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Natalya's POV

Adam Copeland is the greatest person I've ever known. I met him while I was training in my family's famous Dungeon. We were instantly friends, and quickly best friends. And as our relationship deepened, we were inseparable.

I told him many times that I would never love or care for someone as I did him. He felt the same way.

I can never thank him enough for everything he's done for me. As I went through boyfriends, he was there to console me. After every breakup, I knew that I could call Adam and he would talk me through it. Sometimes, I would have to fake sick the next day because I was so tired from being up so late talking to him.

People always thought we were dating, and that was never the case. He was too good a friend for a romance to ruin. Some things just can't be ruined, and our bond was one of them.

Adam was the brother I never had and the best friend that I would always worship.

Or so I thought.

One day, he just snapped.

After the first draft that I'd experienced, I was glad that I didn't move, and Adam didn't move. I was really blessed to be able to work with him in the WWE. We both knew that the other would make it. Our friendship hadn't changed a bit until that day he completely changed.

He wasn't the Adam I had trained with. He wasn't the Adam that I had grown to love.

It was as if his Edge character had taken over his soul. Only this time, Edge wasn't as malicious as this new Adam.

I wish I knew what had happened. I'd love to change it.

I'd give anything to have Adam back to being Adam. I really would.

Adam's POV

They say that a guy and a girl can never be friends without one eventually falling for the other. I never believed in such nonsense. There are loopholes to everything, and I was going to prove that.

God, how wrong I was.

When I first met Nattie, I knew we would be great friends, and we were. It was the most perfect friendship that ever could have existed.

And it's not like I met her when I didn't like girls, or anything. I was twenty-something years old with a perfectly healthy obsession with women. I knew that Nattie was gorgeous, but I just didn't see her that way at first.

But then, it hit me. I slowly found myself yearning to spend time with her. I realized that she was everything that I wanted in a woman. She was Canadian. She was blonde. She had a strong ambition for her job. And the wrestling part didn't hurt, either.

I was slowly becoming obsessed with her, and it scared me.

I didn't want anyone else getting close to her. I thought that it would be easier to keep tabs on her since we worked together, especially since we were on the same show.

I just didn't know that there would be one kryptonite to my plan, and his name was Ken Kennedy.