It was the most beautiful wedding. It happened just after sunrise. Izzie wanted a dawn wedding. She said it symbolizes a new beginning for her and Denny. I told her it wouldn't work. People would not appreciate waking up before dawn just to attend a wedding. I was her maid of honor and Cristina was her bridesmaid so we had to go. I told her nobody else would come but I was wrong. They all did. Everybody at Seattle Grace came, from the Chief to the attendings and even the nurses. Addison even flew in from L.A. just for the wedding. It seems everyone wanted to share in the momentous occasion. Izzie was finally going to marry her Denny and everyone wanted to share in their happiness.

We all can't believe this is finally happening. It's nothing short of a miracle. To think just a year ago, Denny was lying in a hospital bed, dying. Izzie helped him get a new heart and almost got kicked out of our internship because of it. She got back into the program but it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Now she's a resident and after a year of waiting, she's finally getting married.

The day was perfect. There was no cloud in sight, even though it rained every day that week. I thought Izzie was a fool for planning a garden wedding in the middle of spring in Seattle. I have been up all night worrying about rain but it turned out I needn't have worried. The day turned out to be a gift. The ceremony was held in the garden of Denny and Izzie's place. Denny bought a piece of land near Derek's as soon as he got out of the hospital and started building their home at the same time ours was being built. Izzie and I had so much fun decorating our houses with Cristina. We planted every bush in that garden ourselves and it turned out beautiful.

Funny but Denny didn't look at all nervous. He's not even a bit tense. All the married men in the hospital have been telling him about how nervous they were before their weddings but he told me he never felt more calm in his life. He said today is the beginning of his life and I believe him. As I looked at him standing next to Derek & George, he looked perfectly happy.

Izzie was a vision. She has always been beautiful but she looked absolutely ethereal on her wedding day. She chose a very simple silk dress. She had no veil. We just pinned lilies on her loosely curled blonde hair. She didn't even have a lot of makeup on but she's never looked more beautiful. Her happiness shone through and it made her glorious face light up.

Denny eyes welled up as he was watching Izzie walk down the aisle. She looked like an angel as she walked slowly towards him, the faintly pink sunrise shining on her golden hair and white dress. Even the lilies on her hand seemed to have an ethereal glow. It was breathtaking.

They wrote their own vows. Izzie had been stressing about her vows for weeks. She wrote several versions of it and had been keeping the latest one pinned to her scrubs while she was at the hospital. People would see her in odd places, scribbling on that tiny piece of paper. She even had an intern write something for her in the middle of a surgery because she didn't want to forget it. She must have made at least 20 drafts of those vows until Cristina put an end to the craziness by giving her an ultimatum. She eventually chose the very first one she wrote and Cristina has been keeping it for her until this morning.

Those were the most original vows I've ever heard. Denny promised to keep their love alive by always keeping a scrabble set handy. Izzie promised to bake him muffins and cookies every time he needs a sugar rush. He promised to give her a foot rub whenever she has 80-hour weeks at the hospital. She promised to knit him lots of sweaters. He said he won't mind if she goes berserk with decorating and cooking during the holidays. She, in turn, promised not to make a fuss even if he leaves the toilet seat up. Izzie called him her first love, her best friend and her partner. Denny called her his savior. The vows were very Izzie and Denny, both funny and poignant.

"I will not stop laughing in your happiness, rejoicing in your triumphs or crying over your sorrows. I will not make promises I won't be able to keep but understand that I will always hold you in esteem. I love you."

Denny's voice broke as he was saying his vows. A lot of the guests got teary-eyed watching him pledge his love to the woman who gave him a second chance at life. He called Izzie his savior and, in a way, he was right. She did save him and not only because she got him that new heart. She saved him because he has given up on life before he met her. She made him want to live.

I must admit I cried a little. I couldn't help myself. Bailey, Callie and Addison were all openly crying in their seats. The men tried to hide it but I've seen George, Derek and the Chief blinking very fast a couple of times. I even caught a glimpse of Cristina dabbing a tissue under her eyes. I didn't dare tease her about it. I know how testy Cristina can be when she's caught being vulnerable. Everyone cheered when the priest pronounced them husband and wife. As they rode off into the sunrise, I was happy that one of us is finally having her fairy tale.

It was the perfect wedding.