(This is the sequel to "Not Gonna Get Us", if you have not read the first half of the story, I highly suggest you do, if you don't, well then it is safe to say that a lot of events and changes of characters you will not understand. But for those of you who do know what is going on from reading "Not Gonna Get Us" then, please, continue onwards and enjoy.)

Not Gonna Stop Me

His orange colored head was resting back against his chair, a hand pinching the crown of his nose in frustration and slight irritation that was slowly building up. There was one thing Kurosaki Ichigo, Taicho of the Seventh Division, could not stand. One simple thing that drove him up the wall and the blue haired man before him was doing it, right now at six in the morning. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was complaining, heaven forbid if the man complained like any other normal person would. Oh hell no, the damn panther man could not do that, not at all.

He just had to complain in Spanish, at the top speed of Ninety miles an hour. This is when Ichigo wished Chad was here for a visit, he could understand him then, but not Ichigo. There was no way in hell that Ichigo could understand these odd rolled R's and stretched out words.

"¡Su chico jode sin valor!"

"Grimmjow…" Muttered Ichigo as the blue haired ex-Espada walked up and down the room. His voice a deep growl and teeth showing like the feline he was when he was angery.

"¡El es casi tan débil como usted es! Cada vez yo aún lo rasguño, tengo que tomar el bastardo pequeño al cuarto de la emergencia. ¿Cómo el infierno soy supuesto entrenarlo bajo estas condiciones que jode? Para colmo, aún cuando él no sangra por todas partes el lugar que jode, él no puede soltar un puñetazo el valor mierda. ¿Qué demonios clase de coño ha levantado usted aquí?"

Ichigo's brow twitched, that was it he had it up to here with this damn hollow with the blue hair. With a quick slam of his hands upon his clean desk, Ichigo stood and glared at the cat. Whither it was the slam of his hands or the glare he was giving Grimmjow, it appeared he caught his attention. Ichigo, being a smart man as he was said his two cents.

"For the love of God, speak Japanese!" Ichigo practically shouted at Grimmjow. Though for a moment the man seemed to be confused, was not the saying supposed to go 'Speak English?' Well, Grimmjow did not care either way

Grimmjow turned to face the captain and leaned forward with one foot forward as if the challenge the younger male to question what he was about to say, "Your boy is fucking worthless!" he said in the correct language this time.

"He's almost as weak as you are! Every time I even scratch him, I have to take the little bastard to the emergency room. How the fucking hell am I supposed to train him under these conditions? What is worse, even when he's not bleeding all over the fucking place, he can't throw a punch worth shit. What the hell kind of pussy have you raised here, Shinigami?" Grimmjow narrowed his eyes as Ichigo matched him with a glare of his own.

"My boy is not weak and nor am I, may I remind you who beat your face into the ground within Hueco Mundo?" Ichigo suggested with a growl to show he was up to the challenge for the today. Grimmjow leaned forward more and put his hands upon the desk for support. "And who beat yer nappy ass into the ground, breaking a street light in the process?"

Ichigo leaned forward even more now, brow twitching dangerous, "And who was the one that left that mark on your chest?"

"Who broke your mask into a thousand pieces?"

"Who sent you to the fourth division last week?" Said Ichigo.

"Who sent you to the fourth division the week and only Unohanacould rearrange yer face?"

It seemed like a never ending verbal battle between the two, in fact it was so unending that it was fairly common to see the two have a shouting match. The once even had a shouting match over the type of yukata to buy Rukia.

Yes, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques went shopping with Ichigo to find Rukia a gift. Why, one might ask, for the simple fact that if he did not go with the orange haired shinigami, he was stuck helping Rukia babysit, and Grimmjow was not a babysitter. He was a fighter and fighters do not watch children, unless they where trying to kill each other, now that was different! Grimmjow could go for that, but no, not now. Now he was trying to show one up on Ichigo.

Of course, this never lasted long as another stepped into the seventh division's office to see the two ready to pounce on one another to commence a ripping of throats. "Um…" said Kon as he viewed his Captain that had one foot on the desk and a hand balancing him on the said object with the other gripped the handle of Zangetsu. Grimmjow was in the same pose but with a hand upon Pantera.

