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Chapter 1 - The birth of the next heir

As the lightning struck it illuminated a lone figure standing in the castle's tower. His expression was that of stone as he stared out of the window deep in thought. The room was in complete darkness aside from the strikes of lightning that sometimes lit the inhabitants. At another flash of light one could glimpsed the two nervous looking guards standing on either side of the door. They dared not voice their thoughts during the king's silence. The only noise to be hear was the rain as it pelted the windows. Though he did not show it the king even more afraid then the guards. He knew something evil was lurking in the shadows and sneering at him as he stood there waiting. Waiting. His daughter had gone into labor early in the afternoon and it had been hours since he had heard news. The moon slowly began to break through the clouds. Suddenly the door to the room sprung open.

"Sire your daughter has just given birth." A young squire announced to the weary king.

"The child is?..." He inquired yet kept his back to him.

"A girl," he gave a weak smile, "And your daughter is well but quite tired."

"Good. Well I assume it is now my duty to the name the child." He said turning around and chuckling. The smile slid off the squire's face.

"The princess has already named her."

"What!? She has? I presume it is the name that I have chosen for her is it not?" He said as his brow furrowed.

"N-no sire it is not." He replied shakily.

"What is the name then if it is not Zelda?" He demanded. A vain pulsed in his temple.

"Tetra sire." He said as he shrank back.

"Where is my daughter now?"

"In her room asleep. She is quite tired. She needs her rest. She-"

"Wake her and bring her here this instant!" He roared. The squire did not need telling twice and shot out of the room like an arrow. Fuming the king began to pace back and forth. Sweat beaded down the guards necks as they watched him.

'No wonder they call him the "King of Red Lions" he's acting just like one,' One of the guards thought as the king let out a snarl. The door opened once more and an exhausted princess entered the room accompanied by an angered Impa. She was still wearing her sheikah armor.

"Out." The king ordered to the guards as his daughter slowly stepped forward.

"What is the meaning of this? She needs her rest!" Impa growled as the princess clung to her for support.

"This is no concern of yours Impa. I asked for my daughter and her alone. You may leave."

"I take orders from the princess and her alone. She should already be the rightful queen of Hyrule. She is of age, married and has given birth to the next heir to the throne but you insist she is not ready. It is you who is not ready."

"That is not my concern at the moment and you have no right to speak like that to the king of-"

"I can speak for myself Impa but I thank you. You may go now. I wish to speak with my father alone."

"B-but," She gave her a look and Impa fell silent, "As you wish princess." She bowed to her, scowled at the king and left. As soon as the door closed behind her the king calmed slightly.

"Daughter I must have been misinformed but it sounded as if you have chosen the name your child yourself."

"You heard correct. I have named her myself."

"I also heard that you did not give her the traditional name of a Hyrulian princess."

"That is true as well." Her face was defiant yet gentle.

"Do you know that you were named after your mother and that she was named after your grandmother and so forth? Your child is no exception. The name Zelda has been passed down to each Hyrulian princess since the formation of Hyrule itself."

"What if she does not want to be a princess?"

"Why what a silly question. Why would she not want to be a ruler of Hyrule?"

"I did not want to be a princess! You kept my locked up in the castle and forbidden me to leave. Everything was decided for me." The king's face softened at this. Zelda's eyes filled with tears.

"You never told me you were so unhappy. I assure you though those choices were made with your best interests at heart."

"How could they have been?! You forced me to marry a man I did not love. And again you have imprisoned me in my own castle." Tears now flowed down her cheeks.

"You are still to young to make the better decision! If it weren't for me you'd be living in a dangerous forest with some reckless young man."

"The same man who saved my life from your so called most loyal subject Ganondorf!"

"That was but one mistake! I have learned and will be twice as protective of the new princess Zelda!"

"Her name is Tetra and she will be given the freedom I never had!"

"Freedom? Freedom!? What do you wish her to be as free as a forest child? A commoner? Or perhaps a filthy pirate?!" He gave a hysterical laugh, "See? Apparently you have had too much freedom if you question my judgment! The new princess Zelda shall be not even be allowed to enter the scum filled world outside the castle. It is far too dangerous."

"You're mad! How dare you even suggest such a thing! I will not allow you to do such a thing to my daughter!"

"As soon as she is old enough to be separated from you she shall and I shall instructed her in the ways of being a proper princess."

"You are a fool father. My daughter will never have to suffer the sight of you." She glared at him before heading to the door. He gave a small laugh.

"Don't say such a thing." He said opening his arms. Zelda ignored him and left. Impa was waiting just outside.

"Shall I prepare arrangements for your journey?" She asked with a knowing look.

"You heard my father. You better make those arrangements quick. He will probably plan to set guards around my child and I by tomorrow." Impa quickly nodded and set off. Zelda sighed and slowly trudged back to her room. Tetra lay sleeping in a cradle next to her bed. She quietly scooped her up in her arms and headed for the stairs. As soon as she reached the the castle gates Impa returned.

"Are you ready to go?" She asked as she helped Zelda onto a horse.

"I've been ready for a longtime." She replied before they rode off passed the town.

"Have you thought about what you will do next? Do you really think he'll let you leave without a fight?" Zelda did not reply. They rode through the night until they reached an Inn.