Title: New Found Love

Title: New Found Love

Rated: T

Beta: Icestar4621, I lovvvve you, The best freind anyone could ever ask for

Summary: Rosalie finds a young man in the woods and wants to help.

Disclaimer: Again, I don't own any of the Twilight series. So sad...

Rosalie's POV

I found him nearly eaten alive by bears, and really, what was I supposed to do, leave him to die? For some reason that was just never an option.

There was something about him... something I couldn't quite place... He was just another human, why should I care about him? And yet, I felt drawn to him...

He was covered in blood but I surprised myself. I wasn't even tempted to finish him off. I was far too concerned with saving him.

The bears I fought off easily before I'd even given myself a chance to stop and think. Should I save him? It would be easy to just kill him now. So easy.

Instead, for some reason I hadn't yet figured out, I picked him up, oh so carefully, reminding myself he was just a human, and a hurt one at that, and started the run back to Carlisle. I suspected he would have to be changed in order to save him and while I was doing well so far I knew I couldn't trust myself for that particular task.

Carlisle would know what to do.

It was a long run, even for a vampire, and I heard him groan in pain several times, feeling his faint, but thankfully, steady breath on the back of my neck.

Finally, I was home, and Carlisle was right there in the living room.

"Carlisle, help him, please!"

Carlisle's POV

I was downstairs, reading a book Esme had just got for me when Rosalie burst in, a blood covered and barely alive human in her arms.

"Carlisle, help him please!" she begged, her frantic eyes finding mine and I immediately rushed over and took him from her, placing him gently on the dining room table, which of course, we had no real use for.

"What happened?" I asked, checking his pulse. It was very weak. But still there.

"He was attacked by bears near the old house," she said, not taking her eyes off the young man.

"The old house?" I asked, surprised and impressed despite myself. "That's hours away even running, and you carried him all the way here in this state without losing control?"

Rosalie nodded tensely, still not taking her eyes off of the wounded man. I was stunned, to say the least, Rosalie has always tried not to kill humans, but she's never really seemed to care about much, outside of the family.

"His wounds are fatal. The only way I can save him now would be to change him," I told her gently, knowing how she felt about our 'lives', such as they were, but to my continuing surprise she nodded and she looked prepared.

"I know," she said softly. "Just help him, Carlisle, please."

I watched her for a moment, debating. This wasn't something I like to do lightly, after all. After a moment I nodded.

"Esme, Edward," I called softly and in the next moment they were there beside me.

"Edward, take your new brother to the guest room, please," I said, looking at the young man and Edward nodded, lifting him carefully, his face screwed up against the smell and running up the stairs.

"Esme, why don't you help Rosalie get cleaned up," I suggested and instantly Rosalie shook her head.

"No, I want to stay," she said insisted, looking fiercely at me, her eyes pleading, and I glanced at Esme, seeing she was surprised.

"Rosalie, come with me," Esme said gently. "You can sit with him after you're cleaned up, you're covered in blood, dear."

"Oh," she said then, apparently surprised, glancing down at herself. "I didn't even notice."

Esme and I glanced at each other than and we both smiled at Rose's bemused expression. We both understood.

Rosalie was in love.