Kon was, for a brief moment, unsure what was going on or what to do about this new event within the office. But as soon as the mod soul realized who was with in the room with Ichigo and the stance of the pair, he let loose a long sigh. This action caught both of the other men's attention. Ichigo and Grimmjow both turned their eyes to witness the shinigami gigai of Kon walk past them and then flop down on the sofa near Kurosaki Taicho's desk. The mod soul lay on his back, legs crossed at the ankle and hands behind his head.

Lazily, Kon's chocolate eyes regarded the two in their threatening poses that they had not dropped just yet. Closing his eye's now he spoke at last in a laid back voice. "Nii-san is looking for you, Ichigo." He paused to let this sink in, knowing that Ichigo was now standing down, as would Grimmjow. "She's having problem's with Taiki again, she said if Grimmjow was here, to bring him along with you."

Grimmjow looked slightly dumbfounded, "Why do I have to go?" Ichigo merely groaned, lowering his head so much that one might think that Wabisuke had been slammed into his thick skull on to many times. Ignoring Grimmjow's confusion he asked tiredly, "What's wrong this time?" Whoever thought that raising children could be so damned hard? Hell, his father raised three children all by himself when their mother died. So why the hell was he having so much trouble with just raising two kids?

"I'm not really sure, Nii-san did not say but she seemed pretty irritated to a degree." Kon opened his eyes now to gazed at his fellows. "If I where you, I would hurry on home and see what is going on, Masaki is out looking for Taiki as we speak." Kon did not seemed to be bothered by this and it irritated Ichigo. "Why aren't you helping look for him?"

"He isn't my son now is he?" The mod said as he raised his pinky finger to his nose, picking at it idly. "And he is in Seireitei, how much trouble can he get into, really?" Ichigo and Grimmjow looked at one another and then back to Kon, speaking at the same time. "Where the fuck have you been?"


Rukia drummed her fingers idly on the small well-polished black wooden table before her. Her feet where tucked under her and covered by her lavender and blue flower patterned kimono, as any proper noble woman would. Her hair was left in it usual fashion with a single lock of hair draping between her eyes. A cup of tea was before her, untouched and the company on the other side of the table watched her carefully.

"You are doing it again, Rukia." Came the deep and soft voice of her elder brother, Kuchiki Byakuya. "It seems you have developed irritating habits, tell me, did you pick that up from your husband?" Byakuya inquired as he looked at his sister carefully. Unlike the laid back clothing of his younger sibling, Byakuya was wearing his captain attire even though he was now off work, much like his sibling.

Rukia seemed to have noticed her finger drumming habit and stopped with a small apology. When her twins turned, four she had somehow acquired the habit of nail tapping. Perhaps it formed while she would be waiting for Ichigo to come and have a go at the twins in the ways of disciple after she had it up to here with her fine children. Yes, fine children, so fine that when they decided to do something stupid she had trouble trying to figure out how to punish them and left that up to Ichigo, who she was now waiting on.

"Gomenasai, Nii-sama." Rukia said with a soft smile, "It is something I gained from waiting for Ichigo rather then getting it from him." Byakuya watched her for a moment as he lifted his cup to his lips, sipping on his tea silently. Then put the cup down, "Tell me, Rukia." He started, looking straight at her, "How is Masaki taking to the Fourth Divison?"

Rukia blinked a few times, "Well," she said slowly in thought, "She is doing well, but I am sure it is odd for her to be in a division already. I mean she just graduated from the Academy this fall. She is also the youngest, being thirteen. But she does her job well and enjoys it." Rukia chuckled at that, "She did tell me she has a crush on a man who came to the division."

Byakuya's dark brow raised ever so slightly at this, "A man?" Byakuya was a man of few emotions, he never showed anything to anyone and so getting him to raise a brow made Rukia pull back in surprise slightly. "Y-Yeas."

"What is his name?"

