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Summary Notes: I somehow managed something between exam revision. Okay, I admit, I stole it off something else I was doing, which I'll hopefully have up and finished tomorrow...and then I can delude myself into thinking putting this snippet of it up will entice people to read Never Let You Go when I finish it after I do Geography.


"Nyah-nyah, can't catch me, Tsunade-hi-yeouch!"

"What was that, baka?"

"Uh...rape! RAPE! RAAAAPE!"

Tsunade stared incredulously at her friend - turned prey - turned apparent rape victim, trying vainly to keep her anger in place so that she could pummel the hell out of him for being a pervert and slapping her behind again during a sparring match. Stupid baka, he didn't know when to quit pushing his luck.

Unfortunately, it was rather difficult to stay angry when he was...well...being a drama queen and screaming random crap like that. So much so, that the whole situation seemed hilariously laughable. And when he peered out over his arms from their protective position, the trapped deer look was enough for her to indeed burst into laughter. When he stared incredulously at her for that, she only giggled harder, sitting back.

"Uh...hime?" Jiraiya asked tentatively.

"What?" she said, still chuckling. Jiraiya shrugged one shoulder, blushing faintly as he did so.

"You might wanna get off me."

"Why? No one's around." The oh so innocent words were out of her mouth before she could think about them, and taking stock of the situation, it was Tsunade's turn to blush slightly. Curse the teenage mind, she groused mentally. She'd attacked Jiraiya heaps of times, and they'd ended up like this, but it was only now that she realised just how...provocative and...wrong, it would probably look these days if Orochimaru or someone witnessed the sight of Jiraiya flat on the ground with her straddling him, beating him or not. Well, maybe not Orochimaru; he was familiar enough with the antics of his comrades to barely bat an eyelid when they started on each other.

Jiraiya seemed to be thinking somewhat along the same lines, but unlike her, he was a bit more blunt. And a pervert-in-training at that, so it was with a slight smile and the most mischievous glint that Jiraiya informed her of the consequences involved with sitting on him in such a way for prolonged periods of time. Or tried to; it was a bit hard when you were somewhere between restraining your hormones and choking on laughter.

"Well...I'm a guy, hime," he drawled, watching with a sort of sadistic pleasure as she began to redden, "A teenage guy. Crappy hormones and a-" he broke off when she finally comprended, laughing so hard he nearly passed out when she scrambled off of him. Blushing hotly, Tsunade glared at him from where she now sat beside him, slapping him reproachfully. His laughter was infectious though, and despite herself, Tsunade found herself unconsciously committing the whole scene to memory.