Hueco Mundo. A dimension, which was once filled with Hollows, now lied almost empty. It is an endless desert of swirling white sands that was once inhabited by creatures of death and destruction. It is here that we find the most powerful being in this war torn world watching his opponent being purified.

The figure was mostly human, his most noticeable feature being his auburn, mostly shoulder length hair and piercing yellow eyes. A skeletal mask hung on his face, resembling more of a human skull, complete with a jaw joint and rounded forehead. From the back of the mask, four spike-shaped marks stretch, two of them stopping by the forehead, and the other two stretching past the eyes and teeth, going past his chin and joining with the marks on his chest. There were also small marks resembling a heart, but with the top and bottom open, extending from the inner corners of his eyes. The mask featured two long forward-pointing horns with black strips extending from their center towards the tips. He had long straight hair and a larger hollow hole, decorated with markings stretching from the hole, across his chest and shoulders. He also had small furry tufts on his ankles and wrists, as well as seemingly white skin (See . ....Hollow Ichigo in the search). He wore a white coat with black 'claws' that clung to his form, matted in blood and filled with holes in a cruel mockery of wings. The long black double sided Zanpakuto he wielded sticking deep into the sand. (http /vinrylgrave. /art/ Rise-Tenshagaigyaku-Zangetsu- 80048645 -Only the uniform). A Vesto Lorde.

It was once known as Kurosaki Ichigo. But that was 200 years ago, during the age of soul society. But the war by the traitor, Aizen, had reduced every thing to rubble. Few humans, if any, were alive. Most of the hollows were purified and shinigami were lucky if they could achieve shikai. Most of the knowledge of kido and other shinigami arts were lost as all the great powers of the time were killed except for Ichigo himself. But he was being hunted as he was part hollow. Or at least they attempted to hunt him. By the standards of 200 years ago he would have been considered very powerful but now he was a god.

There simply was no one to challenge him any more. Ichigo sighed. But it didn't matter to him at that moment. All of them… friends, family, the visored, arrancars, everyone that he had cared for had passed away into blissful oblivion, all because of the traitor who killed them and was killed by him leaving him with nothing to do. He had long since given up control to his inner hollow, letting him be king while he went into exile, but now…

Now he was the only one left. A reminder of a time when powerful beings had walked the earth.

"I can't go on." He said finally. "I can't believe that I am going to say this but I agree as well." Answered Shiro. "Ichigo, us being here serves no purpose. I once changed for you (for images see ABOVE MENTIONED link) but I can't do that now. Not for this." Zangetsu finally replied.

Ichigo looked at his necklace. It was his most precious treasure. It consisted of Orihime's hair pins, Chad's coin and Ishida's Quincy cross. They were taken from the said people's corpses to honor them and he them used as a source of strength. Sighing again he put all of his reiatsu into zangetsu and let loose a monster of a Getsuga Tensha. Shindoing in front of it, he let it hit him.

Under normal circumstances it would have killed him but the reiatsu manipulating ability of the Quincy cross coupled with the rejection ability of the hairpins caused an unusual effect.

Ichigo was just about to ask the ghost girl if she was alright when he was suddenly assaulted with memories, powers and abilities. He looked around and immediately knew where he was. His instincts from the war had never left him. He was some how given a second chance. He was back in time. Ignoring the worried ghost he ran as fast as he could, arriving at a familiar grave yard.

'There' he thought as he came across his mother's grave. Finally for the first time in years, he cried.

He did not know how long he was there but he knew he had to return home. When he was nearby, that was when he sensed it. The hollow was attacking his sister. Cursing himself for forgetting this he ran as fast as he could, only to arrive to find.....

"I'm not sure if it'll work, there is only a fifty percent chance of success." she told Karin. "Take my zanpakuto and stab yourself with it. It should give you half of my power. Hopefully your reiatsu will accept it or you will die. " Hoping that the younger girl would do it or both of them were doomed.

She needn't have to worry as Karin abruptly snatched the sword from her. Rukia had no idea how much problems she was about to create for Ichigo.

"By the way," Karin told her, "the name is Kurosaki Karin."

"Rukia," she replied. "My name is Kuchiki Rukia."

Just as Fishbone D was upon them, Ichigo rushed forward only to get caught in the explosion of reiatsu which covered the immediate area in light. The hollow roared as it was momentarily blinded while Rukia covered her own eyes. None of them had noticed Ichigo's body being thrown in one direction and his unconscious hollow masked shinigami soul in another.

None except for Urahara, who was watching the events, ready to step in when the time was right.

'What the hell??' He thought.

'How did this happen? Hm, Rukia's power probably severed his chain of fate and his exposure to her power awoke his shinigami powers but not before the hollow transformation begin.' He thought. 'I'll inform Shinji about him later but the Hōgyoku is more important.'

He looked on as the light died down and was satisfied with the results.

'She took all my power!' Rukia yelled in her mind, now wearing a white version of her Shinigami uniform. Rukia looked towards her soon to be savior.

Karin herself was now feeling empowered and was ready to go another round with the hollow. She looked at the blade at her hand and drew it in preparation to slay the monster that threatened her family.

The hollow charged at her but she just jumped over the outstretched hand and kicked Fishbone D in its mask, cracking it. Inspired by her success, she delivered a quick slash with her sword completely decapitating Fishbone D. As quickly as it had come the energy left her and she fell to the ground unconscious.

