Belongs to Canadian Television and Nickelodeon. I'm gonna try to make it like an actual ep, which means that that reviews will be treated like breaks in the story and interactions between the Midnight Society. So, if you wanna puzzle things out, go for it. Just don't be surprised to have an actual comment that sounds like I'm interacting with you. Semi-inspired by the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise and I use a couple of names from the series, but with my own tweak to them.


Oh, hi. You're just in time. I have the fire all warm and toasty. Yeah, yeah, I know: redundant. Deal with it. My tale tonight has to do with dreams. What are dreams anyway? Are they some sort of mystery? Do they open one's mind to another world? Or are they just simply a way to release all of our confusion from a long day? For years, people have pondered these questions, and have even made movies regarding them. Well, my story is about a girl who loves to dream and the idea of being able to control her dream. This is also the tale of a boy who knows more about dreams and their dangers than anyone could ever suspect. And what they both don't know is that both of lives are about to be intertwined in a way neither of them ever imagined. Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story…The Tale Of The Dream Master.