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Maybe This is Love - Varsity

A/N: Hmph. Boredom is fun. This is mainly a Kanda x Allen story however it will become a love triangle with... :D MEEE!! No. But with some guy you guys will probably figure out by the name of BLAHHH :D

Pairings for this chapter in chronological order: Lavi x Allen, Road x Allen, Kanda x Allen

x Allen's Absolute Boyfriend x

x Maybe This Is Love x

"Crap! I'm going to be late, again!" Allen cried as he grabbed his bag and rushed out the front door.

"Late again," Lavi mumbled waiting outside Allen's door.

Allen blushed and kept on walking. His destination: The Bus Stop. He was going to beat the harassing Lavi there.

Lavi, however, beat Allen. They sat together silently next to each other on the bus.

After a few minutes, the bus rolled into Hoshino Koukou and students flocked to the smart school.

Hoshino Koukou was an academically selective high school that the rich and powerful went to, that was why it was called "The Star's High School" when translated into English.

The place was dazzling and no poor or poverty stricken person could afford to go there... except Allen.

Allen had won a scholarship to the school for getting one hundred percent in every subject in a test.

He decided to try out for Hoshino Koukou because his childhood friend and neighbour also went there.

Lavi was two years older than Allen and he was also a senior at Hoshino Koukou.

Even though Allen had been at Hoshino for six months, it felt like years to him.

Lavi had the immaturity levels of a child but could be serious and sensible at the right times. Lavi wasn't the most popular guy, but he could be.

The 'King' of Hoshino was surprisingly Allen's best friend – Tyki Mikk. He was good looking and a huge hit on the ladies.

However, Allen liked Tyki more than Lavi, because he could trust Tyki with is innermost secrets...

Time had passed, Allen had fallen asleep in classes more often than Lavi (which was a lot.)

It was finally the moment Allen had been waiting for all day.

He was going to confess to the 'Queen' of Hoshino – Road Camelot.

"Go on," nudged a winking Tyki as he walked away towards the bus stop.

Allen blushed and stumbled towards the never-ending road of cars. He searched for a parked red Porsche.

Finally, after a torturing search, he found his crush.

Road was leaning coolly on her car.

"Road!" Allen called.

Road turned around briefly looking at Allen and replied, " Yeah?"

Allen blushed deeply before saying in a single breath," Ilikeyou."

"Beg your pardon?" she asked politely.

Allen gulped and said, "I like you.

"Eto. Sumimasen, watashi wa Tyki-san ga daisuki des. Watashi wa anata ga daikirai des. Gomen ne. Jya." Road talked in fluent Japanese, before entering her Porsche.

Allen didn't understand anything that Road had just said but he knew that one of the sentences was about Tyki.

Road drove off quickly, while Allen stood there wondering about what she had said.

Damn. I knew I should've took Japanese as an elective. Or at least studied it.

Allen silently cursed himself.

But she probably rejected me. I always get rejected after all.

Allen sighed.

Whenever, he confessed, he would always be rejected in the end. After all, Allen wasn't popular like Tyki.

Allen caught the last bus – there was no one from Hoshino Koukou left.

Am I going to be loveless forever? Allen asked silently.

He dozed off into a daydream.

"Pandora's Park"

Allen stopped daydreaming and looked around.

He was meant to get off at Pinehurst Plaza but he was a stop ahead – meaning he had to walk through the park till he arrived at the Plaza.

Allen quickly got off the bus, thanked the bus driver and entered the park.

Allen hated the park... because... it was filled with kissing couples and hugging lovers.

Even the birds were pecking each other – in love or in war, Allen didn't know.

Everyone seemed to be happily in love, except Allen.

It was as if God was laughing at Allen for getting rejected... again.

Allen angrily, stomped through the park following and only looking at the path.

Stupid damned lovers Allen thought furiously.

Allen neared the plaza... before he was stopped by a stranger.

"Excuse me. You look like the loveless type of person. Do you want a lover?" the funny looking man asked.

He was wearing glasses and a lab coat making him look like a smart scientist.

"Yes!" Allen spluttered out, still in daydream mode.

Crap! Why did I just tell this stranger that I wanted a lover? Allen thought furious at himself.

"Very well. Please visit this place as soon as you can," the stranger said, "it'll answer all your problems."

Allen nodded not believing anything this stranger was saying.

Allen walked off and took the fastest route towards his house.

He had a house all to himself because his parents were travelling around the world, doing something. Allen wasn't exactly rich, because he had to work at Liberté Cafe, but he fared well without his parents.

Allen paused in front of his door and bent down to get his key under the doormat, then he opened the door.

Allen walked into the empty space.

He was incredibly bored, he had homework, but he didn't feel like doing it. He never did.

Glancing down, he looked at the card the stranger had given him.

He felt as if it the address was mocking him:

32 Loved Boulevard.

Why the hell did I come here? Allen thought hesitantly.

He had come to the address on the card.

The building was strange, it was tall and large, totally different to the surrounding buildings.

