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Chapter 8,

The house I grew up in was still abandoned. I went there as if I could find something. Billy went with me as did Edward. He wasn't happy about us being a couple but I think that was just because he didn't like Edward.

"What are you hoping to find?" Billy asked.

I really didn't know. I think I just wanted to be home. What was happening to me?! Girly dates, lovey dovey romance, gah I was becoming a teenage girl! The house was trashed when we got there. I was surprised that it was still abandoned to be honest. But then again would anyone really want to live in a house where a family was murdered by the government?

"Information gathering," Billy said looking at the trashed living room.

"Do you think they got anything?" Edward asked.

"Probably not. Charlie wasn't stupid."

No he wasn't. I realized that I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I was just wanting to be with my parents again. Edward seemed to understand this though I didn't know why or how. We went up to my old bedroom and everything was in complete disarray. My pillows had been shredded and a lot of my dolls had lost their heads. My bear laid alone in the corner. It was a small bear my dad had given to me when I was sick to make me feel better. I had carried it with me everywhere and it had been left behind when we fled home.

"I couldn't sleep without it," I said as I picked it up. "After they died I just couldn't sleep no matter what."

"I wonder why Phil wanted you so badly. I mean why did he want to kill you too?"

"Because I was Charlie's daughter probably."

I squeezed the bear when anger surged through me. Some of the fur didn't compress as easily and I could only wonder why. I saw a stitching that didn't match and smiled slightly.

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"When Cubby got a boo-boo," I said pointing to the stitching. "Dad fixed him for me. It was just a little after the Volturi took over."

I squeezed the bear again and heard something different. I began to think about things I hadn't considered before. Just how involved in his former life had dad been after I was born? I already learned that he was the reason Edward survived the massacre on his family, and I wondered how much more I would find. I began to question things.

"Do you remember when we first met as children?"

"Barely. The car broke down and we ended up staying with you guys until it was fixed."

"Doesn't it seem weird that your dad helped mine fix it? He was the king after all."

"Not really."

"Maybe I'm just getting paranoid and suspicious. Maybe it was something."

I squeezed the bear again and it was still the same. I turned the bear over and pulled a knife out of my pocket. I flicked the blade up and popped the seam. I pulled some of the fluff out and found a scrolled sheet of paper.

"Guess you aren't paranoid."

I unrolled the paper and saw a brief message.

The ruby is buried in the white sand. The sapphire is buried in the brick wall.

"What in the world does that mean?" I asked him.

"I don't remember very well," Edward answered slowly, "but I remember dad saying mom was his diamond."

"Could it have been code names for each of you?"

Edward nodded. He had overheard his father talking once about code names for his children. "Alice had deep blue eyes, like my dad."

"Where would the brick wall be?"

"I don't know that. Maybe Billy does."

I nodded in agreement. I went downstairs to find Billy but he was having a moment. He was looking at a photograph. From his expression I knew exactly which one it was. My parent's wedding picture. Billy and Harry had stood beside my parents with bright smiles holding a glass of wine (champagne was too expensive) and they looked like a truly happy group. He heard us and turned, trying to look like he wasn't getting emotional.

"Are you ready?"

"What does this mean?" I asked, showing him the letter. He read it and shrugged.

"I haven't a clue," he admitted, "Charlie didn't tell me everything when it came to his assignments."

That was understandable. This was obviously information that got him killed and he didn't want to take Billy down with him. Then I began to realize why Harry had been killed. I think I had always known, but it was strange to think about it. Harry had helped my father take Edward and Alice to safety. Phil must have known, or maybe James did. Either way, someone knew that my dad helped betray Aro and his brothers. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled and I suddenly felt like we were being watched. I grabbed a lighter from my pocket and burned the paper.

"I'm surprised Charlie didn't do that," Billy said as he watched me.

"This was his note. He wanted me to find it."

"How do you know?"

"He hid it in my bear," I answered, "my favorite bear. The one I carried everywhere with me. He had counted on me taking it with me when I survived and going into this life."

"I don't believe it," Billy said quickly, "Charlie wouldn't have wanted this for you."

"I wouldn't be so sure," Edward said quietly.

"You didn't know him," Billy snapped, "he loved his daughter very much and told me to keep her safe if anything happened. Foolishly I let her pursue this lifestyle."

I ignored their bickering and listened to the silence in the rest of the house. Something was off. It was disturbing.

"Shut up guys, I'm trying to listen."

"To the silence?" Edward asked me.

I hit him and a moment later there was a crunch of broken glass. We were surrounded. We jumped into action but they were faster. I felt the cold barrel of a gun against the back of my head and I knew it was a precaution. We were needed alive.

"Phil," Billy growled.

"Hello Dark," Phil said behind me. His arm circled my shoulders. I could feel his breath on my neck. "You've done a splendid job raising dear Bella. Renee and Charlie would have been pleased."

"I'll kill you," Billy promised.

"Not while her life is in danger," Phil reminded him. "I can blow her fucking skull apart before you so much as grab your gun. I knew that you would come back here eventually. When you found out that there may be some Cullen brats running around."

