Follow on from my other two 'Sunset Boulevard' fics, though you don't have to have read them.

Thoughts from the future

I love my mummy but sometimes when she looks at me I think I make her sad.

I don't want to make mummy sad.

I asked her when she was sitting in her chair. I put my hand in hers, she has a much bigger hand than me, mine felt tiny, and I asked her why I made her sad. She looked at me with a smile and told me that I reminded her of my daddy. I didn't understand why that would make her sad. Her eyes went all shiny and she told me to go play. I didn't want to, but I wanted to make mummy happy, so I did. I went to play on my swing.

Daddy was asleep in his hammock. Daddy looks at me strangely too sometimes, like he's really thinking. His face goes all scrunched up and when I go to him he blinks at me like he doesn't recognise me.

I wish mummy and daddy didn't act so strange around me sometimes.

I looked in a mirror of mummy's. I don't think I look very much like daddy.

I wrote my first story today. Daddy got angry. I never see Daddy writing anything. Daddy yelled at Mummy. He called her names that made her unhappy.

I didn't like it.

Sometimes I wish he wasn't my daddy.