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Chapter 11 - Returning to Outset Island

"We'll find a new land. A new Hyrule!" Zelda said as the old king shook his head sorrowfully.

"That land will not be Hyrule it will be your land." He said and the ocean crashed in around them.

"No!" Link and Zelda cried in unison as the king remained at castle refusing to save himself. There was a burst of light and Link slowly opened his eyes. He was floating on his back in the middle of the ocean. He looked around and saw Tetra beside him. She was staring at something behind him. He turned to see the pirate ship. They smiled and began waving it down. A rope was thrown to them and the scurried aboard.

"Big brother!" Aryll shouted with joy as she rushed to hug him.

"Miss Tetra." Gonzo said seriously stepping forward. They stared at each other. The other pirates gathered around to watch, "You are well I hope."

"Yes, I am." She replied just as stony as him, "What are you lot staring at!?" She yelled at the others. They frantically made themselves busy.

"Do I get to hear of your adventures Miss?" He asked almost in a bored tone. She smirked and curiosity filled him.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." She said turning her back on him.

"So what happened to that man, Ganon-"

"Sleeping with the sharks."

"But how did-"

"Link and I took care of him. Anyway set course to Outset Island." She walked away. Link stepped forward, Aryll still hugging him.

"Uh... so.. what happened?" Gonzo asked Link as the walked. Tetra disappeared to her room. She stared at the walls. They were covered with maps and drawing. She glanced at her hand. The Triforce was gone.

"I lost the Triforce..." She sighed, "Now what am I going to do?" She pulled up a chair to her desk and sat down. She picked up some maps and sifted through them. "Hmmm... This map is completely blank. Why haven't I explored this place yet?" She looked at a small note scribbled at the bottom.

-Beware a Ghost Ship is said to haunt these waters-

"Heh, Ghost Ship eh? Sounds like fun." She continued rifling through maps and planning new adventures when she suddenly heard an explosion of noise above deck. Her eye twitched and she grabbed her sword. She started beating the hilt of it against the roof. "KEEP IT DOWN!?!" She roared. The noise continued and she left her room to discover the reason for such racket.

"-So then I just left my sword in his forehead and he turned to stone." Link recounted to his admiring audience, "You should've seen the look on the princess's face. I mean who wouldn't have been amazed. Anyway then the ocean crashed down on us and when we floated back up the princess turned back into Tetra!" Gasps filled the air. Tetra's eyes widened and she marched up to Link.

"What did you just tell them?" She hissed.

"And did you know her real name is princess Zelda." Link stressed the last two words. Tetra blushed bright red.

"You're a princess? Wow." Aryll said gazing at Tetra in awe.

"Eh? Of course not! That's jus-"

"Oh Miss Zelda I knew you were special!" Gonzo said as he threw himself at her feet.

"If we had known you were royalty would have acted with a bit more class princess." Mako remarked straightening his glasses and bowing.

"So Zelda do you want to go to Windfall Island and get a dress worthy of your stature?" Senza asked stroking his goatee.

"What?! No I don't want a-"

"This pirate garb simply wouldn't do princess." Nudge commented.

"Can I be a knight?" Niko said excitedly raising his hand and jumping up and down.

"A princess should clearly get more then just the dress. Perhaps a crown and some high heels and-" Link started but Tetra struck him in the back of the head so hard he was knocked unconscious. She was shaking with rage.

"Princess! What's wr-"

"Quit calling me that! The name is Tetra and that's what I'll be addressed as. Got it?!"

"Whatever you say Miss." Gonzo said from the floor. Tetra rolled her eyes and stepped over him.

"Get back to your posts." She ordered as slammed the door behind her.

"Does this mean I don't get to be a knight?" Niko said sadly.

"Oh Miss Tetra if only I knew you were a princess I wouldn't have acted like such a sea dog." Gonzo cried.

"Do you like her or something?" Aryll asked tilting her head to one side.

"No... I just... just..." He trailed off. Straightening up he fixed the stony expression back on his face, "Even if I did like Miss Tetra it wouldn't have worked. She is a captain... and a princess and I'm just a pirate. She deserves someone better. She deserves a hero."

"I still think she would have taken you if she'd never met Link." Niko said sagely. A few seconds later Niko was in a barrel on top of the catapult, "I was just kidding! It was a joke!" Link awoke to the sound of a loud sploosh in the distance.

"What's going - ow." He felt the back of his head were a large bump was. He gazed at the night sky for a moment before making his decision, "Aryll. Can you come here for a minute. We need to talk."

"Sure big broth - why are you so sad?" She stopped infront of him. Tears were in his eyes. They spoke for hours until the sun rose into the sky.

"You understand?" He asked. She wiped her remaining tears. and nodded.

"Grandma and I will miss you Link. You're the best brother I've ever had." They hugged briefly as the ship lay anchor at the island.