Danny's Eidetic

Chapter Twelve

One year later

Sam sighed. She fidgeted with the neckline of her graduation robes, wishing they were any color but black. The whole point of wearing black was to be non-conformist and different, and yet here she was, standing in the mass of black robes that made up her graduating senior year.

Her eyes scanned the crowd as she searched for a familiar face – but to no avail – her classmates all looked like clones dressed as they were, though Sam knew she'd be able to find Tucker if she listened hard enough for the rapid tapping of keys. Only Tuck wouldn't let such an insignificant event such as graduation stop him from maintaining his online reputation.

She had just given up and was about to sit down when she felt a dull chill waft from behind her, blowing wisps of hair into her face. Her expression was transformed into one of joy, leaving her dark hair and eye makeup the only indication of her Gothic preferences. Sam threw herself into Danny's arms just as the white rings washed over him, revealing a similar black satin outfit.

She looked into his eyes, gauging his mood. A lot had happened since that fateful day so long ago. Danny had received therapy sessions every day for three months, sorting out the issues that had led to his attempted suicide. He had learnt to trust himself again. Vlad had declined having his memory removed, and in fact (although Sam didn't really want to admit it) he had seen himself to blame for what had happened to Danny, and as the older half-ghost's mind healed, he choose to exile himself to prison, as a sort of self punishment.

Danny had eventually returned to school, where he was forced to invisibly enter, to escape the hordes of reporters desperate to know about his absence from the town for so many months and to learn something more about what had become a very public disappearance. With the help of extra tutoring from Mr. Lancer – to make up for both the time at school he missed while en absentia and while ghost fighting, Danny got the credits he needed to graduate.

And so here he was – a different person to the boy that had been kidnapped off the street and tortured, a boy that had been driven to the brink of death and back. You could see it in his eyes – a quiet sadness that burned behind the icy blue. But did he look… nervous? Was there something…? No, Sam dismissed it as nerves and excitement for this ceremony and all it meant.

Danny grabbed her hand and phased them through the crowd, searching for Tucker so that they could say hi before the awarding started. But no sooner had they found him and exchanged greetings than Mr. Felucca called the graduates to line up alphabetically, and so they parted.

Danny's thoughts were far from where he was. Even as his name was called and even as he walked on stage – grinning – to be handed his diploma his mind was elsewhere. It was focused deeply on a time in the near future, and on the object that was weighing down his left pocket like a pound of lead.

He waved to his parents – "That's my boy, Danny!" and "Oh Danny, you did it!" amid the cheers and flashing lights from the hundreds of cameras packed into the room. As if in a dream he passed by the hordes of reporters waiting to bombard him and waited at the base of the stage for just a moment to cheer as Tucker received his diploma and drew nearer. The two shared an identical grin as Tuck cocked an eyebrow and Danny tapped his left pocket in response.

They moved to stand with their fellow classmates until everyone had had their turn onstage. Mr. Lancer gave a short speech, and as it concluded a large cheer went up and as one the graduates threw their large black hats into the air and threw themselves into each other's arms.

And as the parents converged Danny whispered quietly in Sam's ear as he transformed and flew her into the sky.

To Danny's delight she looked utterly surprised – she clearly had no idea what was happening as they flew further and further away from the city, leaving the tall buildings behind. As they finally began to descend the look on Sam's face became comical, as she took in the sculpture before her. Thousands of red roses, frozen in crystal clear ice formed one enormous rose – and they were about to land in the centre of it.

Danny had spent the entire day working on it – in fact he had nearly missed the start of the graduation ceremony in order to keep it from melting in the warm breeze. As they landed he turned their gowns intangible, which fell to the ground to reveal Sam in the red and black dress that she had planned to wear to the after-party, and Danny in an immaculate tux.

He reached into his pocket, and got down on one knee.

"Samantha Manson," he said in confident tones. "Will you marry me?"


It's finally finished! Sorry it took so long to finally write this epilogue but life kinda got in the way... Good news though! I'm off to med school this year! YAY! Hope this wasn't a too soppy ending - I wanted it at least to be happy.