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Note: Takaimono Gakuen can be directly translated to English as Expensive Things School/Academy. I just randomly came up with it when I tried to figure out a name for the school.

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Chapter 1

Vacations around the world?

Brand name designer clothes?

Luxury sports cars?

Why are these people so filthy rich? Fifteen-year-old Kurosaki Ichigo held onto his orange hair as he agonizingly was forced to listen to the chit chat among the students sitting around him before class started.

"My Prada bag fell on the ground so I went to Paris last weekend to pick up their latest design. I gave the old dirty one to the maid." A girl sitting behind him bragged to her fellow girl friends while showing off her new bag.

"Well Daddy just bought me these pair of diamond earrings while we were in the French Riviera to do some shopping. Just because my stepmom can get whatever she wants from him doesn't mean I can't either." Ichigo grimaced as the girl group all laughed simultaneously in their snotty nosed type of way.

"Check it out." Ichigo's ears picked up the voices from a group of guys diagonally from him. "This watch can not only tell time but there's high speed wi-fi internet access and I can make phone calls through it too. It only cost a little more than the apartments that my father rents out to the peasants." More snobby laughter from the rich boys could be heard.

It had only been four weeks since Ichigo started attending the exclusive private Takaimono Gakuen but he felt as if these four weeks were more like four long decades of pain. But every day he would remind himself he was only there to take advantage of the highest education that was offered to him. He stayed to himself and only conversed with students on school matters when he had to. He was definitely not there to mingle in with the teens of high society to become something he wasn't: a wealthy spoiled brat.

If it weren't for the school's uniform dress code, any one could easily pinpoint him as the only poor person in the student body. At Takaimono 99.9 of the students had parents who were part of the top tier of Japan's wealthiest. Only the offspring of the cream of the crop in the entire country were capable of getting into this school. In Ichigo's case, he was a rarity among them all.

His family consisted of his father and two younger twin sisters who all worked in order to help pay off the tuition at Takaimono. Even though Ichigo's exceptional grades from Junior High enabled him to get a scholarship to pay for most of the fees at Takaimono, there was still a hefty amount of fees that had to come out of his family's pockets. Ichigo could remember it clearly in his head the day he received his acceptance letter:

'Oh Ichigooooooooooooooo! You have a letter from Takaimono! OH, and it's a thick one!' Ichigo's father Isshin tumbled into Ichigo's room carrying an envelope that was indeed thick. His act of tumbling knocked over a lamp stand in the process.

Although he was trying to hide his excitement, Ichigo knocked his father upside the head for breaking his lamp and grabbed the envelope from his hands. Isshin rubbed his head ruefully as his son ripped open the envelope to reveal its contents inside. A quick scan of the letter revealed that he was accepted into Takaimono Gakuen.

'I'm so proud of you my son!' Isshin yelled out in glee with tears in his eyes. 'The first Kurosaki to make it into Takaimono! This is a remarkable feat! Yuzu! Karin! Your brother's been accepted to Takaimono!'

Ichigo's little sisters appeared quickly in his room to congratulate their brother. 'Ichi-nii this is wonderful! My friends will be so awed when I tell them you've been accepted!' Sweet Yuzu said happily with her hands clasped together.

'Way to go, Ichi!' Karin gave her brother a high five. 'Hanging out with the rich kids!'

'Yes, yes! I'm going to tell my co-workers right now that my son is going to Takaimono!' Isshin exclaimed and almost bounced out the room.

'Wait, Dad.' Ichigo said to stop him from calling his co-workers. He handed Isshin another piece of paper from the packet. As his father read the listing of tuition fees they would have to cover, Ichigo announced that he wasn't going to accept. 'It's a ridiculous amount of money that you can't afford, Dad. I was hoping that the scholarship would cover everything but apparently they want to rob us of more money. There's no way I can attend this school.'

In under a second Isshin had tears in his eyes as he looked at his son. 'No! You can't be unselfish! You must go, son! I can't let you pass up this chance! I will work extra shifts to afford this. Don't worry we'll make ends meet.'

'But I can't let you do that. You still have to provide for Yuzu and Karin-'

'We'll help pay for your tuition, Ichi-ni.' Yuzu said and patted her brother's shoulder for reassurance.

'Yeah, we'll find a job and work every day after school. You'll be fine.' Karin smiled at Ichigo and gave him a thumbs up.

Ichigo stood there shocked but shook his head. He felt worse then ever that even his little sisters would sacrifice their free time just to help him pay for school. 'No, no! There's no way I'm jeopardizing your time after school just so I can go to Takaimono... OW!' In one swift motion Isshin smacked his son on the head.

'I will not let you decline that offer from Takaimono. We all want to help you succeed so just let us.' He gave Ichigo a pat on the head which triggered Ichigo to glare at him. 'You're going to Takaimono and that's that. No more on this matter.'

Ichigo sighed as he recalled it from his memory. I only have to put up with it for four more years and then I'll leave and be able to repay my debt to my family.

The door to the classroom opened and his first period teacher entered. Glad that the students finally ended their chatter, Ichigo proceeded to open his books and do the only thing he enjoyed doing at this school. Learning.

"Now to find the answer just take the derivative of the denominator and then take the limit of the answer as it goes to infinity. After that you'll be able to see clearly what direction the line in the graph heads towards. Then-"

The teacher was interrupted when a student ran down the hallway outside the classroom yelling out continuously, "IT'S A RED NOTICE! KIRA IZURU HAS RECEIVED A RED NOTICE! ATTENTION, A RED NOTICE!"

There were quick whispers around the classroom before all the students ignored the teacher's lecture and bolted out the classroom in a stampede. Shockingly the teacher couldn't help himself and followed the students out also.

