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A/N: I decided to take a break from my other stories and try out this one. This story is a crossover between Harry Potter and Naruto. I've tried looking for stories were Harry ended up in the Narutoverse and was younger then the Naruto gang, but have been unable to find one. So I began writing this. I don't really have everything planned out for this, so things may progress slowly. If you know of a story, besides mine, that meets the previous description, please let me know where to find it.

Warnings: Yaoi (most likely Sasuke and someone. Not sure if I want it to be Naruto or someone else, maybe Gaara or Neji? This won't come up for a while though), mentions of past child abuse (NO sexual abuse, I hate reading about that, let alone writing about it), language, OOCness, some violence (come on, it's NARUTO for cryin' out loud), and a very shy Harry for a couple of chapters.

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Summary: An abused five-year-old Harry Potter appears in the Hidden Continents. When he is discovered by Sasuke on the way to the country of Waves what will happen? Yaoi (pairings undecided)

Sasuke's New Little Brother

Chapter 1: What are you doing out here?

The sound of a young child crying out in pain briefly sounded throughout Number 4 Privet Drive, shortly following by a door slamming shut. Footsteps pounded down the stairs as a huge child approached his equally mammoth father, who was standing beside a cupboard under the stairs.

"What did the Freak do this time?" The pig in children's clothing asked eagerly.

"That stupid boy." The larger man scoffed. "Can't even weed a garden properly. Maybe we should take Marge's advice and drown the runt. Then I wouldn't have to waste my precious time trying to beat the freak into a respectable, normal person."

The five year old in the cupboard curled up around his sore arm. As the increasingly cruel insults reached him through the door he bit his lip to keep from crying too loud. Why was it that, no matter how hard he tried, it was never enough for his family to love him? All he wanted was a hug, a kind word, a smile; even a gruff word of praise would be welcomed.

Like anyone could ever like a freak like me, the child thought sadly, trying not to jar his injured arm too much as he climbed up on the small cot. Before he fell asleep to the mocking laughter of the two monsters outside he allowed himself one last wish. I wish there was someone who didn't know I'm a freak. Then maybe they would like me.

As boy fell asleep, the magic in the boy responded to his emotional distress and decided to help.

Outside of the cupboard, the fat man and his son were shocked out of their abusive behavior by the sight of light flashing around the edges of the cupboard door and a loud sound. After blinking stupidly at the door for a few seconds, the older and fatter of the two wrenched the door open.

"Shit! Those abnormal freaks aren't going to be happy about this." He muttered as he surveyed the empty cupboard.

-Somewhere on the way to Wave County-

"Sasuke can you go refill our water jugs at the stream we passed last night, since Naruto nearly bled to death yesterday?" Kakashi asked, ignoring the shouts that were now coming from said blond.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted, leaving the clearing where the rest of the team was sitting up camp.

It didn't take long for the young Uchiha to reach the stream. Finally, some peace and quiet, Sasuke thought

He wasted a good fifteen minutes getting water before he figured he should get back to camp. He was just turning around when he saw something blue out of the corner of his eye. Being the praised ninja he was, Sasuke managed to quickly and silently attach the water jugs to his waist and arm himself. He silently edged towards the bushes concealing the hidden object. When he pushed the bushes aside, however, it became apparent that the weapons would not be needed.

In the bushes was a young boy, maybe three years old if his size was any indication. However, this is not what made Sasuke believe the child wasn't a threat. No, thanks to his brother; he knew to never underestimate his opponent. He believed the boy was no threat due to the beat up condition he was currently in. Added to the fact that the child was unconscious, it was easy to see that the kid had pissed someone off. Big time.

Who would do this to a kid? Sick bastards, Sasuke thought as he checked the kid's vitals. At least he's still alive. Should I go get Kakashi or take the kid to him?

That question was put on hold as the child opened he's brilliant green eyes.

-Harry's Point of View-

Harry was shocked to find that he was no longer in his cupboard.

What happened? He wondered. Then his attention was brought back to the strange boy in front of him when the older boy asked him something in a strange language. A short pause followed before the boy spoke again. Fearing he would get hurt if he didn't answer, Harry listened harder and found that he could understand the older boy now.

"-aid, 'What are you doing out here?'"

"A-ano…" Harry paused. He had meant to say 'Umm' so why had that word come out? He shrugged it off and finished answering. "I-I'm not sure. Maybe Uncle finally got rid of me."

The last part was muttered more to himself then to the boy, but Harry knew he had heard anyway when he frowned.

"Why would he want to get rid of you? And what's your name?"

"Because I'm a freak and I'm not sure." Harry answered with the frankness only a child could have.

"Why don't you know?" The boy asked, looking more than a little confused.

"Because I'm called a lot of things, but I don't think that they are names. Mostly I'm called Boy or Freak. They even called me Hairy once." Harry replied. He then tried to stand up, but his ankle gave out and he yelped when he landed on his arm.

