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"Fine," Edward snapped, relenting under the truth in Alice's words. "But if she..." he said, his voice lowering dangerously, but before he could finish Albert rushed through the door.

"Dr. Cullen, her heart just stopped!" he said and I turned and ran to her without even saying anything. I had to get back. Bella couldn't die. She had to live.

Bella's POV

Awareness came in stages. The first thing I remember was coldness on my forehead and how hard it was to open my eyes. I was tired and I could hear voices all around me but not clearly enough to understand what was being said.

The coldness transferred to my hand then as the voices continued and the urge to open my eyes and see what was happening grew; I just couldn't quite manage it yet.

My struggle seemed to have so far gone unnoticed and I tried not to make any sounds but I couldn't help the small cry that escaped me and when it did all the talking in the room stopped.

"Bella?" I heard someone say, the voice was right next to me and I knew I should recognize it. I knew that, but it sounded so distant, so far away.

"Come on Bella open your eyes," the voice said again and suddenly I knew.

I would know that voice anywhere.


Edward was the one talking to me. He was holding my hand and he wanted me to open my eyes and I knew I had to for him.

I knew I would do anything for him.

Edward's POV

It had been one week since Bella was shot.

One very long week.

Carlisle had only managed to get her stable two days ago but we still didn't know if she would pull through.

Carlisle walked in the room then, followed by the rest of our family.

"Any change?" Esme asked coming to stand next to me.

"No," I said placing my hand on her forehead, not taking my eyes off of her.

"Well, her vitals are still stable," Carlisle stated, checking over Bella.

"Will she wake up soon?" Emmett asked, holding Rosalie's hand while Jasper and Alice stood next to Carlisle.

"I don't know," Carlisle said, looking at me, then toward Alice questioningly.

"I still see several possible futures," Alice said softly, touching Bella's leg gently, her eyes acquiring that distant look that signified a vision.

"What is it?" Jasper asked her when she didn't say anything after a moment.

"I don't…" she started but stopped again, staring at Bella and I stayed quiet as her vision played through my mind as well.

''You may kiss your bride," the minister said.

Bella and I smiled at each other, I was wearing a tuxedo and she looked radiant in her wedding gown. I leaned down to her and we kissed to the applauding of our friends and family.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the priest said once we'd broken apart. "It is my pleasure to present, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen!"

My bride and I walked down the aisle together, to the cheering of our guests.

Then the vision changed to another possible future…

I stood in a graveyard next to Charlie and Renee. I saw my family all around with several familiar faces, most of which had tears running down their cheeks.

I looked down at the newly covered grave in front of me and gasped.

Isabella Swan April 9, 1990 - March 4, 2009

Loving daughter and friend,

She will be remembered always.

"No!" I exclaimed desperately, my voice breaking the silence. "That's only twelve days from now!"

"What?" Esme asked looking between Alice and me in concern before another vision took Alice again.

I was standing in front of a young man, his face was filled with fear and pain and blood was dripping from his nose.

"I didn't mean to shoot anyone," he cried and I grabbed him by the throat and held him against the wall.

Carlisle was there then, holding on to my shoulder and speaking urgently to me, his voice soft and anxious.

"Son," he said murmured, trying to stop me but I didn't respond and I could hear a vicious snarling ripping from my throat.

The piece of scum in front of me was struggling to breathe and Carlisle's grip on my shoulder tightened.

"Bella would not want this," Carlisle said, trying to get through to me, but I was beyond that. "The law will take care of him, Edward, but if you do this you will lose yourself and Bella would not want that!"

"Bella's dead and I have no life now that she's gone!" I heard myself say in despair. "I should have changed her when you wanted me to but now she's gone."

"You did what you thought was right," Carlisle said, his voice sad, still determined to stop me though.

"And now I think snapping his neck is the right thing," I said, interrupting the only real father figure I could remember having with any clarity.

"Edward, don't do this!" Carlisle said, and I could hear the desperation in his voice but couldn't bring myself to care. There was really nothing left for me now, the gaping hole inside me would never be mended, and before he could say anything else I twisted the wrist still holding on to the man in a blur of speed and felt his neck snap like it was no more than a twig.

Carlisle jerked back then, looking stunned. I don't think he'd realized he'd be unable to stop me.

"Edward what have you done?"

The vision ended again and Alice and I looked at each other and if vampires could cry I'm sure we would both of us have been in tears.

"You can't," she whispered, her eyes pleading.

"Can't what?" Jasper asked, confused.

I looked down at Bella, still looking more dead than alive. "She saw me killing the human who did this," I told him and I felt more than saw the worry and shock in my family as I continued to look at Bella.

"It won't come to that," I said quietly, still staring at her. It couldn't come to that. The world couldn't be so cruel.

We stood there then for what felt like eternity until I felt Bella's hand jerk a little. "Bella?" I asked quickly and a small cry escaped her lips and in that moment if my heart still beat I have no doubt it would have been in my throat. "Bella?" I murmured, leaning down to her as Carlisle quickly went to work making sure everything was still okay.

Then Bella opened her eyes very slowly and my world was suddenly back on its axis.

Her eyes were unfocused and disoriented but she was awake.

"Bella," I said again and watched with joy as awareness flickered.

"Edward," she whispered. "What…" she stopped, wincing as she moved.

"Bella what's the last thing you remember?" Carlisle asked, leaning into her line of vision, his concern evident.

"I…" she started but stopped, considering. "Alice was taking me shopping after work," she said and everyone looked toward Alice who shrugged unrepentantly.

"I got out of my truck at work and after that I all I remember is pain," she said and I felt a shudder of anger go through me at the thought of her going through that.

"Bella you where shot," I told her and when she looked up at me, her eyes wide and vulnerable I had to fight to cling to my control.

"What?" she asked, her voice small.

"Your father pulled over a man who was smuggling drugs to New York," I told her gently. "When the man got out of his car he got a hold of Deputy Fisher's gun."

"My dad?" Bella asked fearfully and I quickly shook my head.

"He's fine," I assured her. "He and your mom are in the waiting room, sleeping last I heard.

"How long?" she asked, looking around at all of us.

"Nearly a week," Esme said, placing her hand on Bella's leg in comfort.

The door opened then and Charlie and Renee walked into the room. "Bella," they both exclaimed upon seeing she was awake, rushing over to her.

My family made polite excuses and left then to give them privacy. All except me. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving Bella's side yet, which thankfully, Charlie and Renee didn't seem to mind.

Later that day…

Bella was asleep again and I sat right next to her. Carlisle stood across from me. The rest of the family had gone home.

"She's going to be fine," Carlisle said, looking over at me and I nodded not taking my eyes from Bella.

"Carlisle?" I asked softly and when he looked at me I met his eyes. "Thank you," I said sincerely, meaning it.

"For what?" he asked, confused.

"For trying to stop me from killing the man who did this," I said. "And I'm sorry I didn't listen."

"Edward," Carlisle said, his voice very gentle. "That was only a possible future that's never going to happen now. You and Bella will be married and happy."

"I know," I nodded, looking back to my beloved. "If Bella had died though, it would have happened and there would have been no stopping me," I told him, taking a deep breath. "I wouldn't have listened to you and for that I am sorry."

"Edward, you are my son," Carlisle said earnestly. "No matter what you do, that will never change."

He walked to me then, and though it's not very normal for us to show overly much physical emotion he wrapped me in a fierce hug and I returned it just as fiercely.

He truly is my father and Bella would soon be my wife and I knew now for sure that we could put this behind us forever.

The End

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