Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!

She sits back in her chair, watching him stumble into the room with his sister; both of them are more than five minutes late.

"Edward, Alice, you both know I don't tolerate tardiness." Her eyes narrow as she dares him to try to dazzle her. She's changed now, become less dependent on his memory.

"I'm terribly sorry, Ms. Swan. Edward pulled an all-nighter, because he was worried about a biology test, and it took forever to wake him up." Alice Cullen smiles at Bella, who was once her sister, her best friend.

The other students watch as their teacher rolls her eyes and waves towards the late arrivals, indicating for them to take there seats.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted, this report has to be typed, with size 12 pt. Any legible font, like Comic Sans, or Times New Roman, will suffice."

Most students jot down the information, because they want to pass the class. Only one doesn't.

"Edward Cullen, tell me why you're not writing like the rest of the class."

He's startled by hearing her voice say his name. It's not a genuine, loving tone, like it was ten years ago; now, it's a bit harsh and annoyed.

"I have a pretty good memory, Ms. Swan," he replies smoothly, again attempting to dazzle her.

She turnes away for a moment, hiding from dark gold eyes. "That's no excuse."

He sighs, but slowly (for him, anyways) scribbles down the guidelines.

An hour later, the room is almost empty of students. She leans back in her chair and watches them gather their things and organize them before they leave. Her eyes narrow as he approaches her, seemingly confused about something.

"Yes, Edward?" Her voice is sharp, cutting through the tension like a knife.

"Nothing." And his voice is bitter, before he turns to walk out the door and out of her life. For the last time.

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