After the dust cleared, Ichigo was the only one left in the classroom. He was the only one who wanted to figure out the math problem but to his dismay there was no teacher present to teach it to him. He grumbled and threw his pencil down in annoyance. "Not again."

Ichigo had only seen part of these "red notice" incidents once during his first week of school. He left in disgust when he witnessed a moment of it and he didn't want to witness it again. He buried his head in his schoolwork and waited until the entire ruckus died down. He knew it would take quite a while.

Kira Izuru stood in front of his locker, mouth open agape in utter fright. Hanging like his own death sentence, an ominous sheet of red paper hung inside his locker. On it in simple black bold capital letters read 'S4'. He wanted to run but he could already hear the yelling behind him of the snitch who always was informed first of red notices. Running now would mean earlier capture by the student body.

Izuru's throat quickly dried out when he heard it. The footsteps of his inevitable fate approached him and he wanted to scream out but was paralyzed with fear. He was pushed and prodded by students he didn't know and even students he thought were his friends. They yelled at him and cruelly threw eggs at him until he was covered from head to toe in sticky egg yolk.

Then he felt hands push him toward the large cafeteria where he fell upon the floor. Izuru managed to cover himself from more egg attacks until it stopped to students yelling at him and calling him names he didn't even know existed in the Japanese language.

After a few minutes the shouting died down to a whisper from one student to the next. Izuru knew better than anyone that his torture wasn't over. He closed his eyes, afraid to look. He heard them strolling in at a casual pace. The closer they got the more his breathing quickened. He heard them stop right in front of him and shut his eyes tighter, ready for the hit.

But it didn't come. Not at that moment any way.

"Open your eyes." Izuru slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the female speaker. "Hi, remember me? You bumped into me when I was walking down the hallway. Remember?" She smiled sweetly at him, a true façade from her true personality.

She was Kuchiki Rukia, leader of S4 or Shinigami Four a name fitting for those who dealt with matters in life or death. S4 were the elite of the elite and due to their parents' constant funding of Takaimono, the school was basically theirs to control. Takaimono was not a school for them but more like their own empire. Unlike every other student they were excused from donning the usual uniform and wore only the most expensive clothes they could have. Every student knew that S4 was a force not to be reckoned with.

Aside from being S4's leader, Kuchiki Rukia was undoubtedly the wealthiest person in the school. Being an heir to the Kuchiki International Trading Corporation earned her status among the richest families in Japan and the world. Miss Kuchiki's petite form and seemingly sweet demeanor contradicted her reputation as the toughest girl in school. The result of past red notices proved this through and through.

Izuru nodded at her question. "Yes… I-I'm sorry."

"Good." She said to Izuru and looked him straight in the eyes. "But next time leave your eyes open. I can't beat up someone who's coward enough to close their eyes." And with one swift motion, she kicked him straight in the stomach causing the crowd to cheer in unison.

Izuru doubled over in pain. That shit hurt especially since she was wearing pointed toe heels. She was about to turn him over with her foot to repeat the action but was stopped when a hand was placed upon her shoulder.

"Don't bother dirtying your shoes, Rukia." The male who stopped her said. "I'll kick the shit out of him first then make him lick the yolk off your and my shoes."

Abarai Renji was something of a secondhand man to Rukia. Although not as wealthy as Rukia, Renji still had an infinite amount of funds at his disposal. He was the son of a businessman who was entrusted with money making decisions that fueled the Japanese economy. Since he and Rukia were friends since childhood, he was fiercely loyal to her. But his true intended feelings for her were never reciprocated because she always thought of him as a brother first and foremost. It took him some time to finally realize this and accept it as a fact.

Renji took aim and delivered a hard kick to Izuru's shins. Izuru yelled out in pain only to be silenced by more cheers from the crowd.

"Renji-kun, don't stain your shoes too much. I hear egg yolk can leave leather very worn." Another female voice aside from Rukia was heard.

Inoue Orihime slightly winced from the sight before her as her friend drew another kick to Izuru. Orihime was regarded as the nicest member of S4 and at first many were confused why she was in the group. Like Renji, Orihime was friends with Rukia ever since they were children. Due to many outings their families shared together, Orihime was regarded as Rukia's best friend. As much as she tried to change Rukia's mean streak to others, it was always to no avail. Orihime's family was closely related to the royal family of Japan but most of her family's wealth came from their privately owned technological research companies.

Orihime winced once again when Renji grabbed Izuru by the collar and punched the side of his face.

"Pfft, he's doing it all wrong." Orihime turned to look down at the person beside her who said this.

Silver haired Hitsugaya Toshirou was the youngest member of S4 and the youngest student in Takaimono. His wealth stemmed from his family's underground yakuza syndicate which made him the most dangerous to deal with. His young, almost childlike outer appearance was fooling to any one's eyes but he could prove he knew more than the average 13-year-old. He was one of the few who made it to Takaimono based on his intelligence and not just his money. This uniqueness about him caught Rukia's interest the moment she met him and thus he was quickly included into the group.

After an excruciatingly long 7 minutes, Rukia stopped Renji's harassment of Izuru. Izuru lay on the ground with multiple bruises on his face and a few broken bones that would take months to heal.

"Okay, this is done. Every one can go back to whatever the hell they were doing." Rukia yelled out to crowd and motioned for everyone to leave. After everyone was out of sight, she bent down to Izuru who was still lying on the floor but miraculously conscious after his beating. "I hope you've learned your lesson. I would hate to stain my shoes again." She gave him another smile that was sickeningly sweeter than the first and got up to leave, the rest of S4 following closely behind.

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