"What's wrong? How are you hurt?" The boy asked.

"M-my arm hurts really bad. So does my leg." Harry sobbed. Now that he remembered the injuries they seemed to hurt more. As if they were getting revenge for being ignored.

"Okay, I don't know very much about fixing injuries like the ones I think you have. So I'm going to take you to my sensei. He'll know what to do okay?" The boy asked.

Harry thought for a moment before nodding silently. So far this stranger had been really nice, so maybe his teacher would be too?

-Sasuke's Point of View-

"I'm going to have to carry you. I'll try not to move you too much though, okay." Sasuke told Harry. At the younger boy's nod of agreement he gently picked the child up bridal style. "Okay, try not to move around too much. It'll make your injuries worse."

"O-okay. A-ano…C-can I ask you a q-question?" The child flinched like he expected to be hit.

"Sure." Sasuke agreed, making the child look up with shock.

"What's your name?" Harry asked happily.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Uchiha Sasuke?" Harry tried.

"That's right. We're almost there. Let me do the explaining, okay?"


-Third Person Point of View-

They emerged from the trees to find two men, a girl, and a young boy sitting around a campfire. When they came into sight the boy jumped up and started yelling.

"What took you so long, Teme?!"

Harry jerked in Sasuke's arms and pressed his face into Sasuke's chest. This caused the Uchiha to glare daggers at the blond.

"I found this boy in the forest. Can you look at him Kakashi? I think he's got a broken arm and something may be wrong with his ankle." The Uchiha stated.

"Sure. I should be able to wrap it up well enough. Where's his parent's though?" Kakashi asked, gesturing for Sasuke to bring the boy over. Naruto and Sakura were arguing in the background while the old man watched.

"Don't know. He did talk about his Uncle though. He believes his Uncle dumped him out here for being a freak." Sasuke smirked inwardly when this caused a brief pause in Naruto and Sakura's fight.

"WHO THE HELL WOULD TREAT A LITTLE KID LIKE THAT!" Sakura momentarily gave in to her inner self and shouted. This caused Harry to cling even tighter to Sasuke.

"Stupid gaki." The old man spoke up. "You don't yell like that around litte kids. Especially if they're hurt." Naruto and Sakura seemed shocked by this revelation and shut up.

Meanwhile, Kakashi had set Harry's broken arm and had it wrapped up in a splint and sling. He was now examining Harry's ankle.

"Looks like it's just twisted a little. You'll be sore for a little while, but it will go away. Try not to walk on it too much." Kakashi told Harry, who nodded from his new sit beside Sasuke.

"Are you going to bring the kid with you?" The old man asked.

"I don't see how we can avoid it. Your village is the close to here and the kid really should see a real doctor." Kakashi answered, looking at the kid whispering to Sasuke.

"The man in the mask is Kakashi. The blond idiot is Naruto. The annoying girl is Sakura and the old man is a bridge builder named Tazuna." Sasuke then addressed the rest of the group. "He doesn't know what his name is."

"What do you mean he doesn't know his name?!" Naruto demanded.

"He said that most of the time his family called him things like freak, boy, or hairy." Sasuke said

-Harry's Point of View-

Harry hid behind Sasuke's arm as Naruto and Sakura started screaming again. He hated when people yelled. Yelling is always followed by hitting and pain.

"Naruto! Sakura! You're doing it again." Sasuke said sharply. There was a pause for a couple of seconds. Then Harry peeked out from behind Sasuke's arm to see the two other pre-teens had stop yelling and were now looking embarrassed.

"Heh! Sorry about that." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah, we're sorry for scaring you. Are you okay?" Sakura asked. It took Harry a moment to realize she was talking to him. When he did he nodded hesitantly.

"I know! Since we don't know the kid's name, I say we let him choose his own!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Sounds fair." Kakashi said, peeking over the top of his book. Harry wondered where the book had come from. He hadn't seen it before then.

"What do you think? Do you want to choose your own name?" Sasuke asked.

"Umm. I don't know what to choose." Harry mumbled.

"How about Kei? It's the name of a really nice guy in my favorite book. Do you like that name?"

"Kei? Kei. I like it!" Harry, now Kei, agreed enthusiastically.

"Great, now that that's settled. It's time to move on. It's too dangerous to stay in one place for long. Kei, if it's alright with him, Sasuke will carry you until the next break. If we are attacked I want you to stay beside the bridge builder and keep out of the way. Sasuke, will you carry him?" At Sasuke's nod, Kakashi continued, "Good. Try to keep things smooth so his arm will heal better."

With some last minute words to the rest of the group, everyone got ready to go. Sasuke passed out the water jugs and Sasuke was carrying Harry piggyback style, with Harry's right arm strapped securely to his chest to try and prevent it from bumping into Sasuke's back too much. Naruto was going to carry Sasuke's pack until he started to get tired. Then it was going to rotate amongst the rest of the group.

As the midday sun hung in the sky, a new life was beginning for one young child.

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