Hello all! It sure has been a while. I haven't forgotten about neither you nor my story. I've just been super busy!

First note: If you have noticed in any of the chapters that the plotline doesn't make sense (i.e. when Donna leaves the party in CH. 4 in Claire's car, and then all of a sudden she's sitting on her bed) this is not an oversight on my part. I promise that it makes sense. Whenever I uploaded the chapters, I was unaware that my line breaks/dividers weren't showing up when I uploaded them… so, yeah. Those are actually time lapses. Just try to bear with me. I'll be utilizing a different technique in the upcoming chapters that will fix this problem.

Second note: Reviewers! Few and far between you may be, you have been reviewing. I appreciate that. For my responses:

lila: I see where you're coming from, but this is loosely based on the movie. This is my idea of how the relationship sparked up, and what I believe Mr. Fenton's personality/attitude to be. It'll be exciting, I promise.

Thanks for hanging in there. A new chapter is on its way very shortly!