A Night To Remember Chapter 4

A Night To Remember Chapter 4

The doors to the gym opened and that signal that prom was now ready to begin. Troy grabbed Gabriella's hands and they walked into the gym with the gang in tow. When the got in the gym, the girls gasp as they looked around the gym. It was beautifully decorated with little twinkling yellow lights and there were flowers everywhere. Troy saw the expression on Gabriella's face. He chuckled and stares at her. "What?" "Nothing." He clears his throat and extends a hand. "May I have this dance?" She giggled and took his hand. They went to the dance floor where they begin dancing. Soon Chad and Taylor, Kelsi and Ryan, Sharpay and Zeke, and Martha and Jason joined them. They danced for a while and then Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton stepped on stage.

Coach Bolton clears his throat in the microphone to get everyone's attention. It didn't work. He tried again. It still didn't work. "Wildcats listen up." The entire gym turned their attention towards them. Ms Darbus stepped in. "We have the results for this year's Prom King and Queen." Everyone knew who the already where going to be. Coach Bolton steps in again. "And this year's Prom King and Queen are…Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez. The crowd cheered as Troy and Gabi walked on stage to receive their crowns. "And now as tradition, our queen and king will dance." They step on the dance floor again. Troy's right hand went around her waist as his left intertwines with hers. Gabi's right hand went to his shoulder and the other intertwines with his.

Troy and Gabriella's song Can I Have This Dance came on. They started slow dancing as Gabriella's head rests against his chest. They danced and the gang soon joined them. Minutes later, they step off the dance floor and sat at a table. "Thanks Troy." "For what?" "For making me feel like a princess without a crown." Troy kissed her on the head. "My pleasure sweetheart." "You're too sweet." Troy chuckles. "I know I am huh?" Gabriella giggles. "You and your big ego." Troy laughs. Gabriella looks up at him. "I should probably go call my mom and tell her I'm back in Albuquerque." "Okay." Gabriella walks out and dials her mom. She picked up and Gabi told her everything that happened.

After the call she looks up at the night sky. It was beautiful with twinkling stars. She stood out there thinking about today's events and smiled at how sweet Troy was to her after everything she did. A few moments later, she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her waist. She intertwines their fingers as he kept a strong hold around her waist. He kissed her cheek. "What are you doing out here?" "Just thinking." "Man you think too much Gabi." They both laugh and then it turned quiet. "Gabi?" "Yeah?" "I read the letter you left your mom." "Oh." She totally forgot about that letter. "Yeah I have something to tell you." She turns around in his arms looking up at his eyes. "What is it?" Troy sighed heavily.

"I've been trying to tell you this for such a long time but it was never the right time. But right here, right now it is." She looked up at him and smiled. "What is it Troy?" "Gabriella Montez, I love you." She stood there in shock. Troy looks at her. He was scared she wasn't going to say anything. "Troy Bolton?" "Yeah?" "I love you too." Troy sighs at relief when she said that. "Thank god. I didn't think you were going to feel the same way." Gabriella giggles and kisses him softly. "I always felt the same way about you for a long time." Troy smiles and leans down connecting their lips again. They stood out in the night kissing knowing that they'll make it through any obstacles in their life together.

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