"She did not say…"


"She did not mention that either, Nii-sama." She stared at her brother before dropping her gaze towards her tea. This felt rather awkward, her brother was acting more interested in the subject then Ichigo. Granted, she did not mention this to her husband in fear that he might track the poor soul down and send him on his marry way to being reborn on earth, then kill him, then bring him to Seireitei again and repeat process.

Ichigo could be a little crazy sometimes when it came to his little girl. "I see." Said Byakuya as he let out a small sigh but dropped the subject of his niece for now. "And Taiki?"

Rukia chewed her bottom lip then, "He still hasn't …" Anything she was about to say suddenly came to an end when the screen door slide open at the entrance of the house. "Oi, Rukia!" called out Ichigo as he kicked his sandals off and came into the home of his family. Grimmjow on the other hand left his shoes on and followed after Ichigo. Ichigo seemed to notice this, turned on his heels and pointed a bony finger at his friend. "Shoes, off! I demand respect in my house."

Grimmjow smirked and leaned forward more then usual, then ever so slowly wiped his shoed feet on the wooded floors, making a long an high pitched screeching. The orange haired man twitched and raised his fist as Grimmjow smirked. "Why you little son of a bitch…"

"Ain't nothing little here, Shinigami, I can guarantee that I am at least ten times bigger then…"

Suddenly, a pair of chopsticks smacked into Grimmjow's face. Surprised and slightly irritated he looked past Ichigo to see Rukia standing there, recovering from her throwing pose. "You take off your shoes while you are in my home, Jeagerjaques." She then crossed her arms over her chest, the kitty knew better to disobey the midget of a woman. Slowly, with a grumble, he took off his shoes and sat them by the screen door. He looked up and saw he was alone now.

Grumbling he went into the room where everyone was gathered, he took note that Kuchiki was here as well. He found it very irritating that the only open spot at the small square table was right between Ichigo and Byakuya. Reluctantly, he sat down between the two. Byakuya turned his vision upon Grimmjow. Eyeing the ex-enemy carefully, Byakuya still had trouble getting used to Grimmjow's new attire. Only eleven years ago, Grimmjow had been forced to change his attire because it often caused a riot in terms that everyone thought he was here to attack rather then get something to eat.

The old ex-Espada had tired in his old white attire for a customized shinigami outfit. However, it looked very similar to his old Espada attire but black with a teal colored belt. He decided he could use a little color to look different then the other shinigamis. After all, he was not one of them.

Grimmjow noticed Byakuya's staring and placed his chin in the palm of his head, his other rest on his knee and bent as he leaned forward. A feline smirk came across his features, "What's wrong, Kuchiki? Nervous?"

Byakuya turned his vision away from the Arrancar then and picked up his tea as nobly as possible. Bringing his tea to his lips, he then spoke without a care in the world. "Nothing of the sort. Just wondering why a mouse is playing a cat."

Grimmjow's smirk fail away from his face in complete and utter confusion as well as surprise. He was about to ask what the hell the shinigami meant when Ichigo took charge. "So why did you need me and Grimmjow to come home? Where is Taiki anyways?" Ichigo inquired as his eyes combed the room, not seeing his son still. He wondered what was taking his daughter so long to find him.

"About that." Rukia said with a sigh as she sat up straight. "I think we have a bit of an issue." She looked at the men before her and spoke with a clap of her hands.

"He has a girlfriend!"

Everyone stared at her, was this why she had gathered them? Kon had said she was irritated and Byakuya thought she was irritated as well.

"That's…good…" Ichigo said slowly, "But who?"

"Kusajishi Yachiru!" Rukia clapped her hands together once again and smiled brightly with a twitch of the brow to show that she wasn't totally thrilled by this idea. The others in the room looked a bit less joyful. Byakuya looked the same as always, Grimmjow had his head cocked to the side as if he did not hear this right while Ichigo looked horrified.

"Zaraki Kenpachi's, Kusajishi Yachiru?" He said slowly as it was sinking into his head. Oh god, what the hell did his son get himself into? "Yep, and Zaraki is wanting to test him out too!"

Maybe it was time to rethink the issue on having a third child. After all, he was going to be sonless very, very soon.

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