Axel absolutely did not want to wake up that morning, especially once it registered how bad this hangover was going to be. He clutched a pillow over his pounding head, squeezing his eyes shut to block out any light that might try to come in - and his elbow bumped into someone else's arm. He cringed. If whoever happened to be sharing a bed with him this time wasn't at least marginally attractive...Curiosity warred with not wanting to know, and won. He looked.

And screamed.

There was something worse than waking up naked in bed with a hangover next to an ugly stranger, it seemed. And that was waking up naked in bed with a hangover next to someone who was no stranger at all.

I'm going to kill myself. I'm going to kill myself.

Demyx rolled over, stretched, and blinked at him casually. "Morning, Ax," he mumbled sleepily.

Axel felt sick to his stomach. "Demyx, I am so sorry," he choked.

Demyx stared at him like he had not the least idea what he was talking about. "...Okaaaay...sorry for what?"

Axel had to swallow hard before answering. "...For last night..."

"...Ohhhhh..." Demyx tilted his head to the side and looked at him questioningly. "What about last night?"

"..." Axel just stared. "...What the hell do you mean, what about last night?"

Demyx looked at him like he suspected Axel had not a marble concealed anywhere. "...Exactly what I said? That make sense?"

Axel clutched at his hair in bewilderment, anger, frustration, and shame. "Goddamnit! What the hell do you think?"

Demyx looked down at his bare chest, then over at Axel, and then the light seemed to go on. "Oh, that, I guess..." Axel's jaw dropped at his cavalier attitude. "What? Don't look at me like that. I know exactly what happened, and if it's any reassurance, I was sober enough to know exactly what was going on and choose to go ahead with it."

Axel buried his face in his hands. "It's not. Oh, God...oh, God..."

Demyx gave him an odd look and shrugged expressively. "Well, you sure as hell didn't have a problem with it at the time..."

"..." The situation shouldn't have been able to seem any more wrong and unreal, but it was trying. ""

"Well, if I didn't, what am I doing here?" Demyx gave him an awkward smile, blushing a little. "Actually, I had to, uh, take the initiative, if you understand what I mean...since you'd had so much to drink you couldn't...ah..." Axel gave a strangled moan and flopped facedown on the bed, crushing the pillow over his head in an attempt to block out all sound and light - but damn it all, if only he could go back in time and undo whatever had happened last night...he'd never be able to look at himself in the mirror again...and no, it didn't make him feel the faintest fraction of a tiny bit better to know that Demyx had been willing. Nor did it help to know that Demyx had been the one to "take the initiative", as he put it. "...Wow, you are just swallowing this hook, line, and sinker, aren't you?"

Axel went completely rigid. That statement made so little sense, wouldn't... "The hell?"

Demyx ripped the pillow out of his hands. Forced to actually look, Axel saw for the first time that Demyx wasn't completely naked - he was wearing boxers, at least - and that he seemed to be fighting not to laugh his head off. "I got you! I so totally got you!"

Axel couldn't help but stare. "...What are you talking about?" he asked in a very small voice.

Demyx seemed to be finding it harder and harder to keep from falling over laughing. "Well...I dunno what makes you end up stripping down every time you get really, really drunk...after you passed out, and Roxas helped me get you into bed...I just - I couldn't resist," he confessed. "It was pretty mean of me, I know, was just too funny. And before you get any more wrong ideas, nothing happened. I didn't mess with anything but your mind."

Axel's hands were shaking. He didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream, puke, drop dead, or kill Demyx. "That...that...just the..."

Demyx was starting to look more anxious, biting his lip and turning red. "Sorry...that was...pretty mean of me, wasn't it..." Axel took a deep breath, preparing to give Demyx the telling-off of his life, and Demyx flinched, raising his hands slightly as if to defend himself. "I'm sorry..."

Axel froze for several seconds, staring blankly at him, then sagged. He couldn't even give Demyx a verbal lashing; the last time he'd suspected Demyx of pulling a prank on him, he'd given him a black eye, only to find out he'd had nothing to do with it. Besides, it wasn't like anything had been damaged but some of Axel's composure. He sighed heavily. " wasn't like anyone got hurt..." He rubbed his aching head. " a few months, this might actually seem funny."

Demyx tried to smile; it came out looking more than a little awkward. ""

Axel sighed. "You know, for being the worst practical joke in the worlds...that was actually a pretty good one."

Demyx chuckled self-consciously. "I thought it was classier than what Roxas wrote on you."

Axel, who had been trying to crawl out of bed towards the bathroom, froze in his tracks. "...What?!"

AN: Demyx got him some revenge. Who doesn't like punking drunk friends?

And you'll notice that Demyx didn't say anything that wasn't technically true, just Axel (as intended) totally misinterpreted everything.