Totally Amanda

It's 1:15 a.m. and I wake up to hear someone screaming.That's mommy screaming!

I jump out of bed and race out of my room. But before I make it to their bedroom I hear another scream. Oh no. That was daddy! What's going on?

When I finally get to the door, it is dead silent. Carefully, I open the door and step inside the room. My parents are lying in their bed, and there is blood everywhere. Oh my goodness. What happened here? I feel sick. Before I moved further, I saw movement in the corner of the room. Over there is a man dressed in all black. It is a guy, I can tell. He has black hair, with blue in it. His eyes are a bright shade of blue...and they are looking in my direction. He smiles.

"Hello little girl. What is a cutie like you doing up so late?"he said in a gentle voice

What? This stranger/possible murderer is standing in the corner of my dead parents room, asking ME what I am doing up so late? I was so shocked that I just pointed there with my lip quivering.

"Oh, were those your parents, sweetie?"

I just nodded. I would have told him not to call me sweetie but he scared me too much.

"Well I am sorry, I needed dinner. So they are gone, you'll get over them." still using that friendly voice.

"w-w-wat did wu do?"I stuttered. My speech wasn't that good as it was, but being scared made it sound worse. And it was pointless to ask what he did because I already knew. He pretty much just admitted to killing my parents! And here he was being all friendly and talking like I could move on just like that! Well, I was tired and upset so I did the stupidest thing I could have done... I tried to attack him. I grabbed his foot and tried to drag him down to my level so I could attack his face with my nails and teeth, but he just pulled me up by my hair and then slapped me in the face once, like he was trying to talk some sense into me.

"Dat diwnt hurt!!" I taunted him. Hey, what can I say?I am tough for my age. I don't know where that burst of courage came from, but it entertained him. Whatever, I totally dominate.

"It wasn't suppose to. Now how old are you? You look a little young to be talking that way to a grown up."

" You awr not a gwown up, you just a meanie!"

"Just answer the question little girl, I have places to be."

" Wewl i am goin to die anyway, so i guess its ok fowr you to know. I am fwee." Ya, I totally dominate pre-school. And I am smart enough for my age to know that in the murder movies, all witnesses must go.

"I am not going to murder you" he said as he put me down on my feet.

"huh?"Ok, this is completely weird. He is just going to let me go? I mean, I know what he looks like and I know the crime he committed. Why on earth would a bad guy leave me here? I mean, that is plain out weird.

"Not really, you are the cutest little three year old I have ever seen. I would make better use of you in the future. You could help me win in the end."

Win? Win what? And did he just answer me through my head?

"Don't worry little one, you will understand in time. But for now, you need to forget all of this. So stand still, and I will see you next time we meet..."

He then started chanting something in a different language and I drifted to sleep...

"Amanda! Wake up! We are almost there!"

Yup. I'm Amanda. The person yelling at me to wake up is Tanya. She is my social worker. This girl has been bringing me to different fostor homes since I was three. We are currently on our way to my new 'family'. Quotations around family. These new people are the Raza Family. They are my third 'family' this month. Woo. I don't know much about them except the fact that there is three people living there ( two parents and one child ), and that I will be their first fostor child. And when they are through with me, probebly their last. I don't really like all these people who are nice to me at first, and then they go and throw me out because of some accidents... but I don't care. I'm use to it by now, and I don't want it any other way. I mean, why change a pattern that has been created since you were four? Ya, I didn't think you had a good reason.

I miss my real family. My parents ( Tom and Darlene ) disappeared when I was three years old. The police said their room had blood in it. I don't remember anything about that night, the only thing I remember is waking up in the hospital and the only person in my room was a nurse and Tanya. She helped me to understand what happened to my parents. But no one knows exactly what happend. All we know is that they disappeared completely. Personally, I think that they are dead. I mean, that dream about them being murdered is just feels too real. But Tanya says its just a dream and that if my parents were truly murdered they would have found the body already and I would have either remembered or I would have been dead with them. Charming, isn't she?

"Are you up yet? asked an annoyed Tanya. Oh yes, real charmer.

I yawned."Ya, ya. I'm up."

"Do you know how long I have been trying to wake you up?"

"No."But I am guessing you will tell me anyway.

" Fifteen minutes! Normally, I would have left you alone and woke you up when you were in the driveway, but you were whimpering."

"Well that would be because I had that nightmare again. You know? The one when I was three..."

"Oh. Again? You haven't had that dream for a while."

Ok, it was a nightmare, not a dream! Dreams are good! Nightmares are bad! My god!

"Ya, I guess."

"I believe you were ten."

"I know." Can she be any more annoying? As if I forgot when the last time I had the worst nightmare ever! Captain obvious, much?

"Ok, I can't ignore your bedhead any longer! Fix it! It is bothering me!" she says as she hands me a mirror.

OCD? Yup, I think she's got that. But she is right, I have major bed head. That's what I get for trying to look nice. So, to make her shut up, I took the mirror and got out my black hairbrush from my bag and brushed my raven black hair. I have been growing my hair out for a while now so it is all the way down to the middle of my back, and it is really thick. I love it! When I was finished I looked in the mirror to check on my make-up. My face is in an oval-ish shape and I have slightly tanned skin. When I say slightly, I mean it is tan for me, but other people might complain that I am still white. ( Those people can just back off if they know what is good for them. ) I also have chocolate brown eyes, a small nose, and plump lips. I am a petite 16 year old girl with a slightly curved figure. And...

"Ok Amanda, listen up. I want you to please try to be good..." Tanya started.

I cut her off, "I always try." I do. But then, they get me mad. And that doesn't work well.

Tanya frowned."Amanda, just in this past month you have let your pet snake loose at Mrs.Casoris's 8-year-old daughter's birthday party because they wouldn't let you come, and your snake bit two people, you also broke Mr.Vlagnon's hand by slamming your bedroom door on it, and you also set your school on fire when you got suspended just because you were bored. And that is just in this month, I could go on for hours on all the other things you have done."

"Those were all accidents."

Then she gave me the look. You know, the one that people give you when they think that you are crazy? Ya, that look.

"Well mostly, except for the snake... and the fire...and the hundred dollar watch..."

"What happened to the hundred dollar watch?" Woops, guess she doesn't know about that one.

"What watch? I didn't say anything about a watch."

"Yes you did, you.."

"Oh look! A birdie!" I exclaimed! I pointed to somewhere outside the window where nothing is. Of course it was just a distraction, but she fell for it because she loves birds. When she realizes that there is no bird she is going to be confused...

" I don't see a bird." Hah, sucker.

"Oh, it must have flown away."

"Aw. Well anyways, what were we talking about?"

"I don't know."

Well you were about to ask me what I did with the hundred dollar watch, and eventually you would have got me to tell you that I flushed it down the toilet. But what you don't know can't hurt.

For the rest of the car ride it was silent and then we pulled up into a driveway. As the car came to a complete stop, I looked at the house. And man was it amazing! It was huge! Well, compared to the apartment I was just living in. This house had three floors, and it was a white house, with a white picket fence, with green, freshcut grass, and on the porch was a cute little family, and oh my lanta how on earth am I going to fit in here? They are way do I put it?...ummm...perfect! Ya, that will work. They look like one of those little perfectly happy families that have no issues...well, until they meet me. Hmmm, I guess it doesn't really matter. I won't be staying long at all.

And thank the lord for that.

I then got out of the car and walked up with Tanya to meet my new 'family'. Quotations around family.