Summary: Hyuuga Neji was forced to enter the infamous All-Boys school with his cousin, Hyuuga Hinata…… if you don't see what's wrong with that sentence, please read veeeryy slowly

Summary: Hyuuga Neji was forced to enter the infamous All-Boys school with his cousin, Hyuuga Hinata…… if you don't see what's wrong with that sentence, please read veeeryy slowly.

Author's note: Hello, you guys! Hope you're doing well today… Anyway, just to remind you, if ever you're looking forward for the next chapter or you want me to be very detailed, please don't expect too much from me. I'm a very lazy bastard, you see… But if give me lots of encouragement then I guarantee that I'd do my very best. (Well yeah, I'm a narcissistic bastard, too) So anyway, enjoy!

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"In that case, Hinata, I've decided. Because you won't fulfill your task a female Hyuuga and marry a worthy man to take my position. Then, you, Hyuuga Hinata are to become a worthy man yourself!"

'W-… What the hell are you talking about, F-Father?'


"I-I'm so n-nervous," she whispered to herself as she tried to ease her beating heart. Here she was in another ridiculously long limo of theirs, her cousin seating right across her, and they were heading to the prestigious All-Boys school in this town.

This would seem perfectly normal except… One, her cousin hates her. Two, she's not going there for a lovely visit, she's going there because she would be studying. So when I said, heading to the prestigious All-Boys school, I meant Hinata's studying to the All-boy's school. I repeat, All-Boy's school.

And yes, Hyuuga Hinata's a girl.

In the male uniform.

With the short hair-cut.

And chest binds suffocating her.

The reason behind that would probably be because of her father's dumb requirements. Why did they have to abide according to the archaic laws of the Hyuuga clan anyway?! It was so… prejudiced!

Only males are allowed to take the position of Head of the Hyuuga clan.

So not fair.

"We're here." Her cousin, Hyuuga Neji informed her. She jumped slightly by the sudden sound he made. Her lavender eyes scanned through the tinted windows and unconsciously sighed.

How was she supposed to keep up with this?

The enormous gates opened automatically as they went out of the limo. Slowly, the two started walking the long path towards the school building. (Do you know how much of a pain it is to drive a very, very, very, very long limo into a road and turn back without squashing the grass at each side of the path? Yes, it is very painful.)

On their way, they noticed from a short distance a narrow alley just between the two school buildings. Although Neji decided to ignore this scenario, Hinata couldn't help but watch.

"Whaddya mean you refuse to give it! Pay up!"

"I-I told you I don't have any money. Y-You guys are going to be in big trouble after I-…"

"What did you say?! Did you think we're going to let you off easy because of that damn excuse?"

"That's why you guys are considered the junk class! You're all just here to cause trouble! You're all useless—"

"You bastard…" A fist was sent across the face of the shortest individual as a brown haired kid stomped on his lounged figure alongside his companion, a kid with a purple line painted at the side of his face, laughed as they completely took over the fight.

"Kiba, Kankurou, let's go." The blonde, who seemed to be the person just standing by, said suddenly and started walking towards the back of the school, grinning foolishly. "What?! This rich brat's got something good, you know! Just look at his damn shoes, man!" The person addressed as Kiba whined and started tapping the victim's feet lightly.

"Whatever, I'm hungry. Let's go!" Rolling his cerulean blue eyes, he chuckled afterwards and gave his friends a push towards the back once again. The two of course left, pouting and complaining about how "he's always like this" and how "he's always hungry."

But then Hinata saw it perfectly. Once his friends turned their backs, his big foxy grin was replaced with a serious frown. And Hinata could read it. His lips that clearly whispered something unexpected from a delinquent.


But even if it was nice of him to apologize, Hinata still wished she wouldn't have to associate with those guys.


"… Therefore, as the head of the Hyuuga Clan proposed, Hyuuga Neji, you are assigned to Class 2-A while Hyuuga Hinata, you are assigned to Class 2-G." Said the woman with the giant chest. "Also, I have been informed about your situation, Hinata. In any case, just let me know if you need anything."

"Y-Y-Yes...!" She replied timidly and followed her cousin out the office.

She followed him and followed him. In fact, she was too amazed that Neji actually knew where he was going and didn't even stop for a bit. She was too surprised she didn't even realize that they were already in front of Neji's classroom.

He opened the door and closed it behind him, not paying her another glance at all. It was like he completely ignored her existence.

Anyway, she needs to find her classroom soon, so… She looked at the sign boards and read them slowly. Class 2-A. Class 2-B. Class 2-C. Class 2-D. She turned to a corner. Class 2-E. Class 2-F. Class 1-A. Class… Wait a minute.

Where the hell is Class 2-G?

Hinata saw a nearby student who just happened to pass by. "E-E-Excuse me, do you k-know where C-Class 2-G is?"


"N-No, y-you're misunderstanding, I'm not... I-I'm just trying to…"

Immediately, the student ran away, leaving Hinata even more clueless. Bit in the meantime, she decided to give it another try. This time, a teacher passed by.

"E-Excuse me, Sensei. Do you know where Class 2-G—"

Unfortunately, the teacher ran away again. Hyuuga Hinata soon realized that at the mention of Class 2-G, people cower down in either fear or repugnance. Not a good sign.

But she resolved that she would not jump into conclusions until she sees it for herself so, she tapped a nearby adult at the end of the hall. "W-Would you please tell me w-where Class 2-G is?"

'If this one runs, I'm gonna grab his feet.'

"Ah. Class 2-G? Sure, I'm on my way there right now, so it's no trouble at all."

