Hihi Okay, I'm not exactly a professional writer, but I absolutely love to write fanfiction, so i'm going to give it a shot here This is the...continuation of Hana-kimi, and for those who haven't read it, I strongly recommend it. It's so good Anyway, Mizuki is now living in Japan, 15 years old and is mainly supported by Sano. Here's the start:

"Hello? Mizuki?" Sano's voice crackled on the phone.

"Sano!" Mizuki exclaimed excitedly. "Hey, where are you now? Can I come over?" She could hear the sounds of his laughter through the phone.

"Sorry, Mizuki," he said, sounding apologetic, "I still have more training to do. Maybe next time?"

Mizuki felt disappointment settle in her stomach, digging deeper into the pile of feelings that had collected the since last week. "It's okay. Don't push yourself too hard!"

He laughed again. "Thanks. Sorry about this. See you soon," he said, hanging up. Mizuki held the phone to her ear for a second, hoping to hear his voice again, but all she could hear, was the lonely beeping of the cut-off line. Sighing, she placed down the phone gently and stood up, her shoulder-length black hair swaying gently. She grabbed her cup and walked into the spotless kitchen, opening the fridge and pouring herself more hot tea.

It's been a week since she had seen Sano, and their last meeting was rushed, just a quick chat, a smile, a small kiss and then going on their own way. Some meeting, she thought, grumbling to herself.

She walked back into the living room and took a swig of the tea before setting it down on the table. Sitting down on her bed, she picked up the remote and turned the TV on.

"-pictures taken by Akiha Hara, a renowned photographer." Beside the spokesperson, a few pictures of Sano appeared, all of them easily accenting his gracefulness as he passed over the pole with apparent ease. Mizuki felt a strange sense of loneliness and quickly changed the channel.

"-and here we are with Akimitsu Takuto, the new, famously popular singer who has just raised to the top of the charts within a week of his debut." the interviewer turned around in her seat, facing the black-haired, blue-eyed 15-year-old boy who sat in the plush chair with comfort, smiling devishly at the camera. "So, Takuto-kun, let's talk about your new album, Rising Angel. What was it that inspired that name?" Takuto grinned at the interviewer, causing a distinctive blush to rise to her cheeks. "I was confident that this song would rise to the top with ease, so I decided that it should be named what it is." Mizuki rolled her eyes, feeling contempt for his narcissism.

Turning off the TV, she flopped down on her bed. She stared up to the ceiling, riddled with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. It was during the summer holidays when she and Sano had stuck them on, laughing when they realized that all the stickers were in the middle of the ceiling, leaving the other parts almost completely deserted. Mizuki felt tears well up, threatening to overflow. Clutching the soft fabric of her blanket, she bit her lip, forcing her tears down again and shutting them off. Deciding not to think about it, Mizuki stood up again and grabbed her coat, kicking off her indoor-shoes and slipping on her wedges before going out and slamming the door behind her. Stretching in the bright afternoon sun, Mizuki smiled, feeling completely rejuvenated as she locked the door to her apartment. Beaming, she walked out to the neighborhood, greeting her neighbors cheerfully.

She soon reached the main road, and turning left, continued to walk to the more deserted places of the area. Passing all the houses, all the fields, the park and then through the small forest in that area, Mizuki soon arrived at the lake.
Living in an apartment so far out had many disadvantages, but the lake definitely brightened things up for Mizuki. It was beautiful, though deserted, and somehow, it was much more entertaining than watching a TV. Just by sitting on its soft, grassy side and looking out into the water, where the sun reflected onto the shiny, glassy surface, all sorts of things could be thought of and problems could be answered. It was her very own place, a place where no one would come to. Smiling peacefully, she sat down, holding on to her beret-like hat as the wind blew softly on her face, cooling down her hyper-activeness and soothing the loneliness. Soon, Mizuki felt empty of emotions, left only with the feeling of serenity and calmness.

Sighing in relaxation, she started to sing her favourite song softly, her voice clear and pure, like the water from the lake. Closing her eyes, she continued to sing, her voice flowing in and out of the trickling water and the soft chirping of the birds. The occasional dripping sound of water falling from the bent-over weeping-willow acted as a beat.

aru hi totsuzen
atashi no kokoro ni saita
kakae kirenai hodo no
ooki na hanabi

kurayami no naka deshi ka
anata ni todoku koro ni wa
kitto naku natte shimau no

demo kanawanai nara
sora no hirosa wo shiritakunakatta
nante omowanai

datte isshun de mo
kagayaketa koto
hokori ni omou kara...

mune ippai
kyou mo saite iru hanabi
todoketakute koboreru
ooki na namida

anata no koto omou
jikan ga fuete...
yasashisa ya tsuyosa no imi ga
chotto dake wakatte kita no

demo kanawanakute mo
sora ni mukatte
hiraita hanabi wa
zutto takaramono

datte mata atarshii atashi ni aete
ureshiku omou kara...

demo kanawanai nara
sora no hirosa wo shiritakunakatta
nante omowanai

datte isshun de mo kagayaketa koto
hokori ni omou kara...(!)

A sudden crash sounded and yelp echoed through the lake area, disturbing the birds and causing Mizuki to stop singing immediately. She looked around, startled.

A boy with jet-black hair and red highlights lay flat on his face just a few paces from her, branches and leaves stuck in his hair. He twitched and started to sit up, wincing and continuously grumbling. Mizuki jumped up and walked back slightly, trying to remember anything from the defense classes she learned in Osaka High. The boy opened his eyes and stared at her, curiosity radiating from him. His eyes, were the unique shade of cobalt blue. Mizuki lowered her defenses and nearly gaped.


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(!) I didn't make this song btw, it's from Kirarin Revolution, 'Koi Hanabi'. If you wanna know what the lyrics mean, go here: /kirarin/koihanabi.html