"We came here for sentimental reasons," Billy said calmly, "Bella wanted to get some photographs of her parents."

"Photographs? Really? How cute," Phil whispered to me. He licked my ear and I shuddered. He rubbed his hips against me. "Do you know what would really piss him off? If I screwed you again on your parent's bed."

"You won't touch her," Billy growled.

"I already did," Phil taunted, "in the Whitlock mansion. I fucked her slutty ass and she loved it."

"I was unconscious dickweed."

"Not the first time," he purred. "Are you watching Billy? Do you remember your wife and your daughters? I'll kill this one too."

"You won't," I growled. I kicked back and hit his knee. In my surprise his grip around my shoulders tensed and slipped up to my neck. Billy had drawn his gun. I could see James covering Edward. My blood boiled. Both of the men that killed my parents were in the same room. Edward was going to make a move, I could see it. I went back once more and kicked Phil hard in the knee. This time I know I did damage. I broke away and gave him a nice roundhouse kick to remember me by. I was attacked by a nameless goon and I made quick work of him with a dagger in the neck. I heard Billy run for Phil. This fight was personal.

"Get the girl, kill the others," James ordered.

"When we get her," Phil promised after he kicked Billy down, "we'll gang her like the worthless whore she is!"

Billy wasn't one to rise to torments. But the taunt wasn't only personal, it was implying that he and his team were going to pass me around like some sort of sex toy. I was Billy's daughter in every way that counted and something in him snapped. I felt strong arms pull me against a hard body and I was winded by a fist in the stomach. I doubled over the strong arm, gasping for air. My uncle Billy went down before I could register what had happened. Phil held a smoking gun and had a dark smile on his face. I heard someone scream and realized it was me. I was nine again and my parents were dying.

"BILLY!" I screamed. I lost my senses. I couldn't remember my training, I couldn't remember how to stay calm. I thrashed against James as he held me tight and tried to get to Billy before he bled out. James was ready to leave. He pulled me away and Edward noticed. He chased after me even though I didn't want him to. I wanted him to run away and to be safe. But the dumb shit wanted to save me. He loved me and he was abandoning his rational senses and losing focus of the others in the room. He turned as Phil made to finish him off and fought him. James was tired of my struggling so he hit me hard on the head. The last thing I heard was a gunshot, and Edward fell silently to the ground.


When I awoke I was tied up. Never a good way to start consciousness. There was a single 60 watt bulb above my head under a metal shade that screamed cheesy. I knew I was going to be tortured and I knew it wasn't going to be the kind of torture I liked from Edward that always ended with a mind blowing orgasm. Thinking about Edward made a stab of pain go through me. Was he really dead? Did I really just lose two of the most important men in my life? I couldn't, wouldn't, believe it.

"She's awake."

I recognized the voice as Phil's. I clenched my fists, which were tied behind me because my captors were at the height of imaginative. The ropes were tight. I couldn't feel my fingertips. I wondered what was in store for me. I was wearing just my tank top and shorts. I knew what kind of stuff Payne kept in her arsenal and how creative she was. I really hoped they would stick to plain unimaginative tortures like cutting, fake drowning, or stuff like that. I didn't want to sit through psychological torment nor did I really feel like sucking any cocks for egotistical assholes.

"Welcome back," Phil greeted.

"Happy to be back," I said sarcastically. He knelt down and grinned.

"Oh you won't be in a bit."

"I wont tell you anything, as you already know, so you may as well kill me."

"You'd like that wouldn't you? I bet you wish you had a poison pill right now."

I shrugged. "I always saw that as more of a pussy route."

"Aren't you a feisty little thing."

"Can you just get this over with so I can go home? Leno's on in a few hours."

Phil hit me. I would have. Torture victims that smart off too much are generally annoying. I just didn't care. I didn't care about anything. I wasn't afraid to die and that was why I was already at an advantage. Pain didn't scare me, nor did death.

James cut my hands free before I was really aware of what he was doing. Phil secured one to the side of the chair while James held the other. He didn't say a word, he just bit my hand. Surprising but not painful. He pulled out a vial of a pale green liquid and squeezed some drops over my hand.

"What information did Charlie leave you?" he asked me.

"He said that long hair is best suited for homosexuals."

James smirked. "You're funny."

My hand was starting to burn. It was slow at first and then it grew and grew. I felt like I had put my hand in a fire.

"Venom," he said tucking the vial away, "it's not poison so it won't kill you. It will just make you feel like your body is engulfed in fire until the venom either dies out or I give you the cure."

"God you're gonna be so pissed when it dies before I talk."

"Oh don't worry yourself on that," he chuckled, "I have other plans."

James left and Phil just smirked at me from his chair. He was there in case I was feeling up to confessing.

"Hurting yet?"

Yes. But he forgot, I was an asshole.

"Alright I confess!" I cried through clenched teeth. He sat on the edge of his seat, eager to listen.

"Go on?"

"Changed my mind," I said.

He glared at me and I grinned. I was good at hiding pain but I didn't know how long I could keep it up. The burning had engulfed my whole hand and I wanted to jerk my arm away, as if I was touching flames and that would relieve the pain.

