Sg1 stepped through the gate into the ruins of an ancient temple which was just down the hill

Two weeks later everyone stood in the gateroom in full dress blues having been told it was a very important ceremony, promotions and medals were to be awarded. Rumours as to who were ripe among staff only Hammond knew for sure. I stood proudly using my crutches even though they had all wanted me to sit I had refused.

The blast door opened and General Hammond walked in followed closely by the president we all stood straighter at attention everyone surprised. He walked to the podium.

"At ease all" he ordered we relaxed slightly. He looked in my direction

"And for God sake please sit down before you fall down" he ordered me.

"Yes Sir" I mumbled as someone fetched me a chair. I knew from the heat in my cheeks I was blushing.

"Good. Anyway it has been brought to my attention all the brave and amazing work that goes on in this mountain. You people risk your lives everyday without complaining and it's high time we appreciated that. That's why everyone that has served in this command will be awarded the Stargate service medal for your efforts. Also there is a new medal this is especially for personnel who go above and beyond what we can expect from humans, who have died and still fought. I think you will join me in saying the first recipients have deserved this. They have saved earth several times now single-handedly. Sg1 would you join me." He asked. I looked at my team unable to stop the smile forming on my face as I stood. They all looked as shell shocked as I felt. We stood at the top as he placed the ribbon over us. It was a golden stargate with a gold filling.

"Thank you Sir" I said as he placed it over my head. We then left the podium taking our places back again. He called a few more individuals up who also got the award all on SGC teams.

"Next is another new medal the Stargate cross, this is more for the support staff who wait night and day for our teams to return. They devote themselves working harder than they should and save the day more often than not coming up with solutions that nobody else could think of. I think names speak louder than I could. The first receiver is Dr Janet Frasier who is also promoted to Lieutenant Colonel"

Everyone cheered ecstatically as a shocked Doctor walked up the ramp to receive it. I laughed at her expression as the marines whooped and cheered.

"Next is a scientist whose ideas have revolutionised astrophysics her ideas have saved this planet and members of this base several times, Major Samantha Carter" I stood in shock as my name was called only Jack's push made me move. I walked up the ramp and received my medal everyone cheering.

"And now is a civilian who speaks more languages than I knew existed he brokered several treaties and negotiated several difficult situations avoiding conflict, Dr Daniel Jackson" I yelled and cheered with the rest as Daniel stepped forwards getting the medal. A few more received the medal and a couple were promoted including Ferretti up to Colonel.

"And finally I would like to say thank you to all of you brave people for putting yourselves on the line for the planet. I know this is hard work and many of you struggle with relationships due to the nature of this demanding work I have decided to suspend the frat regs on an individual basis if the couple ask for General Hammond's permission first." He announced much to the cheers of everyone. Suddenly I was aware that everyone's eyes were on me and Jack. I blushed knowing this gave us permission to do what we had always wanted. Jack stepped forwards I watched both in fear and fascination.

"Permission Sir" he asked, my heart fluttered, as he stepped closer.

"Hey Sam" he said simply that one word meaning so much, Sam.

"Jack" I whispered my legs feeling weak. He leant in as did I. Our lips meet and he grabbed me as the kiss deepened. I felt myself being dipped but didn't care as my crutches fell. I trusted Jack to keep me from falling. As the kiss ended I opened my eyes to see his chocolate brown eyes looking back at me saying the same thing as mine. I love you. Around us people were whooping and cheering. I knew I was beetroot red but didn't care.

"I love you" he whispered, so only I could hear

"I love you too" I whispered back just as quietly. Everyone seemed to calm down as we were all dismissed. Daniel passed me my crutches as I followed Jack out the room our feelings finally out.

Whatever the future held we would face it together.

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