How Could This Happen To Me

Chapter 1

This is my version of what I want to happen after watching the first Episode of Season six of One Tree Hill. Might have spoilers. You have been warned. Summery. Lucas chose Peyton and they ran off to Vegas while gone. Brooke was attacked and raped. She needs Lucas now more then ever. Will she let him be there for wills she shut him out? How will Peyton play into to all of this please read and find out. This will be a Brucas Story and Rated R if you don't like that then don't read. I need to say thank you to new beta toddntan for helping me with this and helping put the new idea in my head for part of this plot. This is a rewrite of my frist chapter please read.

Haley hung up her cell and placed it on the island as Nathan walked into the kitchen. He looked over and saw the look of worry on Haley's face. "Hales what is wrong?" He asks her as he walks over to her and pulls her into his arms.

Haley slides her arms around his waist and hugs him back. Then pulls back and looks up at him. "I have been trying go get a hold of Brooke all night and again this morning. She was suppose to come over this morning and take Jamie to school and never showed up. I called her house she didn't answer there. I tried the store and she is not answering there. I tired her cell Nathan she is not answering it. This is not like Brooke." Haley said with a worried look on her face.

Nathan watched his wife and saw how worried she was about Brooke and he agreed with her. It was not like Brooke. "You are right that is not like Brooke." He said running a hand through his hair just as Skills walked into the kitchen. He knew Brooke would have miss a day or morning with his son.

Skills had come over to catch a ride to work with Nathan since his car was broke down and caught the end of what Nathan was saying. "What's not like Brooke?" He asked them as he walked over and hugged Haley and then looked over at Nathan. Haley told him what was going on. Deb walked into the kitchen and caught what they were talking about.

Deb knows that Brooke would never miss a moment with Jamie. "Your right, that is not like Brooke at all. Nathan you and Haley go to Clothes over Bro's and Skills and I will go to Brooke's place." She said worried about Brooke just as much as the rest of them were.

Haley nodded her head and took Nathan's hand and they left the house. "Nathan what if something has happened to Brooke?" She asked him as the drove across town to Brooke's store. She was really worried about her best friend. Brooke has been so distant and upset since Angie left and then Peyton and Lucas up and took off. Then her mom showed back up and wants to take her company from her and then Millicent and Mouth left. Haley had not idea how much more Brooke could take. She was really worried about Brooke.

Nathan was thinking the same thing as Haley. "Hales don't think like that Brooke is strong. She is alright." He told Haley hoping he was right. They pulled up in front of Brooke's store and got out and walked in. Haley gasped at what she saw and grabbed Nathan's arm and looked up at him. The hold store was a mess. Shelves were broken, the couch over turned. There were cloths ripped thrown all over the place. The mannequins and racks has been knocked over and broken.

They walked over behind the counter and Haley gasped as tears filled her eyes. "Nathan call 911." She said as she froze in place. Curled up in ball shaking was Brooke. She was beaten, covered in buries, cuts and her dress tore and hanging from her body.

Nathan saw Brooke and did what Haley told him to do. "Brooke it's me Nathan and Haley." Nathan said as he hung up his phone and took a step towards Brooke. Only to have Brooke try to curl up in a smaller ball and try to get away from them. Haley had never seen Brooke like this. She looked so small, scared, fragile and was shivering. She was in shock. "Brooke it is me Haley. Sweetie we are not going to hurt you. Please let me help you." Haley said as she took a step closer to Brooke.

Brooke finally looked up at Haley with fear in her eyes. It was a look that Haley would never forget as long as Haley lived. Brooke had not idea how long she had been there. She didn't care she just knew as long as she did not move he would not come back and hurt her again. She was so scared he was going to came back. "No you have to leave. If he comes back he will hurt all of us." She told them as panic and fear filled her eyes. What if he came back and hurt them? She felt so dirty and was so scared. She tired to move but it hurt to much. She could not understand why he had hurt her? What did she do to him, for him to do this to her? "Why, Haley? He hurt me Haley?" She said as tears filled her eyes and slid down her face.

Haley knelt down in front of Brooke trying to keep her fear at bay. She knew she needed to be strong for Brooke. She could tell by the blood on Brooke's legs that had happened. "Brooke honey no one is going to hurt you know. We won't let that happen. Brooke I need you to tell me what happen. Who did this to you?" She asked as she places a hand on Brooke shoulder. Brooke flinched but did not pull away. Brooke shook her head as she started to rock back and forth in the corner.

Nathan knew Brooke needed to get to the hospital now. They could not wait for the police any longer. Deb and Skills come running into the store. Nathan told them what happen. Deb looked over the counter at Brooke in shock. She has known Brooke since she was a little girl. She had never seen Brooke like this.

