The thick layering of dust blanketing the floor of the ruins had not been stirred for several months; the humans' had not taken a few of them away as was the annual ritual yet this year

The thick layering of dust blanketing the floor of the ruins had not been stirred for several months; the humans' had not taken a few of them away as was the annual ritual yet this year. Unbeknown to them, this was a mere three weeks away.

But their usually simple lives, which were not shaken as they had been the first few times by this event, were to be struck by a much more serious tragedy.

He was one of the prototype Shadow Pokemon, his fur not yet purple, but his eyes black as the sky on the night he arrived, his pupils as red as the blood he would spill that very evening. The only thing that showed he wasn't a real creature other than those terrible eyes, was the evil in his heart that played upon his face like a dark shadow.

Otherwise he looked like any other Persian. He had a stout, muzzled face with a few thick whiskers, a red gem on his forehead, a tail that coiled at the end slightly, and creamy, thick fur, except for the tips of his rounded ears, which were black and silky. Muscles rippled under his fur as he dragged himself through the forest; he could not walk properly; but he sure knew how to kill.

He crawled up the stairs of the ruins that looked like a jagged brown tooth sticking out of a forest of sturdy, ancient green fir trees, his fur drenched in a reeking mixture of his own blood and the mud that he dragged his twisted body through. Saliva dripped down his creamy coloured chest, an uncontrollable disadvantage of having been born of some twisted human's desire to play Aruceus.

The eerie purple light drew him on, beckoning, giving him false hopes of something good to eat in there. He was pleased with his discovery, his evil mind already fantasizing over rich, tasty meat.

But what was this? He could sense them, flitting about in their ancient home, yet he could not smell any meat. This seemed strange to him; he had taken a few lives before, and he had always smelt their meat, and sometimes their electricity.

He had barely any electricity himself. His only feelings consisted of hunger and bloodlust.

The light grew brighter as he dragged himself up the stairs. Eventually, he entered the ancient room, tainting the stone floor with the blood that oozed from his mouth uncontrollably.

The purple light engulfed him, revealing his twisted and pitiful form to the room of Unown. They watched him with blankly coloured, slightly surprised eyes.

He rolled on his back, cackling emptily, clawing aimlessly in their direction.

One of them floated forwards. It had a definite air of power around it, like some sort of unofficial leader. When this Unown spoke in his head, he was sure of the fact that it was male, and of a great age.

"Persian, why do you disturb our peaceful harmony with your presence?"

He stopped, not answering, but the dangerous, sharp grin disappeared from his face.

"I'm waiting for a response,"

He did not answer.

"Are you incapable of speech?"

The grin returned, but this time it was mocking and snide. "Of course I can speak, you fool,"

The Unown's eyelid raised slightly, giving it an amused look. "You dare speak to a Guardian like that?"

The Persian laughed, spraying saliva and blood all over the ruin, letting the frothy pink filth drip down the walls. Some younger Unown recoiled slightly.

"Guardian? A small little wimp like you?"

The Unown sighed in his mind at the newcomer's disrespect. "Size means nothing in our world," He replied bleakly. "At least tell me your name,"

"Malvagat," he spat.

"See, that wasn't so hard, now was it?"

"Whatever," muttered Malvagat. "Care to tell me yours?"

The unown hesitated, wondering briefly if this was safe or not.

What harm could it possibly do? He's obviously not right in the head.

The young, J-shaped unown was suddenly by his side, his aura slightly arrogant.

Thankyou for that observation, Jowzie.

You're very welcome.

The older, A-shaped Unown would never admit it, but he appreciated Jowzie's advice.

"My name is Arianoc. I am no leader of the Unown, as I have noticed you have thought-"

"Ah, so the little creature can see my thoughts. How very clever," interrupted Malvagat.

Arianoc ignored this comment, and continued.

"-but simply a spokesperson, or rather, spokesunown,"

The group of Unown laughed, which was a disturbingly human noise for a bunch of hovering symbols with only one eye.

"Very funny," Scoffed Malvagat sarcastically.

"Well," Said Arianoc in a vast tone, "Are you going to leave, or are we going to have to remove you?"

"I haven't even had my dinner yet," Suggested Malvagat.

"Do we look like we have anything for you to eat?" piped up another Unown, a U-shaped female.

"Don't aggravate him, Uvona," Muttered Arianoc to the female.

"You are mistaken, Unown," Cackled Malvagat. "You have something perfect for me to eat,"

His teeth dripped with blood and saliva as he advanced towards Uvona slowly. She slowly hovered backwards, looking anywhere she could except for into those awful, loathing eyes, off his terrible, rippling muscles.

"You keep those filthy claws off her," warned Yvnerdar, the male that was Uvona's mate.

"Why, would you rather me eat you instead?"

Yvnerdar gave off an angry, yet fearful aura. "You will spill the blood of no Unown tonight."

Malvagat's eyes narrowed, his whiskers trembling with anticipation. "Think again."

And he pounced.

The Unown moved in a frantic manner, like ants before the rain. One put up a psychic wall to protect Yvnerdar from harm, but Malvagat ripped it like tissue paper.

"This creature has been influenced by Dark forces. Dark types surpass Psychic energy," Arianoc reminded them.

His advice came a few seconds too late. Malvagat's huge, cream coloured body struck Uvona and crunched her into the wall. Her screaming filled their minds, piercing them, but nothing could prevent the sound of Malvagat's twisted laughing echoing through the room.

As Uvona wailed, Yvnerdar hovered around Malvagat's head, hoping to distract him, for he could do nothing else for reasons Arianoc had mentioned. It was obvious he was distressed; a few tears trickled from his eye.


Malvagat's huge fangs crushed Uvona, her tiny body dangled limply from his jaws. Blood dripped down the mangled black form, mixing with the dust to make a disgusting crimson broth. The remaining Unown continued to pulse back and forwards, screaming in Malvagat's head; he shook his brutish head to clear his mind.

It didn't work, of course. Their horrified wails grew more and more piercing, until it became just a wave of static. Malvagat, who was a sensitve creature (not in the emotional sense, of course) could not handle their piercing screams any longer; he shook his victim, dropped her, and fumbled out the door, leaving only red froth and Uvona's mangled body to show that something malicious had happened there.