Renesmee back from where she had tackled her. She was also restraining.

"Alice, you cannot go back into the clearing with her, okay," I informed.

"Why on earth not? I want to see the battle. I been waiting years for someone to kick Caius's ass," Alice called.

"Listen, Alice. Caius, as you can tell, is not alone. He found a Child of the Moon. And he turned Renesmee into one," I explained. A tiny scream escaped from Rosalie's mouth.

"Are you serious?" Alice asked. I nodded my head to acknowledge her that I was.

"She only transforms in the moonlight. The full moon moonlight. So I need you to keep her in the darkness for as long as possible. As a matter of fact, take her home. Take Esme home, too," I ordered. "Is Emmett and Jasper here?"

"Yes, they are out fighting Caius and this Child of the Moon freak that you say is out there," she replied. "Is he that strong?"

"Edward can't hear his thoughts. He would have been figured it out by now. It's either that or he's blocking them," I wondered aloud.

"That is one collected werewolf," Rosalie stated. "Aren't they supposed to be all out of control and what not?"

"I guess that is part of the power. However, we have to drag this fight on till the moon sets," I stated.

"What about Esme? Is she a werewolf now?" Alice asked a little afraid.

"No, I don't think so. I don't think vampires can become those. Renesmee is partially human. That's why she was affected by the attack," I explained. "Now get them home."
I watched as Alice and Rosalie flew into the darkness towards the Cullen house. After I was sure that they were safe, I made my way back to the clearing to find Jasper, Emmett, and Edward all fatigued with battle.

Surely, they would need to feed again soon if they were going to be of any use.

Aiden, however, looked as strong as ever. He looked as if there was never a battle raging on between them. Caius stood silently in the corner of the trees as he watched.

"What did I tell you? It is impossible to kill Aiden. He is a beast at heart and nature.

I didn't make myself noticed as I watched the three continue their battle with Aiden. Instead, I watched all of Aiden's positions for the right time to strike. Once he was standing within a perfect projection I leaped on him like a lioness.

"Bella, no," Edward's voice screamed. It was too late. Aiden and I were now tumbling through the dark part of the forest. I could feel his fur turn into skin underneath my very hands.

Once our tumbling stopped, I waisted no time to bare my teeth. My hisses were so loud that they could probably be heard a mile away. I placed my mouth over his neck, ignoring his pleas for life, and snapped shut.

His dismembered head went rolling off into the forest. I paced after it and picked it up, to look at it's face. I immediately dropped it.

"Oh, Aiden!" I screamed. He looked as a regular human would have looked. Not only was this a regular human, but also this was a human that I knew. A familiar face from my past.

"Bella, love, what is wrong," Edward whispered in my ear.

"Aiden," I cried.

"Bella, you feel sorry for a man who tried to kill me, and made your daughter and mother-in-law into puppets?" Edward asked in disbelief.

"He wasn't a man, Edward," I screamed.

"Well, who was he then?"

"I used to baby sit him when I stayed in Phoenix. He has to at least be fifteen by now," I informed still sobbing tearless sobs.

"It's okay, love," Edward assured. "He wasn't the same person anymore."

"Yes, but now Renesmee is one of them. Do you think she still isn't the same anymore?" I asked.

Edward looked like he was stumped.

"What are we going to do about our child?" I cried out.

"Well, she isn't a child anymore, but we'll work things out," he assured.

"What happened to Caius?" I asked.

"Being the coward that he is, he ran off as soon as you pulled Aiden into the forest. Emmett and Jasper tried to pursue him, but I told them he wasn't worth the kill. Plus, the Volturi would surely request our untimely deaths after that," Edward explained. I nodded telling him that I agreed.

"Come on, love," Edward said. "Lets go home."

When we arrived at the Cullen house, we were greeted by Carlisle. He was completely in a jovial mood.

"Edward, thank you so much for this. Esme is back to normal," Carlisle said rejoicing.

"Actually, it was Bella that finished him off," Edward informed. Carlisle grasped me in a tight hug pouring out his grace to me.

"Yes thank you, Bella," Esme called to me.

Renesmee was next. She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Thank you," she said crying. "Thank you ever so much. I promise when I go hunting with Jacob I won't run off again."

"Nessie, this was not your fault," Jake said from behind her. He was next in line to give me a hug and thank me. "He would have found a way around to you anyway."

"I think I will write a long letter to Aro about his friend," Jasper said storming off into the other room.

As the days past everything slowly crept back to normal, except for those days where Renesmee liked to take a walk in the moonlight with Jake. Surprisingly, this experience brought them closer.

Renesmee was the same as always, sweet and adorable. The only difference was now she was part vampire, part human, and part werewolf. )