This is the note they found on Harry's bed the day he went missing. Some thought it was a suicide note, but the ones who knew him best knew it for what it was; a goodbye letter.

Do you ever dream of desire?

I do not speak of lust and fire

But rather, something softer

Something infinite and stronger

To be loved, and held by a mother

Embraced by a true friend or lover

Someone to look up to, like a father

Or perhaps even an older brother?

If the people you loved and trusted best

If the people closest to your heart and chest

Were the ones who could not see

How much you hate your family

You hate the way they put you down

And how they beat you to the ground

Abused and starved, neglected and used

You hate the way they look at you

To sate your hunger, you ate the spiders

From the corners of your cupboard

And licked the blood from off your skin

And listened to the song the shadows sing

For eleven years they broke your body and your will

You learned to be obedient, be silent, stand still

For eleven years no one came and rescued you

No one heard how they laughed at you

When the Light ones turned their backs on you

And out of pain and darkness, strong you grew

In your heart a little seed of hope you had

That one day life, wouldn't be so bad

That one day the Light would return

And you would be welcomed with open arms.

You knew beneath the stairs that night would end

And someday soon life would begin again

When they came the darkness fled

And with it went the fear and dread

Yet you look at them and you feel wrong

You do not feel like you belong

Up you grew and knew it was not to be

When the Light was to blind to see

That it was too late for you to be like them

From death and darkness you had stemmed

Blood and pain do not strike you like once they did

As something to run from, flee from, from which you hid

Embraced and loved it was your only friend

On cold nights when open wounds you tried to mend

And if your dream came true, would you take it?

Would you trade the world for it?

If a red eyed devil, evil and cruel

Came while you cried and knelt beside you

And if he wiped up all your tears

With gentle hands he banished fears

If shattered and torn he offered you his hand

If on two feet he helped you stand

He did not think that you were broken

Just a little cracked and shaken

He saw beneath the skin and bone

A beating heart and a will of stone

Hand over heart, he held a tempting offer

Would you take it? Would you call him Father?

Is this death finally come for you?

Or just another joke played on you?

Those red eyes stare at you, look at you,

See through, patient, serious and true

No lie shines or glints there in his eye

Tears well up again and begin to cry

If I said yes would you understand

That I only wanted a helping hand

Could you believe that you owe me this

For the life that I should have lived

For the hurt and pain I have known

For the dark Hell that I called home

For the beatings a child bared

Because I thought they cared

Know that I love and care for you

That I would never let harm come to you

I hope you feel the same for me, I confess

Please forgive me; because I said yes.