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A month had passed since my little stint in rehab, and the days had not been kind. Mom decided to pull me out of school following the wicked backlash I suffered on my first day back. I know I'm not the greatest role model, but seriously, is there any reason to spray paint "You should've died" on my locker? Come on people, have some class.

I spent as little time at the White House as possible these days, going only when I had to do the Teen Ambassador thing. When I was there, David made an obvious point to avoid me at all cost, which made me feel real dandy, thank you very much. He also dropped out of our art class, leaving me alone to get all the curious glances.

I wasn't expecting the phone call. In fact, I never expected to hear from any member of the First Family ever again. It would have served me right I suppose, considering all that happened. But back to the phone call.

"SAM!" Lucy screamed up the stairs. Lucy had recently gotten into this lazy habit where she didn't want to be civilized and come tell me I had a phone call, but she'd rather stand at the bottom the stairs and scream as loud as possible so the people on the other end are clutching their ears.

"Coming." I replied, coming down the stairs. "Who is it?"

"The president."

"What? Why?"

Lucy just held the receiver out to me.

One thing I obviously never expected was to be asked to go to Austin Texas with the First Family, even if I was a Teen Ambassador and it was required an ambassador go to this seminar thing. After all, there were probably tons more. But that's exactly what happened.

"I'm so glad you decided to come with us Sam. It's important to see more of the world." Mr. President (as I will refer to him as for now on) said.

"I'm thankful that you invited me Mr. President." I responded.

As I was being cleared by security, a guard came up to me. "Samantha Madison?" he asked.

"That's me."

"The name's Colin. I'll be your personal bodyguard on this trip."

"Oh. Does everyone find it necessary for me to have a bodyguard?"

"I'm afraid so Miss Madison. Especially given the event at the hospital. Safety is constantly a concern for the First Family."

"Gee, I wonder why that could possibly be."

Colin laughed. "Yeah well, rules are rules. So how are you at Guitar Hero?"

"I've never played it." I responded.

Colin put on a face of mock horror. "You've never played Guitar Hero? And you live in America? Why kind of citizen are you?" he joked.

"Well, there's a first time for everything. Who knows, I might even beat you."

"Oh, so we have a smack talker now. Fine by me, I love challenges."

We both started to laugh. Maybe this trip wasn't going to be all that bad after all.

Five Mountain Dews and several Guitar Hero victories later, I was laying on the bed in my room on Air Force One when I heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

But the only response I got was the sound of feet rushing away. I flew to the door, but when I looked outside, no one was around. But on the floor was a note with my name written on it in obvious guy handwriting.


It's good to see you again. It's not everyday one gets to see the nation's hero in real life. You are quite the inspiration to me, and I admit, a pretty decent Guitar Hero player. For a newb anyway. I hope I get to know you better, you seem like a really great girl. See you around.



Could I possibly have a new relationship opportunity. But I shook the thought from my head. He was just being friendly. Besides, I don't want a new relationship right now, right?

The answer echoed through my head. "No, I want the one I had." But as Mom always used to say, wanting isn't getting.

OK, so I started out just typing, just really thinking about where I wanted this to go. As it progressed, I realized exactly where I wanted this story to go. It just involves writing it. Well R&R, let me know where you think, tell me what you'd like to see happen, I'm always open for suggestions.