Chapter One, Punishment

Chapter One, Punishment

"Akatsuki! Akatsuki – the light! Turn the light out!" Aido hid underneath the bedcovers, burrying his face in the pillow.

"I'm not doing anything," his cousin replied wearily and half-heartedly from the depths of his bed.

Aido groaned, a hand over his face as he scrambled out of bed, reaching out blindly, when his toes touched the soft material of his curtains. Blinking softly, he felt down to touch them; why on earth were they on the floor like that? The afternoon sun was in his eyes, causing him a considerable amount of pain.

"Hey, Akatsuki – the curtains are on the floor!"

"Oh no…" he murmured half-heartedly, "what a tragedy," yawning heavily, he could hear Kain rolling over in bed, "Go back to sleep, Hanabusa."

"But the liiiiigggghhhttt!" he whined, lifting up a jacket and making a crappy attempt to attach it to the frame, "damnit – this stupid thing won't go on!"

Kain groaned, fisting his pillow as he held it over his ears, "grow up will you? You're so annoying this early!"

He sighed, flopping back onto his bed, hands over his eyes, "you're so mean…"

"Ichijo!" Aido tapped him on the shoulder roughly, "Hey, Ichijo, someone trashed our curtains!"

He studied Aido with golden eyes, a puzzled expression on his face, "Your curtains, Aido? But why would anyone want to do…?"

"Yes my curtains!" he snapped, shaking his shoulder, "and I can think of plenty of reasons – I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open – I couldn't sleep a wink!"

Ichijo shook his head, "I don't think anyone would do that," he smiled sweetly, hoping that would be enough. He wasn't denying there were horrible people in the night class, but he knew there was nobody so childish, "Maybe one of your, urm… treasures broke the support beam? Like the last time your ward-robe was broken, Aido, remember?"

He blushed crimson, "H-Hey! You leave my treasures out of this! I've left Akatsuki to investigate the scene of the crime! Someone definetly trashed those curtains and I wanna know who!"

Ichijo suppressed a giggle, instead he smiled politely, "Why would anyone want to ruin your curtains? It's a little, urm… petty. Life isn't like manga, you wouldn't turn to dust, all it can do really is deprive you of sleep."

"Exactly!" he pointed an accusing finger in Ichijo's face.

"What do you mean, 'Exactly!' You really want me to investigate something like this?"

Aido pouted, crossing his arms, "it's not 'something like this'! Somebody is doing this – it's not that annoying Kiryu kid. I would've known if he was around! Somebody very powerful…"

"Are you trying to say…" a head popped up behind him, "that it was President Kuran?"

Aido flinched, jumping back, "N-No! Damnit, Shiki, don't do that!"

"But why would Kaname sabotage your curtains?" Ichijo asked, looking puzzeled.

"I – I never said it was him!" Aido's face flushed; if Kaname heard him saying this – he was so fucked, "it's Shiki putting words in my mouth!"

"Didn't you say he was mad at you?"

"Well… there was that thing that happened the other morning…?"

"And pray tell, what could you have done to invoke the wrath of your gracious dorm leader?" asked a silky voice from behind Aido.

His jaw dropped, "I-it was Shiki?"

Shiki shrugged half-heartedly, Ichijo waved at Kaname happily, Kaname Kuran patted Aido's shoulders, "Come to my office later, Aido. We need to have a talk."

He felt shivers run down his spine. Sure he'd pissed Kaname off before. Usually, he slapped him around for punishment anywhere. He'd never asked specifically for Aido to come to him. This definetly meant he hadn't forgiven him for attacking Yuki again.


He'd gotten back to their room to find he'd actually locked his cousin in the bedroom, and he wasn't happy.

"I'm not talking to you. You locked me in our bedroom."

"But I'm really sorry!"


"I didn't mean to forget about you!" he protested, tugging at his sleeve, hoping he would eventually mess up his hair and forgive him, "really!"

"I found the cause of our little curtain problem… It was that stupid minicuture castle, the broken one you insisted on keeping. It fell on the curtain frame and shattered it."

Aido blushed lightly, "I'm sorry… but still, it would have remained a mystery if I hadn't forgotten I locked you in here!"

