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Chapter 2: The Son, The Daughter

His name was Kurosaki Taiki, thirteen years old and currently trying to stay very much alive. You see, it all started three days ago within the grounds of Seireitei. He had decided to try and somehow see Yachiru without being caught by Kenpachi or anyone within his family. The boy was usually pretty good at being sneaky, he learned to be a master at sneak at the wonderful age of six to avoid Grimmjow's strange training ideas that usually involved him being stuck doing outrageous things.

Such as trying to dodge all five of Grimmjow's projectiles while using a blank zanpakutou. Needless to say Taiki would utterly fail at this event in a most interesting fashion. The young teenager was unable to call forth his blade or even his own mask. He was stuck between the world of hollows and Arrancar at birth. He was not sure what he truly was and often he was angered ever so easily. His mother said he acts just like his father in that aspect in his life, getting angry at silly things, like the quill he used to write with suddenly breaking in half. Even if part of that was true, it was beyond the point and only a hint at his rage.

However, to the point of trying to stay alive, it was very simple. He had been caught, seen by none other then Zaraki Kenpachi. The boy never made it to the Eleventh Squad Barracks. Instead, he turned right around and ran back down the streets with Kenny looking after him in confusion before an evil grin spread against his features. He proceeded to chase the boy, shouting out devilish phrases of fighting in death and decay much like he would do to Taiki's father; well Taiki was not interested in such things.

Deep down, Taiki thanked the lord that Kenpachi sucked at tracking people and had easily lost him. So, his life had been spared, though not for long. Before the boy could even react, a young girl had suddenly tackled him onto the blue floors of Seireitei.

Taiki was naturally a very thin boy, much like his father, though a bit on the fragile side. His orange hair was shoulder length but often kept tied back in a small ponytail. Laying out in his gray and green hakama's and gi was not his idea of fun. He opened his mouth to say something when he noticed a familiar face looking down at him with a twisted smile.

He knew this face very well, he should after all, and it was his elder twin sister Masaki. She looked in every way like him, but there was only a slight difference between the two. She had forming breast and he did not and she was a shinigami.

Taiki was not.

"Taiki." She said ever so sweetly that cause the boy to cringe, his sister was currently straddle upon his body and her hands rested on his chest. Slowly her hands traveled up his body and stopped at the side of his head. "Taiki," she said again with an Ichimaru like expression that soon changed to look very much like Kenpachi as she lifted his head up by his hair on the side of his head and shook him wildly.

"Where the crap have you been? Huh? Mom is mad! Dad will have a cow and Grimmjow will eat you alive you stupid, stupid, little boy!" She exclaimed as her brother tried to push her away and keep his head sane. "Will you stop that!" He yelled at her, trying to kick her away with his feet and hands. "Stop that you little turd!"

However, she did not stop and his head was beginning to hurt. "Stop! Stop! For the love of God, I just wanted to go and see Yachiru, is that so wrong"

"It is when her captain is more like her father figure and would murder you, what the hell made you date her anyways?" She declared as she stopped shaking her brothers head, he took this time to slap her hands away and set up, not bothering to knock his twin from his body. "You know very well that she was the one that thought it would be a great idea to be attached to me and claim me as her…dog biscuit…"

Oh, the memories of being smothered into the flat chest of a small Yachiru when you are only seven years old. That was slightly scary, for some reason that she refuses to tell him, she had declared that he would be her man for the rest of his life and that he would marry her. Funny thing is, she declared that to him and his sister. From there on, somehow they ended up dating one another in secret and somehow not being murdered by Yachiru's randomness. That girl was scary sometimes.

Silence struck the two and Masaki looked carefully at her twin brother, his gi had come open ever so slightly. His pale skin was seen amongst the dark clothing, his hollow opening was clear as day but that was not what caught her attention. Instead a discolored patch of skin that was half hidden behind the gi captured her eyes. Slowly, she reached down and moved her brother's gi, exposing the large discolored patch of skin that was directly upon his abdomen.


Taiki seemed to realize what she was looking at, he wasted no time shoving her off his body and closing his gi quickly. "Don't say a damn thing." He growled, but his sister looked at him carefully as she was sitting upon the ground. "So…that's why you attacked them?"

"Attack?" His eyes widened in surprise, "What are you…" But he did not finish his sentence, instead Masaki did, "Unohana Taicho contacted mother about the event that took place near the Academy. "You know better to go down there, Taiki, why did you do it? You don't have to prove anything. You are fine the way you are you don't have to…"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear it!"

