All human, but same situation with Bella, Renee, and Charlie. Bella moved to Forks her junior year and has lived there for two years. She never really talked to Jacob, she never went out with anyone, and has decided to go to college at some random university in New York City (why? b/c I love NY!). Edward, Alice, and Emmett are adopted siblings, and the couples are the same as they were in the book. Bon Appétit!

"Bye Dad. I love you." I mumbled into Charlie's raincoat. I was heading off to the big apple to go to college, and my dad was seeing me off.

"Love you too, Bells. Have fun at college. Don't party too hard, k?" he choked out, trying to hide the fact that his eyes were red and rimmed with tears. Charlie was still coming to grips with the fact that his little girl was all grown up and moving out.

"Flight 213 to New York City is now boarding." A filmy voice played through the airport.

"Dad, that's my flight. I gotta go." I said as I disentangled myself from the awkward embrace. Neither of us was good with emotions, which made the goodbye even harder.

"Bye Bella. Love you. " He said sadly as I walked off with my tote bag.

My tote was my only carry on, and held my iPod, the cell phone Charlie got me so that I would call him every once in a while, my battered copy of The Complete Works of Jane Austen, and my wallet. All of my boxes had been shipped straight to my new dorm room. I set my bag down on the floor, sat down in the seat, and got ready for a long ride.

The flight actually wasn't that bad. The seats were comfortable, and there were no obnoxious spoiled four year olds to kick the back of my seat. Before I knew it, we were landing in New York and I was standing on the rainy street hailing a taxi.

As we sped off through the streets of New York, I couldn't help but let the excitement fill me up. You could feel the energy of the city, so the rain wasn't gloomy like in Forks. The people all rushed by, oblivious to my growing delight.

"We're here." The driver said sullenly. I threw him the money I owed him and slid out of the car.

I just stood there for a moment, soaking in the feel of the city and getting drenched in the process. When I decided that I was good and wet, I made my way into the lobby of the college to get my room assignment. I stumbled over to the counter of the main desk, trying not to trip.

"Umm, excuse me. I need my dorm information, please." I said quietly, blushing when the woman openly gawked at my disheveled and soggy appearance. I'm sure I looked awful in my dripping plain old jeans and blouse, but I had always been a fan of simple things.

"AWWW!" whined a blonde girl as she stomped past. "Why couldn't I have been in Section 3? Then I would have been rooming with some hot guy instead of you!"

The brunette she was pointing at looked offended, and I could hear their bickering as they made their way to their own dorms.

Apparently, the woman was done gawking and decided to acknowledge my existence.

"Oh, right. Well, I'm Mrs. Cope, and I'll be filling in this next week for Angela, the girl who usually works here. Now, what was your name?" She asked as she opened an application on the computer.

"Isabella Swan?" I said, talking almost as if I was asking a question.

"Well, Miss Swan, it appears we have a problem. You were set to be in Section 3, but some construction went awry and that section will be out of commission for about a year." She explained briskly.

She must have noticed my horrified expression, because she quickly continued.

"Now, we're not turning you out on the streets, Miss Swan, there's no need to have a cow. You'll now be rooming with a Mr. Edward Cullen in Section 7, just above this office." She finished hastily.

I barely had time to digest her words with the speed she was explaining and almost missed her saying that I would be rooming with a MR. Edward Cullen over the sound of her dilapidated old printer, but I heard it.

"I'll be rooming with WHO? A guy? No, no, no, no, no. You see, I can't room with a guy. My father would kill me! Plus I'm really not-"I attempted to ask, but she cut me off.

"I'm sorry Miss Swan, but I'm afraid that unless you would like to leave this college and your full ride scholarship, you're stuck." She grimly informed me as she handed me the printout of my dorm assignment.

"I…but…erm…ok. Thanks?" I replied, confused.

"Just come and see me if you have any problems." She said as she waved me off and brought her attention to the now smoking printer behind her.

On my walk across the hall to get to the elevators, I made up my mind. No matter what, I would be friends with whomever I was sharing my dorm with. I didn't care how disgusting he was, or how scary, or how much he reminded me of the ever-persistent Mike Newton, we would be friends and nothing more. Only friends. I had finally reached the decision that we would be JUST friends when I got into the elevator when I glanced down at my sheet. CULLEN, EDWARD flashed up at me from the paper, almost as if it was mocking me. I was so utterly lost in my thoughts that I almost didn't notice the foot coming between the door and someone asking me to hold it.

I finally snapped out of it and pushed the button that opened the doors. I was instantly met with a pair of long legs and a box.

"Thanks. I didn't even want to try and make it up the stairs with this thing." Said a kind male voice. It sounded beautiful, like a chorus of bells, and very attractive too. Part of me wondered why I was thinking these things about a total stranger, while another part wanted to rip the box away to see who it was. All of me was scolding myself and reminding me of my promise. After all, what if the first guy I was truly attracted to happened to be off limits?

"No problem." I managed to say. I blushed as I realized that I was still soaking wet and was dripping. Lucky for me, the doors swished open at this point, and I stumbled out of the elevator.

I left the elevator man in my quest to find my room, and was delighted to find it only a few feet from the elevators. As I dug through my pocket to find the key Mrs. Cope had given me, someone bumped into me from behind.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see anyone there," apologized the voice behind the box. I almost dropped my key for the second time when I recognized the voice. It was the guy from the elevator! I was mentally freaking out when I heard him go on.

"I was just moving the last of my stuff into my dorm before my roommate got here." He explained.

"Oh, you're fine." I said as he pulled a key out of his pocket with a flourish and stuck it in the door. How he managed to hold the heavy box at the same time with one hand is beyond me. But that was soon dismissed as I realized that he was walking into dorm 62C. That was the same number on my paper and key.

"Um, am I in the right place? My name's Bella Swan, and I was told that this was my dorm…" I trailed off, not knowing how to finish the sentence.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, surprise evident in his melodious voice. "Well then, I guess you're my new roomie."

He set his box down and turned around. When I saw his face, I almost fainted. He was achingly beautiful. I would ordinarily say that handsome is a more fitting description for the male species, but his looks were almost blindingly perfect. I noticed his wiry build, but saw that what looked wiry was actually muscle. He looked like a Greek god, and as his eyes met mine, I thought that I might melt. They were the most beautiful color green I had ever seen. He began to speak, interrupting my ogling.

"My name's Edward Cullen," he said kindly as he extended his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Isabella Swan, but most people call me Bella." I explained, still not able to break free from his smoldering gaze.

Oh snap.