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HERE IS CHAPTER 10! Enjoy :3

Chapter 10


Mizuki barely heard the shocked yelp of Nakatsu. She sat lay there, staring at the face before her, also wearing the same expression of surprise. Takuto's face was so close to her that their noses were almost touching. She blushed, her face turning an adorable sheet of red.

At that moment, just for a few seconds, she saw all his defenses drop, and his feelings were displayed clearly before her. Embarrassment and uncertainty flashed behind his eyes, but it was gone as fast as it had came. Takuto had quickly gathered himself together and smirked his signature smile.

"Well, at least today wasn't totally uneventful. I guess it was a good thing that I came to visit you." He leaned in even more and gave her a small kiss on her cheek.

And that was as far as Mizuki could take.

"Wha-, get off me!" She straightened her arms and pushed with all her might against his chest. Takuto shifted, surprised at her unusual strength. But it wasn't enough. After all, he didn't spend every waking moment of his life singing and dancing under hot stage lights for nothing. Chuckling, Takuto grabbed her wrists with one hand and pinned them down above her head. Mizuki's blush darkened, as she began to feel even more vulnerable. "W-What are you doing?" She asked nervously. But instead of taking action like Mizuki had expected him to, he seemed to be studying her under sincere curiosity.

"Your eyes are really brown, aren't they?" He said, sounding surprised again. Mizuki blinked, feeling extremely self-conscious of her eyes.

"N-Not really. Now get off me!" She shook her head once, to get rid of the restrictions of her embarrassment, and glared with all her might at the mischievous boy.

"No." He leaned in even more. But just as Mizuki opened her mouth to let out another scathing retort, Takuto was lifted of her and thrown down on the ground. She lifted her gaze upwards, blinking away the tears that the sharp light from the ceiling drew. Her mouth dropped open with absolute delight and shock.

"Sano!" Jumping up, Mizuki wrapped her arm around his neck, relishing in the familiar scent. Sano paused and smiled softly at Mizuki. Then, he turned his eyes, completely void of the warmth he had shown Mizuki, back to Takuto, who was now on his feet and looking rather irritated.

Takuto assessed the scene right in front of his eyes. For some strange reason, his irritation increased tenfold. He expressed this simply by sneering and straightening himself into a proud position.

"You're knight in shining armor has arrived it seems."

Mizuki turned and glared at him. Why does he always have to make the situation worse?

"So this is your boyfriend?" Takuto leaned in, scrutinizing the black-haired boy. The fact that Sano was taller than him only fueled his anger. "Hmm...doesn't he seem a little out of your league?" he flashed another smirk at Mizuki, who was now beginning to turn red in the face, finally burst and she lunged at him.

Takuto's hand immediately shot out and landed on Mizuki's incoming head, easily holding Mizuki an arm's length away. He started laughing at the sight of her flailing arms and her tomato-red face as she desperately tried her best to reach him. Mizuki, who had never heard him laugh before, stopped, surprised at the pleasant sound. His usual arrogant face was relaxed and his mouth was in the form of a smile, all sarcasm gone. A blush slowly crept up her face and she stopped.

And then everything happened at once.

Mizuki suddenly found herself in Sano's protective arms again, and Nakatsu, who, until now, had been standing at the side shocked by the unusual scene, now jumped in-between Mizuki and Takuto, his face a mask of fury.

Takuto frowned. He didn't like his teasing with Mizuki being disturbed. But staring at the large, blond soccer player in front of him, he was immediately reminded that his manager would probably die of a heart attack if Takuto injured his face. Sighing, he raised his hands in front of him as a sign of resignation, but neither Sano nor Nakatsu relaxed. He chuckled.

"All right, all right. I can tell when my presence is an obstacle. Anyways, Mizuki, I just wanted to hand you this." Takuto took out a small, folded-up poster and held it out for Mizuki. It was immediately snapped up by Sano. Takuto laughed again. "Well, see ya around." He sauntered out.

The uncomfortable silence found its way into the room, and Mizuki felt herself getting more and more nervous. She glanced up to Sano, who seemed to be as rigid as a rock. She immediately felt tears well up. Two weeks. Two weeks since she last saw him, and this is how the reunion is. Mizuki tightened her arms around him and buried her face in his shirt.

Sano's POV

Sano, until that moment, couldn't help but be completely and utterly threatened by that guy called Takuto. He was emitting a confident, charismatic aura, and his intimate actions with Mizuki on irritated him even more. He glanced down quickly at the paper clenched in his hand. What the hell was he trying to give Mizuki?

A sudden tugging and warmth at the side of his shirt brought his attention. He looked down, brought back to reality. He felt his heart thump almost painfully at the sight of Mizuki, who was now clutching at his shirt and trembling silently. Turning around slightly, he wrapped his arms around her. The familiar thin waists immediately made him feel at home.

But despite it all, he still couldn't get the recent incident out of his mind. How does Mizuki even know that guy?

Nakatsu's POV

So many times I've told myself to give up on Mizuki, that it was a lost case. But every time I see her quivering form, or smell her sweet, fruity scent, I feel my mind going blank and I feel the great desire to pick her up and run away where others won't find us.

Obviously, that would never work.

As I stared at the scene before me, I could only clench my hands and turn away, trying to ignore the painful thumping in my chest. My best friends are together. I should be happy about that.

Glancing backwards, I noticed that the couple was still in a silent embrace. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and walked out the room, deciding that the reunited couple should have some time to themselves. I should probably just head off to the nearest coffee house and buy something to clear my mind completely.

As I closed the door behind me, I heard a voice to my right.

"Hey, Monkey Boy, there's something I want to talk with you about."




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