"She's just being a little bitch," James sighed. He put up a projector and a DVD player. He put a disk in. "I have been saving this just for you."

"I'm flattered."

The screen showed Billy on his knees tied much like my father had been. Harry was beside him. The camera was hand held.

"Give us answers, Harry."

"Yes, no, to get to the other side, one point seven two..."

He was slapped by the person holding the camera. "Stop being a smart ass. Now tell me what you know."

Harry locked his jaw and glared him down. "Nothing."

"Charlie knows too. We can use his daughter against him."

"In good time," James said behind the camera.

When the camera turned towards Sarah Black and her twin daughters I turned my head. James forced me to look at the screen. I saw Phil cutting her clothes off and James' hand again.

"Make sure you pay attention you two," James said to them, "tell me what I want to know."

"We don't have your answers," Billy growled.

"Your wife is pretty," James complimented, "so soft and sensual."

I was worried that I was about to watch James rape Sarah, the kind woman who I had seen as family. But no. He held a pocket knife and began to slowly cut her. I was horrified and I felt sick. I was in pain from the venom but that was taking a back seat to listening to Sarah's cries of pain.


"You can stop this by just giving me what I need to know!"

After ten minutes of slowly torturing Sarah Black James slit her throat and she suffocated. The sounds of her dying wrenched my heart. I felt so sick. I could hear Billy's heart breaking. His children were squirming in terror against their bonds as they were approached.

"Now watch carefully Bella," James purred, stroking my cheek.

The venom was in my chest now but I couldn't pay attention to it. I wanted to, oh believe me I wanted to.

"What information did your father leave you about the royal children?" James asked pausing the video, "you don't want to see what's next."

"Fuck you," I growled.

"Suit yourself," James sighed. "I may get a little excited and decide to whack. Forgive me, but I am quite the artist and my own brilliance astonishes me."

He played the video and the focus was on the twins, Rachel and Rebecca. They were older than I was, about fifteen if I remembered correctly. They were tied back to back and Jacob was off to the side. Billy kept saying he knew nothing over and over again. Harry did. I knew he did. He knew what I knew but he wasn't going to talk.

James passed the camera to Phil and knelt beside the girls. He grabbed Rachel's hand from her side and took out a lighter.

I couldn't imagine someone so sick and disgusting. I heard the screams and I saw what he was doing to her but I couldn't comprehend it. How could someone so monstrous exist?! After witnessing the torture of his wife and daughters Billy snapped.


There were shots. The girls were dead. I watched as Phil beat Billy and Jacob near death.

"Still keeping silent Harry?"

"Till the day I die."

"We'll find Light. He has a young daughter he's fiercely devoted to. He'll talk."

They beat Harry to death and I watched in horror.

"Feel like talking?"

I vomited.


I don't remember blacking out. I could feel my own vomit on my legs and I was hanging limp in the chair. I was sprayed off with cold water and I shivered. Would they have gone after my father if Harry had talked? How could he sit and watch his best friend's family be tortured like that? I could keep my secret only because the video was in the past. There was nothing I could do to change it. But him? He could have saved them!

I felt cold. The venom had worn off leaving me weak. The images played in my head like a bad movie.

"Do you feel like talking?"

"You can go to hell," I growled, "seeing that video only made my resolve to kill you even stronger."

James pulled my head back by my hair and punched me in the cheek. My head flew to the side and he hit me again.

"It doesn't matter how strong your resolve gets. I'll kill you just like I killed your father. Your weak pathetic father."

I felt hot blood trickling down my neck. I felt the ropes on my leg weaken and I realized why. The venom had an acidic quality that hadn't affected me but had weakened my binds. I kicked James with both feet and broke the chair on the wall. I grabbed one of the splintered shards of wood and stabbed him in the stomach. I wrenched the makeshift dagger out and stabbed him again in the chest.

"Don't fuck with me," I snarled.

I felt a kick in the back and went flying. I crashed into the wall and before I could retaliate someone else beat me to it. I turned and saw a girl. She was small and she looked deceivingly weak. Her hair was short and spiky.

"Come on," she said.

"I'm supposed to just trust you?" I asked.

"They were torturing you for information, that's a pretty good sign that you aren't one of them. I just kicked one of them into a wall. Hello?"

I didn't like her.

"What's your name?" I asked.

She didn't answer. She motioned me to follow her and I did. There was something familiar about her that I couldn't quite place. She was beautiful, and mysterious. Just like Edward. I winced and felt a stab of pain. I hoped that he had survived. I pray that he did. If he didn't...if I lost him too...

"Stay focused!"

"I am focused," I hissed. She just rolled her eyes and kept going.

I wasn't focused of course. My mind was with Edward and Billy. Billy, who was probably ice cold by now in my old living room, and Edward who may be with him. I couldn't focus everything I had and I knew that if we got caught it could cost me. Cost us both.


We got out safely and stopped to catch our breath when we were in the sewers. I hated the sewers so much!

"Who are you?" I asked as we walked along the edge to avoid the smelly water. She looked at me with vivid blue eyes.



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