"We need to get her to the hospital now. Haley and I are going to take her. Can you stay here and wait for the police. There is been some kind of accident on the high way they don't know when they are going to be here. She can't wait for them." He said trying to keep his cool. Brooke was like a little sister to him. He had never seen her like this before and it scared the hell out of him. He slowly walked over to Brooke worried that he would scare her. "Hey Brookie, Let Haley and I help you please. Brooke let us help you please? He begged as he knelt down in front of her. He slowly took off his hoodie. "Brooke I am going to wrap this around you. Then I am going to pick you up and take you out of here. Alright we won't let him hurt you. I promise Brooke you are safe now." He said as he wrapped the hoodie around Brooke and then picked her up.

Brooke let Nathan pick her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Nathan where is Lucas? He said he would always save me and he didn't? Why didn't he save me? Why Nathan?" She asked Nathan as he carried her to the car and placed her in the back seat with Haley. Brooke laid her head in Haley's laps and starred off into space. Brooke retreated into her self. They pulled up front of the hospital and carried Brooke inside. A nurse took one look at them and comes running over. They give the nurse the info they had on Brooke and what they thought had happened to Brooke.

Nathan and Haley paced the hospital waiting room waiting for the doctor to come out. "Nathan what are we going to do? How are we suppose to help her?" Haley asked as she looked over at her husband not having any idea what to do.

Nathan pulled Haley into his arms and kissed the top of her head. "I don't know Haley but we will find away. I think we need to call Lucas and Peyton again. Haley do you have any idea what Brooke was talking about when she asked me why Lucas didn't save her?" He asked Haley as he pulled out his cell and called his brother.. It went straight to voice mail. "Luke when you get this call me it's an emergency." He said as he shut off his phone.

Haley hung up her phone and shook her head. "I can't get a hold of Peyton either. To answer you question no. I have no idea what she was talking about." Haley said as the doctor came out.

He walked over to them. "You two brought in Brooke Davis?" He asked them as he closed Brooke's chart and looked at them sadly. "Brooke as some bruised ribs. Two black eyes some cuts and bit marks that are deep and bruises and I am afraid she was raped. She is in shock. We have given her the morning after pill and some other meds for pain and something for her to sleep. That should kick in about the time you get her home. We did a rape kit and the police have it. She can't be alone right now and is going to need someone to talk to. Here is a card of a great rape counselor. Brooke is in for a long rode to recover mentally and physically. She is really going to need her friends and family right now." He told them wishing he could do more to help them and Brooke.

Haley looked over at Nathan. Then back at the doctor. "She can come and stay with us. We will take care of her We are her friends and family." Haley said having no idea how they were suppose to do this but knowing they needed to. She really wished Lucas would call them back. She needed him now more then ever. Haley knew that Brooke loved Lucas and she needed him. They went and got Brooke and took her back to their house. They pulled up to find Skills and Deb already there.

Nathan got out of the car and got Brooke out and carried her into the living room and laid her down on the couch. Jamie come running in. "Daddy, your home." He yelled only to have Haley grab him.

"Jamie I need you to be quite." She said as she knelt down in front of him and turned him to face her when she realized that he was looking over at Brooke.

"Mommy what happen to Aunt Brooke?" Jamie asked as he looked over at him mom. He knows his Aunt Brooke was hurt.

"Jamie honey someone attacked Aunt Brooke and hurt." She told him.

He shook his head trying to understand why any one would hurt his Aunt Brooke. "Where was Uncle Lucas? He is supposed to save Aunt Brooke. He promised he would save Aunt Brooke." Jamie said to Haley as angry tears filled his eyes and started to run down his little face.

Haley looked at Jamie and then up at Nathan, Deb and Skills they were starring at Jamie in surprise. "Jamie what do you mean Uncle Lucas is suppose to save Aunt Brooke?" Haley asked him as she reach out and wiped the tears from his face.

Jamie pulled away from her Jamie walked over to Brooke and sat down next to her. He reached out ran a hand over Brooke's hair. Like she did to him when he was scared or hurt. "Uncle Lucas told me a story once. That after Uncle Keith died he and Aunt Brooke promised to save each other. He was supposed to save her. She loves Uncle Lucas. He is supposed to save her." He said a he looked up at his parents. He might be five but he knew that his Aunt Brooke loved his Uncle Lucas and that he loved her. He could not understand why his Uncle Lucas was not there.

A Week later.

Lucas and Peyton got back in town they had been gone a week and had shut off there phones so they could block out the rest of the world. "So are you ready to go and tell everyone that we are getting married?" Lucas asked Peyton as he pulled her to him and kissed her on her forehead and smiled down at her.

Peyton smiled up at him and nodded her head. She could not wait to tell Brooke and Haley about the engagement and the time she spent with Lucas. She never thought she could be this happy again. "Let's go and see Haley and Nathan and tell them first." She said as they walked out to Lucas's car and got in.

"Call Brooke and ask her to meet us there and we can tell them at once." He said as he started the car and headed for Nathan and Haley's.

Peyton did what Lucas said. "She didn't answer so I left her a message asking her to meet up there." She said as they pulled up in front of Nathan and Haley's a few minutes later. They got out and walked into the house hand and hand.

