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She watches him leave her, lets him turn around and go. She wants him to stay, but she can't make him do anything.

He tries not to turn around and tell her that he's doing it because he loves her. He takes slow, deliberate steps, pacing himself so that she can't tell that this hurts him, too.

And if someone were to walk by, they wouldn't think that he ever cared. He's worked hard, but he's mastered the poker face.

Her defenses break when she finally realizes that he's actually leave. "Please... Don't leave me..."

He doesn't look at her, because he knows that he won't make it if he does. He finally runs off, and she's left alone.

She breaks down, wishing that she hadn't made him her everything, because it hurts too much.

There's nothing he can do to distract himself from the pain. His family does their best to heal him, but he's inconsolable. He needs time alone, to think. And that's what they give him. The music he loves does nothing to help him. Not Beethoven's passionate piano banging, nor Tchaikovsky's hauntingly beautiful ballets. He just wishes that the music would stop reminding him of her.

His favorite sister does her best to help him recover, but the other one is only completely, truthfully happy.

"Rose," everyone would say, "he's hurting. Can't you see that?"

She finally leaves the house with her husband, her love, because she's tired of him. She can't understand why he's so attracted to that human.

That human is finally starting to live. She's picking up all the pieces of her heart and she's starting to live. Her friends and family are ecstatic. They were afraid, didn't know if she would be able to survive the heartbreak. But she's all better now. At least, that's what people think. She's gotten better at fooling them.

But she knows that she won't let this happen to her again. She won't let someone break her just like he did.

I'm hoping that made sense. It's a bit of an alternate after Edward left Bella in New Moon.