Kain sighed, turning over in bed, "you're lucky I'm not like President Kuran…"

He shivered slightly, "actually, I have to go and see him now…"

Kain cocked up an eyebrow, "What about this time? He already made you do that bucket thing."

"I think he's still angry at me," he turned towards the door.

"Hanabusa," he called after him, his voice nervous, "be careful, alright? Don't say something that could provoke him."

"Urm, okay."

He tapped twice on Kaname's office door, "Urm, hello?"

"Come in, Aido."

The door slid open, and Aido stared into the dim office. Moonlight slipped in through the curtains, Kaname Kuran was sitting back in his leather arm chair, he waved a dismissive hand, and the door behind Aido slammed shut.

"You, urm… wanted to see me?"

"I did," he beckoned him closer, "I have heard Yuki's side of what happened. I'd like to hear yours before I punish you. Say I hadn't intervened, what would have become of Yuki?"

He laughed nervously, "I-I wouldn't have drained her – you know, or, urm, anything like that, Kaname-sama, really…"

"How can I trust that? Just because you'd like me too. You frightened her, and I won't forgive that."

"I, urm," he smiled sweetly, his hands trembling behind him, "I really mean it when I say I'm sorry! It won't happen ag–" he was cut off as Kaname's hand slapped him hard across the cheek. This time, he hit with such force that Aido fell to the ground.

The next thing he knew, Kaname Kuran had jerked him up by the back of his shirt, and dropped him onto his desk, facing the door.

"Urm, Kaname-sama! I'm sorry–"

"Tonight you will witness two things, Aido. My incredible cruelty to those who disobey me. And my great mercy to those who vow never to again. Understood?"

"Please – there's no need for–" his eyes widened as Kaname's hand smacked down on his backside, "Owch!"

"I will do this fifteen times. After each, you will count and say, 'Thankyou, Kaname-sama."

"No! It hurts!"

"Aido, I'm not giving you a choice. You deserve to be punished for your actions," he smirked coldly, tossing back his soft black hair. Aido blushed crimson, he shifted uncomfortably.

"F-Fine, just make it quick…" he clenched his hands into fists.

Kaname sighed, "now, now. There's no need to be hasty. Afterall, you can easily lap this up as another human experience."

"What do you – Aahh!" he yelped as Kaname's hand came down fiercely on his backside.

"Say it."

"O-One… Thankyou, Kaname-sama."

He chuckled to himself, "Who would have thought you could be so obidient?" he smacked him harder this time, Aido bit his lip, his eyes clamped shut.

"Two… Tha-Thankyou, Kaname-sama."

When they reached seven, Kaname stopped suddenly, his hand reating upon the blonde's butt.

"You're doing well, Aido," he joked, patting him soothingly. He winced, shifting uncomfortably; for some insane reason he thought this pause meant Kaname was going to stop at seven.

"Ah–" he protested weakly, as the dorm leader yanked down his white night class pants, followed by his underwear, "Kaname-sama…?"

"Don't flatter yourself. I was just pondering how your clothing protects you from true punishment," he said coldly, "we have to be sure I won't get another outburst from you," he whispered, as his hand spanked down again, impressed by the red raw backside.

"Ahhh! Ow! E-Eight. Thankyou, Kaname-sama."

"You'll stick to the rules?"

"Y-Yes! Damnit, yes! Nine, thankyou, Kaname-sama."

"Are you ever going to hurt or upset Yuki again?"

"N-No! Ten. Thankyou, Kaname-sama."

"Good boy."

The ordeal ended moments later, after which, Kaname lifted him up by the jacket and tossed him to the floor. Aido groaned, his pants around his knees, which protected his manhood from true agony.

Kaname had by this time, lifted a file, and started to fill it out, almost like nothing had occurred. He raised an eyebrow, "Well, Aido? Go. And make sure we don't have to do this again."


He raised his head, leaning up on one elbow on the bed, hearing his cousin return.

"Hanabusa, what took you so long?"

"Nothing," he mumbeled.

Kain sat up in bed, rubbing an eye; this wasn't like him at all, and from the way he was moving, could he be…? "Why are you limping?"

"I'm not," he flopped onto the bed, without getting changed, he hugged the covers around himself, burrying his face in the pillow.

"Are you okay?"



"Goodnight, Akatsuki."