They walked into the living room and froze in there tracked when they saw Haley and Nathan sitting there with Brooke. Nathan took on look at Lucas and got up and grabbed him by the shirt. "You stupid son of a bitch, Do you ever check your phone at all? Do you even care what the hell is going on around here? Do you care about any of us at all or now that you are back with Peyton the rest of us don't matter. Is it to hell with the rest of us? Is that what it is Lucas?" Nathan all but yelled back him as he shoved Lucas out of the living room with Haley and Peyton hot on their tail. Haley trying to pull Nathan off of Lucas.

Lucas looked at his brother in surprise and horror he had never seen Nathan this made before. Nathan let go of Lucas and turned away from him and Peyton as he tired to get his anger under control. "What is going on Haley" Lucas asked as he ran a hand over his face.

Haley shot Lucas and Peyton a dirty look. Just as Jamie come running into the house. He took one look at Lucas and ran at him. He started kicking him in the shines and hitting him. "You promised to save her, you promised and you lied. You promised. I hate you" Jamie yelled at him as Haley pulled away from Nathan and ran to her son.

She pulled Jamie away from Lucas and held him in her arms. "Jamie baby I need you to go in and sit with Aunt Brooke." She said as she watched Lucas rub his leg and stomach were Jamie had kicked and hit him.

Lucas wondered what the hell was going on. "Will you please tell me why my five year old nephew just attacked me and told me that he hated me and why Nathan is so pissed off at me?" He demanded as Peyton placed a hand on his shoulder.

Haley watched Jamie leave the room then looked over at Peyton and Lucas. "You want to know what is to going on then why the fuck don't you answer your phones. Do we matter so little to you Lucas now that you have decided that you had to be Peyton? That you couldn't even answer you damn phone." Haley said to him as tears filled her eyes.

Peyton was confused she thought Haley would be happy for them. "We thought you would be happy for us. We shut our phones off so we could be alone. What was so damn important that we needed to have them on for?" She asked in a bitchy tone as she shot Haley a dirty look.

Nathan wrapped his arms around a crying Haley and pulled her to him. "If you had bother to answer your phones you would know your best friend was attacked a week ago Peyton. Brooke was attacked and raped. She needed you two and you two could care less about any one but your self's." He said to them as he ran a hand through his hair and rubbed Haley's back.

Lucas fell back again the wall. Now it made since. What Jamie said to him. Brooke needed him to save her and he was not there. He was off with Peyton like always. He never put Brooke first, it was always Peyton. He ran a hand over his face.

Peyton didn't know what to say. She looked over at Haley and Nathan. "How is she doing?" Peyton asked them as she looked into the living room.

Haley laughed at Peyton's question. "How stupid are you Peyton? She was attacked in her own store and raped. She won't eat anything. The only person she has said more then five words to since this happened is Jamie. She won't sleep and when she does she waked up screaming. She needed you two and you two were too wrapped up in each other to care." Haley said to Peyton wanting to hit Peyton but know that it would do know good.

Peyton looked at Haley with tears in her eyes. "I do care about Brooke. She is my best friend. I do care about her." She told Haley as she ran a hand through her hair. Not understanding why Haley was so angry at them. She was suppose to be Luke's best friend.

Haley shot Peyton a dirty look as she ran a hand through her hair. She let her anger take over. "You care so much for Brooke that you are always playing on her insecurities and you are never there for her when she needed you. You are not her best friend. You are selfish and self centered bitch." Haley yelled at her stepped forward and slapped Peyton. "I can't stand the sight of you right now." Haley yelled at them as she went to slap Peyton again only Nathan grabbed her before she could.

Lucas reach out and pulled Peyton against him as Nathan grabbed Haley. He had no idea what was going on or why Haley was angry with Peyton. "Haley chill out and what the hell is going on why are you so angry with Peyton?" He asked as he looked down at a crying Peyton.

Haley let out a groan of frustration. "You as so dense Lucas. You can see what is right in front of your eyes. Think about it. When is the only time Brooke has ever really been mad at Peyton and think about why that was. Then you think about why Brooke would have broken up with you in high school when she was so in love with you. Think about it." Haley told him as she pulled away from Nathan. "I am done. I want the two of you out of my house and stay the hell away from me my family." She yelled at Lucas then turned and looked at Peyton. "And you stay the hell away from Brooke or I will tell Lucas your dirty little secret Peyton." Haley said as she walked over to the front door and opened it. "Now both of you get the hell out." She told them as she waited for them to leave.

Lucas looked down to see that Peyton had turned white as a sheet at Haley's threat. He wondered what Haley was talking about and what he was missing. Brooke as told him that she stopped loving him. He had no idea what was going on. He had never seen Haley this mad or this upset before. He sighed and ran a hand though his hair. "Peyton lets just go for now." He said not wanting to up set Haley any more.

Peyton looked up at Lucas and sighed knowing that if Lucas knew what she had done in high school that might lose him.. She was relieved when Lucas said lets go. She nodded her head and they walked towards the door. Peyton turned to say something to Haley but she slammed the door in Peyton and Luke's face.