Six Months Later:

Sam's POV:

"This I could get used to." I sighed as I tipped my head back into the sun, my eyes shut behind my sunglasses. I was sitting at one of the Taco Shack's in Austin, wearing my white tank top with the burnt orange Bevo emblem and letting the nice fall breeze blow lightly over my face, rustling my hair gently.

Despite all of the events of my last visit, I had fallen in love with this city. It was the perfect place for me. A love of art and all things weird and different made me feel more at home than anywhere ever had.

"Well, you have four years, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of time." Misty replied, shoving her third taco in her mouth. She closed her eyes and did a little "this is the best taco of my life" dance.

"So how are you liking your Psych class?" I asked her lightly. Misty had decided following the events of the past two years that she had wanted to become a psychologist and spend her time helping people who were trying to overcome traumatic events.

"It's the best. I think this might really be my calling."

"That's great. And who was that dark haired guy you were chatting up yesterday?" I teased her.

"Oh, you know. Just some guy." she said innocently.

"Just a guy?"

"Yep, just a guy. Named Adam. Who has nice, dark hair and pretty light colored eyes and a gruff manly voice that makes me want to melt."

"Nice. So when do I get to meet this Adam?"

"Perhaps after our date tomorrow night."

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Oh, but he's just some guy, huh?"

We laughed.

"What's so funny?" I heard from a voice behind me.

I turned to meet it's owner and gave him a big smile. "Oh, nothing. Just thinking about how much I love you."

David smiled and bent down to kiss me. "I love you too."