Blood of the Children

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.

- George Bernard Shaw

This is a crossover between Bones and Supernatural. I wanted to do a crossover, and wanted it to be something that I was familiar with that would go with Supernatural, so I picked Bones. I always thought it would be interesting to see how Booth and Brennan would react to something supernatural.

Chapter 1:

"Mills Road."

Agent Seeley Booth looked at the sign as they passed it. "Good. We're on the right road."

"I told you we were on the right road. You were the one who said we had missed it."

"No, Bones, I told you—never mind."

"What does this case involve anyway? You were very vague on the phone."

"Because I know barely anything about it. All I know is that there was a homicide and it involved a minor. I know there's a need for me and there's a need for you. And when we get to Shenandoah National Park, we will be told why."

Dr. Temperance Brennan sighed. "Fine."

The two sat in silence for the next few miles until something interrupted them with a loud bang.

"What was that?" Brennan asked, eyes wide, looking around.

"Just a flat," Booth said with a sigh, pulling over. "A pain in the ass, but they do happen. Nothing to get jumpy over. See, this never would have happened in my car. This is why I don't like renting cars."

"Booth, it's dark out."

"Thanks, Bones, I didn't see that."

"Just…be careful. Bears are native to this area."

"Uh huh." Booth put the car into park and turned it off. "Good thing guns fire from distances."

Booth took a flashlight from under the seat before he got out of the car, slamming the door shut, and walked around the car, inspecting the tire. He let out a sigh of discontent before going to the trunk of the car.

And froze as he heard a twig snap.

Booth stopped what he was doing and stood up, moving the flashlight around, checking out the surrounding forest. Once he was satisfied there was nothing in the area, he turned back to the trunk.

"Booth! Look out!"

Booth whirled around to face his attacker, who backed off as he drew his weapon.

"Freeze, FBI!" he yelled. The man smirked at him and lunged forward. Booth fired three times into the man's chest and backed up into the car. His attacker seemed to ignore the bullets, cuffing him hard on the side of the head. Booth collapsed to the ground and tried to gather himself, but he received a harsh kick to the back of his head, and fell back down to the street, unconscious.