"But starting fights with students? Taiki, why on earth are you doing that?" She asked him with wide eyes, "They can really hurt you, they could…"

"And Jeagerjaques-sama can't? You forget who I have been stuck with as a sensei sense childhood." Pointed out the young brother as he stood and adjusted his robes, "It doesn't matter."

"Yes it does! Jeagerjaques knows where not to hit you to cause you harm. Taiki, if you even get cut you could die, you idiot." His sister spoke softly this time as she stood as well. She raised her eyes to look at her sibling. Neither of them said anything for a long while, "Look." Taiki started, "Let's just go home, alright? You can yell at me later, just don't tell mom about the my injury, let alone Dad. He will only get irritated." Taiki was never good at anything it seemed. He failed the Academy, he could not summon his zanpakutou, nor his mask. He wasn't even a whole person, his soul was split in a world that he did not understand.

The older twin said nothing as she walked with her sibling, her hand resting upon her lavender and black hilt of her zanpakutou that was attached to her waist. They walked in silent all the way home. Though once there they where instantly meet by the stare of their mother, Kurosaki Rukia, she was sitting down upon a blue cushion, across from her was their uncle, Kuchiki Byakuya. Their father sat on the other side and Grimmjow sat silently against the wall.

"Tadaima." The daughter said and clasped her hands in front of her, bowing slightly in respect due to the fact that her uncle was within the room. Rukia, though straight faced and worried replied, "Okaeri nasai." In return, the room seemed to be filled with so much tension that it could be cut with a butter knife. Masaki, looked to her elders and then to her brother who looked away, "Um," she started as she quickly felt out of place. "I'll go make some tea…" She looked at her brother one last time before leaving the room.

Now Taiki was alone and all eyes rested upon him. Rukia opened her mouth to ask if her son was all right, but Ichigo beat her too it. At first, Ichigo wanted to ask his son why the hell he would want to date someone that was related to Kenpachi. However, other issues came to mind, such as the note that Unohana had sent to them regarding the event that took place earlier in the day.

"Why did you go to the Academy?" Ichigo asked bluntly. Taiki said nothing and this only made Ichigo groan aloud, "You can not be on the school grounds if you are not a student or part of the Gotei 13. Taiki what the hell are you thinking going out there. You know that is not safe and that people down there have big heads and ending a fight is one thing, but starting a fight?" He slammed his hand upon the table causing Byakuya to look at him out of the corner of his eye but say nothing. Rukia on the other hand tried to patch things up before it got too dangerous with words.

"Taiki," she said as softly as a mother could as she stood and went to her son that was the same height. Reaching out she put a hand on his shoulder, "Come sit down, we'll just talk this out and solve the issue without raised voices." She shot a glare at her husband who looked as if he had been just betrayed. Taiki would have none of it; he shrugged his mothers hand from his shoulder. Rukia pulled her hand back, feeling slight hurt by her sons way of wishing her not to be near him. "I don't want to talk about it." Said the teenager as he side step to the right and made his way towards he hallway that would lead to his bedroom.

"Kurosaki Taiki, I am talking to you! Get over here and sit your ass down like your mother says!" Ichigo was liking his sons attitude less then usual. The boy normally would be easy going and agreeable in most cases, but when he made bad decisions, started fights, or overall wanted nothing to do with anyone that was not like him…things got violent.

"Kiss my ass." Taiki announced over his shoulder, disappearing down the halls. Ichigo put both hands on the small table and pushed himself up to go after his son, but a strong hand shoved him back into his seat. "What is the big deal?" He growled at Byakuya who was the one to force him down. "You saw what he did!"

"Let him breath. Smothering him with your ignorance will not help." A laugh came from behind them all, Grimmjow sneered at the shinigami as he spoke with pleasure. "You see, the boy does have a back bone, even if it last for a mere five seconds. Hehe, owned by your own son, now that's something you don't see to often, eh, Ichigo?"

At that moment Ichigo turned his verbal assult upon Grimmjow. Rukia heard none of it, she merely watched her son march down the hallway muttered and kicking at the floor. When he made it to his bedroom, she cringed at the slamming of the screen door. With a deep sigh, she wondered what was wrong with her son. Ever since he turned ten years old, he has been filled with nothing but random episodes of rage and displeasure.

What was wrong with her boy?