AUTHOR'S NOTES: I made a brief mention of Harry's daughter Camille in the epilouge of 'The Bonds of Family' (I suggest reading that story first before this one.)and the fact that she was in remission from cancer. This is just a mini-story with how Harry took the news that one of his children is sick.


(Mini-story from 'The Bonds of Family')

The first indicator Harry Potter had that there was a problem with his daughter, Camille, was how tired she looked when she came home for the Christmas Holidays.

Knowing what could possibly happen if he waited, Harry immediately took the middle of his triplet daughters to Dr. Leslie Evans the day after picking her up from the train station.


Sitting in the waiting doom of the doctor's office, Camille yawned, wishing her father could have just let her sleep. Yes, she was tired, but she was a first year and the schoolwork was harder than anything she'd had before. All she needed was a good night's sleep and she'd be good as new.

But instead of letting her rest up, her dad had dragged her to the medical office of Dr. Leslie Evans.

"Harry," said a woman with a heart-shaped face and strawberry-blonde hair in a doctor's coat. "What brings you here?"

Harry got up slowly, leaning on his cane and walked over to Leslie, whispering. "It's…" Not able to think about the reason he was there, Harry just glanced over at Camille.

Leslie sighed and gave her friend a sympathetic look. "I'm sure it's nothing… Remember when Addie was anemic two years ago?"

Harry nodded. "I know… but…"

Leslie put a comforting hand on Harry's shoulder. "Okay," she said, giving him a smile. Looking over at Camille, she said, "Cami, honey? You want to come with me, sweetheart?"

Camille slowly followed the doctor down a hallway and into an exam room. After getting up onto the exam table, she looked over at her father who looked worried. "Daddy? What's wrong?"

Harry tried to give her a smile. "Nothing, Cam… just thinking about… things."

"Harry, why don't go to the waiting room?" Leslie suggested, smiling at Camille as she grabbed a syringe and a vial.

"I want to stay here with Cami," Harry insisted.

"I'm just going to have a quick word with your daddy, Camille," Leslie said, setting the blood-draw kit aside and going to Harry. Whispering in his ear, she said, "You're scaring her. I need you to leave the room. Please?"

Harry nodded and gave his daughter a smile. "I'll just be outside, honey," He said, leaving the room and closing the door.

Leslie took the needle and swabbed Camille's elbow before saying to the 11-year-old girl, "This will sting a bit. You can close your eyes if you want."

As quickly as she could, Leslie inserted the needle and grinned. "That's done." Seeing that Camille hadn't even whimpered, she said, "You're braver than your daddy."

"Daddy doesn't like needles?" Camille asked, trying not to look at the blood collecting in the vial.

"He had more of his fair share of needle sticks when he was a teenager," Leslie said, not wanting to give details, lest she scare Camille needlessly. Pulling the needle out and sticking a bandage over the injection site, Leslie took the blood vial and smiled at Camille. "You sit tight, kiddo. I'll be back in a moment."

Going down a hallway to the bloodwork lab, Leslie took a small blood sample and put it on a slide before securing it on the mounting platform of a microscope. To the untrained eye there seemed to be nothing wrong. But Leslie had a sneaking suspicion that this time Harry had been right to bring Camille in. Pulling a small, locked case out of a cabinet, she pulled out a vial of cloudy liquid and added three drops of the liquid to the vial of Camille's blood, sighing as she saw a large number of tiny green luminescent specks in the blood.


In the waiting room, Harry paced anxiously as he waited to hear about his daughter. He wanted to be wrong… He wanted to just be paranoid… He didn't want Camille to be…


Seeing Leslie's face as she stood in the doorway, Harry's heart plummeted. "Oh, God…" He breathed, not quite able to believe this was really happening.

"Do you want me to call Luna, or…?"

Harry tried to think. "No, I'll call—Yeah. Call her. I-I don't think I'd be able to…"

Putting a calming hand on Harry's upper arm, Leslie said, "Harry, I need you to calm down. Cami doesn't know yet. Do you want me to wait until Luna gets here before I tell your daughter?"

"Um…" Harry's heart was racing as he thought. "I, uh… what… ever you think is best."

"Then you need to tell her, Harry," Leslie replied. "You've been through this before and you're her father. I'll call Luna… and I'll have her meet the two of you at the hospital." Seeing Harry's look, she said, "We need to do more extensive blood tests to determine what kind of cancer and how bad it is."

Harry nodded, trying to find enough inner strength to tell his little girl she was sick.


Camille knew something was wrong when her dad came in with a very solemn look on his face. "Daddy…? What's wrong?" She hopped off the table as Harry sat down in one of the chairs and sat on his knee. "Daddy?"

Harry took a deep breath before saying, "When I was 15… I was very sick for a while."

"Sick with what?" Camille asked, looking at her father's cane and legs. "Is that why you have no legs?"

Harry gave a small wry smile. "Partly. I had a tumor in my right leg… and the doctors had to cut my leg off." Looking into Camille's gray eyes that were just like her mother's, Harry said, "Dr. Evans did a test on the blood she took… You're sick, too, Cami."

Camille seemed to turn to stone. She barely breathed and her eyes got wide. "Am I… going to get my leg chopped off, too?" She asked.

Harry shook his head. "I don't think so, Cami. I was sick for a long time before I found out."

"Am… I going to die?" Camille asked, scared.

"I… I don't know," Harry replied, honestly. "But we're going to the hospital and the doctors there are going to find out how sick you are."


Luna didn't meet Harry at the hospital alone. The other two triplets—Addie and Gwen—came along as well along with James and Cedric, the Potters' oldest and youngest child, respectively.

Outside Camille's room, Luna's gray eyes were filled with worry and fear and when she saw the same look in Harry's green eyes she knew. "How bad?" Luna asked, noticing the curtains to the hospital room were closed.

"Leslie is doing a bone marrow biopsy right now," Harry replied. "They're testing her blood… Dr. Walden already took x-rays and scans of her whole body."

"What's wrong with Cam?" James asked, looking at his dad.

Harry turned to his eldest son and said, "Camille has cancer. We don't know yet what kind, but…"

"Is she going to be okay?" James asked, hugging his sisters. "I mean Cam's not going to… die… is she?"

"We don't know," Luna said as Cedric backed away a bit.

Gwen pulled away from her big brother and pulled Cedric into a hug. "It'll be okay, Ced."

"I don't want Cami to die!" Cedric said, firmly.

"Oh, honey…" Luna said, hugging Cedric and Gwen. "None of us do."


It was almost noon the next day when Leslie called Harry and Luna to ask them to meet her and her uncle at the hospital.

In Dr. Walden's office, Leslie said, "I've got the results of Camille's blood tests."

"Okay," Luna said, calmly, holding Harry's hand.

Walden opened Camille's file and said, "Camille has a very common form of cancer that's usually found in children, acute lymphocytic leukemia. It affects the white blood cells."

"So what do we do now?" Harry asked, trying to think positive.

"I've spoken to Hermione," Leslie replied. "She's just finished the tests on a new chemotherapy drug that's been developed for ALL in children. It's the best thing available right now."

"How long will Camille be…?"

Walden shrugged. "Because ALL affects the white blood cells that help the body fight off infections, Camille will have to stay in the hospital until we can get her through this."

Seeing how scared Harry and Luna were, Leslie said, "I know it looks bad… but this type of cancer is easy to beat if it's caught in time. And the drugs we're going to start Camille on are the strongest out there right now. She'll be fine, Harry… I know she will."