He cautiously entered it as the glass doors slid open. The building was extremely high tech.

2nd Floor

Allen looked around for an elevator or stairs.

Close by, there was a large glass lift. Allen slowly entered the lift.

Why are there no people here?

He pressed 2.

In a second, he was at his floor.

"Welcome!" the weird scientist that he had met earlier greeted him happily. "Come in! Please take a seat!"

The scientist offered him a chair in front of a computer. Behind his computer there were two other scientists.

Allen sat down on the comfortable chair.

"Please look here," a dull and bored scientist asked politely.

Allen looked at him.


The camera had taken a picture of Allen.

"Okay. First, I'll ask you a series of questions. And you'll click your preference on the computer. Now," the scientist said in an amused tone.

"Your perfect lovers smile is : A) Cool, B) Refreshing, C) Eerie, D) Never seen."

A) Cool.

"Your perfect lovers jealousy level is : A)A little jealous, B) Hardly jealous, C) Very jealous, D)Cold."

A) A little jealous.

"Your perfect lovers eyes makes you: A) Smile, B) Daydream, C) Fall in love, D) Suicidal."

C) Fall in love.

"Your perfect lovers intelligence is: A) High, B) Low, C) Normal, D) Super Nerd."

C) Normal.

"Your perfect lovers sexual preference is: A) Adventuresome, B) Slightly Adventuresome, C) Normal D) Hates sex."

Allen blushed at this but pressed : B) Slightly Adventuresome.

"Your perfect lovers trustworthiness is : A) Reliable, B) Unreliable, C) Normal, D) Horrible."

A) Reliable.

"Your perfect lover is: A) Very friendly, B) Friendly, C) Normal, D) Unfriendly."

C) Normal.

"Your perfect lovers arguments are: A) Strong, B) Weak, C) Normal, D) Irrelevant."

A) Strong.

"Your perfect lovers body type is: A) Muscular, B) Skinny, C) Model, D) Normal."

C) Model

"Now you can type in any additional requests for your perfect lover and anything about you that you like."

Allen started typing, "Someone who can cook delicious food for me. Someone who is loyal and faithful. Someone who understands and cares. Someone who's talented and can play many instruments and be creative. Someone who can do my homework and get full marks. Someone sweet and compassionate. Someone nice. Someone that'll like me for who I am."

Allen continued typing and ended up typing two thousand and nine words.

"Now please choose your perfect lovers face from this page."

Allen scrolled down the long list of pictures. All of them looked like men.

They can't think I'm gay...

But luckily, he found a picture that looked feminine and clicked it.

"Thank you for cooperating with Black Order. With this, your life has changed."

The scientists stood up and escorted Allen back to the door of the building.

"You will receive your perfect lover tomorrow."

The scientist motioned for Allen to leave. Allen walked back home wondering what the hell had happened.

He fell asleep when he arrived home.

Allen woke up. He had a nice dream about robots attacking elves. He got ready for school – brushed his teeth and washed his face, put his uniform on – but there was a knock on the door.

Allen, after changing, walked towards the door and asked, " Lavi?"

No reply.

Allen opened the door.

Outside were two delivery men with a clipboard and a large box.

"Sir or Madam. This box is from Black Order. Please sign here." One of the people said shoving the clipboard in Allen's face.

He hastily signed it, curious about what was in the box. The delivery men towed the large box into Allen's cramped living room and walked off.

Allen closed the door, then he went back to the box and opened it carefully.

Inside was a girl?

Or maybe this was a guy?

This thing had black, long hair and a soft face, he or maybe she looked Japanese.

Allen, cautiously, poked this thing in the shoulder.

Yes. This thing was naked. And it was really soft.

Allen eyed an instruction booklet and opened it, "To start the lover robot up, you need to kiss it on the lips."

Allen blushed and kept on reading.

"If you are having any problems with your ideal boyfriend please call 9732-1423."

Wha?! Ideal boyfriend?

Allen quickly grabbed his cellphone and dialed the number.

"Hello? Komui Lee speaking from Black Order. How may I help you?" the voice asked.

"Well. I got my lover but it says in the instruction booklet that its a boy."

"Well. You are our first customer. And you did look like a girl Allen. So of course, but it's just a small mistake."

"So do I get to switch it?"

"No. It's a free three day trial. So just use him as an electrical appliance but are you sure its a him? Have you checked?"

"Well... it's features look manly so I thought -"

"Right. Well. Go check if it has a penis."

Allen blushed when the man said the word and stuttered into the phone, "But-"

Komui had hung up.

Allen sighed heavily.

He might as well check. He looked down the robots body... to the area.

"Yep. That's a ..."

What the hell am I saying?

Allen sighed.

An electrical appliance, huh?

Allen did need someone to wash the dishes and do his homework anyway.

Allen lent in towards this beautiful robot... and kissed it.

To Be Continued

A/N: I'm not going to tell you what Road said, if you can't understand it, because it's part of the plot.

And I didn't want to write 'penis' but I had to make Komui sound professional.