A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

I arrived home after a long day at school. The talk of day was about prom. And indeed, prom is tonight. I decided that I needed to hear someone's familiar voice so I called her up. You're probably wondering whom I'm talking about. I'm talking about my girlfriend of almost three years, Gabriella Montez. Anyways I called her and she didn't pick up. That was unusual cause she usually picks up when I call. So I call her again. She still didn't pick up. I called the house number. No one answered. This started to worry me. I tried her house number again and no one picked up. I called her cell. Still no answer. I called Taylor and asked if Gabriella was with her. She said no. I called Kelsi and she said the same thing. Now I'm worried. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door. I arrived at the Montezs' house. I noticed Ms Montez's car wasn't in the drive way meaning she wasn't home yet from work. I knocked and there was no answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I called the house number again. I could hear it ringing but no one picked up. I quickly ran around the corner of the house and climbed up the tree that led to Gabriella's balcony. She had always left the balcony door unlock after school hours so I opened it. I walked in and looked around. Everything was normal. Everything still in place. "Gabriella? Gabi?" I shouted out. "Babe where are you? I called you a dozen times. Why didn't you pick up your phone?" "Gabi?" No answer. I walked to her mother's room. She wasn't there. I went to both bathrooms. She wasn't there either. I went downstairs and checked the kitchen. She was nowhere to be found. I went back up stairs to her room and found a note on her desk. How could I've missed that? It was right there. I slapped myself on the head. I picked it up and it read it:

Dear Mom,

I know you're probably wondering where I am. How do I say this? Mom I left early for college. I'm probably already at Stanford now. I left early cause I didn't want to deal with all the pain of saying goodbye to my friends and mostly Troy. So please mom try to understand what I'm going through. Please tell my friends that they mean so much to me and that I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for them. They're the best friends anyone can ask for. Tell Troy I love him with all my heart and I always will. I have never had the chance to tell him I love him but please mom tell him. If you want to see how I am or just want to talk, you can call me via cell phone or dorm phone. You can also call me at Stanford's head office. I love you mom. Always.

- Gabriella

I finished and tears nearly fell my eyes. I heard a door shut and knew that it was her mom. I dried the few tears that spilled and sat on her bed with my head in my hands. Ms. Montez walked in on me and I looked up at her. She was surprised to see me there alone. "Troy what are you doing here?" I didn't answer and handed her the note. She took it from me and read it. I could see tears forming in her eyes as she read. She finished and burst into tears. I hugged her and she cried on me. I left after calming Ms. Montez and went home. My dad was home when I walked in. He saw me. "Hey Troy." "Hey dad." I didn't bother looking at him and walked upstairs. My dad knew when something was bothering me. I opened the door to my room and fell on my bed. I closed my eyes and I swear I could hear my heart breaking. Thoughts were flowing through my head. Why did she leave without telling anyone? Why didn't she say goodbye first? And most importantly, why did she leave when I told her that we would get through the goodbyes together? I sighed and a tear rolled down my face. I quickly wiped it away. My dad then knocked on my door. "Come in." I said weakly. My dad opened the door and walked in. he grabbed a chair and sat next to the bed. "What's wrong Troy?" I didn't want to tell him but it got out. "Gabriella left." I said quietly but he heard. "What do you mean left?" "She left dad. Without telling anyone or saying goodbye." I sighed and I could tell my dad knew my heart was breaking. He sighed. "I'm sorry son." I looked at the picture of me and Gabriella at the Twinkle Town Musical. I nearly cried looking at that picture cause of the memory coming back. My dad looked to where I was looking and sighed again.

"You know there's a saying Troy. If you love someone, you should set them free. And if they come back, that means they love you too. I think you need to set her free son." I closed my eyes. "I can't dad. She's the girl of my dreams. And now's she's gone. All I can do now is dream of her face." My dad saw that I needed time alone and placed his hand on my shoulder. He looked at me and left. My mom came home an hour later. She wasn't aware of my current state. She was coming upstairs but my dad pulled her down. "It's best we leave him alone." "Why?" "Gabriella left early for Stanford and didn't say goodbye or tell anyone she was going. His heart's breaking." My mom's eyes started tearing up. She wiped them away. "I should go start dinner." With that she left and went into the kitchen. The entire time dinner was getting made I had memories of my Gabriella flowing through my mind. I cried at every moment I remembered. Like the first time we kissed. I felt my lips quivering aching for her touch. The girl I loved was gone and there was nothing I could have done. The worst part was that tonight was prom, the night I was going to tell her I loved her. I couldn't do that anymore.