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Shades of Gray

Drops of rain splashed on the girl's face. She blinked the droplets out of her emerald eyes. The spring rain masked her true tears, drenching not only her hair and clothes, but her spirit, too. She watched her mother and the workers haul the furniture into her new, but modest house. The girl closed her eyes and listened to the crashes of thunder, trying to numb her senses. Moving. She and her mom were always moving. Pain reflected on her clear green eyes. The rain, although soothing against her skin, brought back memories that she had fought long to suppress.

In the other side of town, a boy stumbled out of a dark alleyway. Blood streamed from a vicious gash on his upper right arm. His vision was blurred by the blood that was running into his eyes. The building walls stained red as he leaned against them for support. The boy pulled bloodied the navy blue bandana off his head and compressed it against the wound on his arm in a futile attempt to staunch the blood flow. With every pulse, a new gush of blood poured from the wound. And with every step, the concrete ground soaked the spurts of blood. He didn't collapse though; he just gritted his teeth and bore the pain, knowing that he would bleed to death if he stopped.