Rukia did not have any idea about what to do when Urahara appeared.

Urahara had snuck Ichigo into the house when Rukia had turned towards Karin. He laid the youth quietly on his bed as he waited for the moment to make his grand entrance. He didn't notice that Ichigo had regained consciousness the moment he had picked him up and so had not erased his memory.

Ichigo didn't remember the exact time Urahara was supposed to be there, but he remembered the blond haired bastard offering Rukia a gigai. It shouldn't be long for her to erase their memories either.

'It wouldn't affect me as I have too much reiatsu. I really didn't intend for Karin to become a shinigami but at least this way she will be able to protect her self' he thought.

Yuzu and Karin had been unfortunate victims of the war. Aizen felt that Ichigo hadn't wallowed in enough misery after killing all of his friends and so he personally killed his father in front of him as he lay there helpless to stop him, and found the thought of killing off his family entertaining, or so he told Ichigo. That day, he had lost all of his family. However, he was quick to take his revenge as he tore Aizen's right arm off, something not even hollowfication could fix, as well as creating a huge hole in Aizen's forces. It was also that day one of Zangetsu's bankai requirement was fulfilled unlocking the second form changing the blade to match his desire for revenge. No longer was Zangetsu a tool to protect but a weapon to kill.

Now he had come upon a problem. He now had the power to change things, to be able to give the people he cared for a fighting chance, but how was he going to do that? It was going to be one of those things that he was going to have to make up as he went along.

'But my first stop should be Hueco Mundo.' He thought.

He had to recreate his info net. The one he made during the second war with soul society. He had learned how to command people when he was a hero and how to disappear but stay knowledgeable when he was being hunted. But there was also another problem he had to deal with. Where were Nel and Grimmjow? He could only hope that they were safe. After Aizen's defeat, soul society decided to hunt him down for being the last visored. They became his best friends when he ended up teaming up with the surviving arrancars and managed to destroy soul society but not without looses. He ended up being the last hybrid.

"We will find them. And when we do we will kill Aizen and destroy soul society again. Hahahahahahahaha." a voice in his head shouted.

Ichigo allowed his patented scowl to mar his face as he heard the voice of his inner Hollow. "No not now. We need to plan first. No matter how powerful we are, we cannot do this alone. We need allies. The visored will help us, as will the arrancars. Maybe we can convince the bount as well as Ishida."

He could feel Shiro, the name his inner Hollow had taken a liking to, grinning in the back of his mind. "Yes we can and when we do we will kill the old fool and every last shinigami."

"No. We will give soul society one chance. If they don't accept our kind then… we will see. In case you don't remember we still have friends there."

"Okay you retard, let's go over this for the thousandth time. They never have, nor will they ever accept our kind. Also your so-called friends don't even know you as we haven't even met them. Also…."

Ichigo sighed as he drowned his tenant's yelling, only pissing off the Hollow more than he was already.

Shiro and Ichigo had done something that many of the Visored would have thought crazy. They had made an agreement. They temporarily merged their minds and not their powers during a fight. This created a bond between them. They could both fight at once and do two different things at once. Also this mixed the full instincts of a hollow as well as that of a shinigami. He could now transform fully at will and back again. If he needed to he could only use his shinigami or hollow powers and no one would know that he was a hybrid. At first Shiro just irritated him but when he joined with the arrancars, against soul society, he proved to be a valuable source of ideas. It became something of a joke among the arrancars that Ichigo's number two in command was himself.

"What's wrong?"

Ichigo turned and saw his best friend, Chad, looking at him with concern. He had missed the tall boy, but he couldn't have done any thing. Chad had died along side Ishida avenging Orihime's death at the hands of Tōsen. They managed to kill him just before they died.

"Just thinking," Ichigo told him. "Why do you ask?"

Chad seemed to ponder his answer for a second. Ichigo had slowly suppressed his reiatsu to nothing and made it look natural. However, for Chad and Orihime to awaken their powers, he was exposing them to his reiatsu, increasing it slowly but surely.

Finally, after a couple seconds, he said his observations. "You seem… off… today. As if you're glowing or something. Whenever I am close to you I feel as if I am being pressured or boxed into a corner."

Ichigo sighed. Yeah, his friend really could pick things out. "Sorry, but I really don't know what's going on."

"Guys," he called out in his mind, "I could use a little help here."

"Why the hell are you asking me?" Shiro asked him.

"Why don't you make your self useful for once?" Ichigo fired back.

Thankfully they were interrupted when all the female students crowded around a new student. Ichigo looked over with boredom, but felt one of his eyebrows shoot past his hairline when he saw Rukia skip over to him. He was not a shinigami as far as she knew. So why was she here?

"Hey, I'm a new student here, and I'm just meeting everyone right now," she told him, wearing a smile he knew was fake. "Want to be friends?"

She held out her hand. However there was no death threat written on it.

"Sure," he said, putting on his own fake smile. "Why not!?" Rukia gave him a smile, one that Ichigo identified as her mischievous one that came out whenever she had something planned.

"Say, your not Kurosaki Ichigo are you?" she asked.

Ichigo saw where this was going. She obviously wanted to get close to him to get to Karin. Ichigo just sighed. "Yes. You have a problem with that?"