Misty, May, and I... Part 3

by Ambezua

Theme song: Your New Girlfriend

Chapter one: Ash

May looked up at me, awaiting my answer.

I blushed, and looked away.

"That's enough of an answer for me... for now, at least." May grinned.

'What am I doing? Why do I have this strange feeling...' I asked myself, thankfully not vocally.

May, as if she could read my mind, gave me a seductive smile, released the grip she had on me, spin around, and slapped something on her hip. The stance she took was VERY seductive... Her left hand remained on her hip, and her right hand reached up to the starry sky. Her legs were spread out at JUST the right angle... Her body was slightly tilted... I was surprised I could restrain myself.

May smiled, even more seductinvely (if that was even possible) as I heard music begin to fill the air.

Song (during this particular scene): (She drives me crazy)

May held out her hand, and began dancing. Her hand gestured toward her hour-glass shaped body, beckoning me to join her.

To this day, I cannot say what exactly came over me... Whether it was the song, the night air, my severe lack of sleep, May's seductive body, or a combination of all of them, I cannot say. Whatever it was, it sucked me into a world of pleasures I would not soon forget.

I rushed up to May, placed my right hand on her hip, and my right hand around her waist. May winked at me, and placed her hands on my shoulders. She then began to shake her body to the exact same rhythm as the music, only pausing to smile at me... I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and my hands remained cemented in place.

'Am I... falling for her?' I asked myself.

May pulled me right against her body...

'GAH! What is she doing?!'

I looked down at her... Since when does May have red hair? Oh, no... I am seeing things again... But why does May look like Misty?

"Misty" looked up, and stared into my eyes... Her beautiful eyes... I find myself unable to resist the temptation further...

I took her head in my hands, and kissed her... Deeply... She pressed her body against mine once again, intensifying the sensation.

When we part, "Misty's" eyes glowed with love... Love?

She kissed be back as the music ended.

"You having fun, Ash?" "Misty" asked me.

"I sure am, Mi-" I stopped myself, unsure as to who exactly I was talking to.

"Misty" however, seemed too distracted with my eyes to even notice my slip-up.

"You make me soo happy, Ash!" she hugged me thigter

I then had no doubt as to the true identity of my lover...

May then proceeded to start whispering sweet nothings into my ears.

Oddly enough... I actually liked it.

'Oh... Your in deep trouble this time, Ash Ketchum! You have let yourself fall in love with BOTH girls... Now what are you going to do, eh?' I accused myself, 'you had your mind made up before, but May has you wrapped around your finger now!'

May seemed to fully comprehend the power she held over me.

"Now..." she said, fluttering her eyelashes, "tell me that you love me."

"I... I..."

"Yes?" May grinned... the cruel girl could see that I was in agony.

"love you..." I managed to finish the dreaded phase.

May took my hands in hers, and spin me around, squealing something unintelligible.

Apparently, she had gotten the response she wanted to hear.

"Hey, what at earth are you two doing out here?" it was Brock's voice.

May froze.

"May... you didn't!" Brock stood in front of us, flabbergasted.

"Why shouldn't I? I'm much better than that old vegetable! Besides, Ash knows fully well that she won't be able to satisfy his male needs like I can."

"That's not what's important." Brock crossed his arms, "it looks like you have him entranced in some sort of spell."

"Yeah... the spell's called LOVE." May quipped.

True enough... I found myself unable to drag my eyes away from May's. I couldn't even look at Brock, May was too beautiful.

"Look at him! It's almsot inhuman!" Brock snarled, "It's a good thing I brought Pikachu with me..."

"Pikachuuuuuu!" Pikachu zapped me with a rather powerful thunderbolt... within seconds, I had managed to detach myself from May and fall to the ground.

"What did you do that for?" May stomped up to Brock.

"Misty is calling for Ash, and he can't do that if you have him lusting after you."

May recoiled.

"May... Could I go see Misty for a bit?" I groaned, and managed to stand up.

"Um... sure..." May said quietly.

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then walked away. I wanted to follow her, but I knew that I needed to go see Misty.

I followed Brock back to camp, giving May one last glance.