"T-Thank you." Hinata swore she felt a breeze of relief blow against her. Finally.


"Anyway, you must be a transferee, aren't you?"


"I see. Well, I'm Hatake Kakashi. I'm in charge of Class 2-G, in case you were wondering."

At any rate, Hinata noticed how they were walking too far from the Classrooms now. Maybe Class 2-G's a special class?


"K-K-Kakashi-sensei, w-where are w-we g-g-going?" She asked nervously. Perhaps maybe because they're now at the backyard of the school and Hinata guessed that there was no way a classroom would be outside the school building.

"Eh? Didn't you say you were in Class 2-G? Well I'm taking you there."

"O… Okay."


"K-K-K-K-K-K-K-Kakashi-sensei. A-Are you implying that Class 2-G… is inside this r-rundown building?"

"Yeah, so?"

'You've gotta be kidding me.'

"A-Are you sure?! A-Are you positively sure?!"


Now Hinata was more than skeptical. What could a classroom be doing in a completely secluded, abandoned, ugly building like this? Or maybe… there wasn't a classroom to begin with?

Hinata slowly walked away.

"Ah, hey! Where are you going, 'Transfer student'-san?"

'Far away. Very far away.'


For the time being, Hinata would definitely not jump into conclusions. But in case, the weird, masked guy goes beyond her 2 meter radius rule, she will simply scream.

"Well, we're here."

'This ugly door couldn't possibly be the one, right? This building couldn't possibly be a part of the prestigious school they blabber about, right? This Hatake couldn't possible be a teacher from a school with high standards, right?'

"I-I see." She replied sheepishly and waited for him to open the door.

Hinata could imagine it now. 16 year old girl pretending to be a guy in an All-Boys School raped by middle-aged masked perverted teacher.

'Well… the bright side of this would be if I die then I wouldn't have to hear Father's lousy lecture.'

"I thought you weren't going to show up at all!"

"Well, it's not like he'd teach us anything even if he was here."

"Sensei, who's that?"

'What the hell, so it is a classroom!!'

Although it did appear that way, it was far from what she imagined. The desks were a mess and there were pieces of junk everywhere! Most of the students were fooling around but as soon as they saw Hinata, they fell into silence.

"My… My name is… M-My…" Hinata started to panic. The cold atmosphere felt like it was overwhelming her. How could her father pay so high for this pathetic classroom? She felt her knees tremble. Were men this scary… even if they're just looking?

They didn't look happy. Nor mad. But somehow it felt apprehensive.

"M-My name i-is…" 'No good.'

Hinata started running away.

"Ah, wait! 'Transfer student'-san! Where are you going again?"


"Ah… okaaay!"

That was a lousy excuse but at least he let her run away. How could her father let her be exposed to such an indecent environment! Did her father hate her that much after accidentally saying "hideous" to her ex-fiancé? But still this was way too much.

As Hinata blindly ran at the backyard, her eyes getting teary; she felt fatigued from both the running exercise and the burden she was carrying as a heir. However, she did not stop sprinting, because while running away from the room felt like running away from her fate—as Neji would call it.

She didn't even want to become the heir why the heck should she do this?


"I-I'm sorry, I-I-I-I'm so sorry!!" Hinata instantly apologized after bumping to a random guy.

"That's okay." Or maybe a not so random guy.

She looked at him. A bright grin and chaotic blonde hair. "Where are you going? Oh, maybe you're in Class 2-A! You look smart. Are you smart? Man, it's hot outside. Hey, maybe you'd like to come to our classroom. It's a bit messy but it's certainly much better than Class 2-A. So?"

'Wow… he's… obnoxious. But anyway, what am I doing? I won't let Father even have the chance to scold me. No matter what class I'm in, I'm gonna show everyone I'm a worthy heir!!'

"I-I'm not from Class 2-A." She said. "I'm from Class 2-G!"

He blinked for a moment but afterwards resumed in grinning at her. He placed her arm around her shoulders like they were buddies or something. "Well what are you doing out here? Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone. Hm, maybe Kakashi-sensei isn't there yet. He's pretty irresponsible. By the way, my name is Uzumaki Naruto! You're bound to remember it since I'm popular around this school. Heh! But anyway, let's go!"

"O… Okay."


Soon, Hinata was back at the ugly door of the classroom.

"Welcome to our kingdom!!" Naruto said in a funny voice, bowed, and opened the door.

"Hey, do you have some money? Lend me!" "Oh man, these muffins are awesome. Muffins rule!" "OW! Shikamaru! Your hair stabbed me, man." "Kiba, you're dog's shitting on your bag." "Hey, look at this hot babe in the CD cover." "Sensei, You're not being a good example for us you know. But anyway, lemme see!" "Listen, listen, I bought stockings just because there's this leggy chick at the wrapper. Can you believe it?!" "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!" "So how many girls are you going out with this time?"

As Hinata expected, it was still noisy. Although this time, the teacher seemed to be playing around as well. "Woh, you're back, 'Transfer student'-san. Feel free to sit anywhere you want." Hatake Kakashi greeted, smiling beneath his suspicious mask and resuming to show off his brand new CD to his students.

"Well? What're you waiting for? Introduce yourself to us!" Naruto gave her a slight push.

"M-M-My name is… My name is… Hyuuga…" She whispered. She felt the heavy atmosphere again. They were staring at her intently and for a split second, the thought of running away once more crossed her mind.

"That won't do!! HEY, don't you know how to introduce yourself properly? You gotta shout your name and MAKE THEM remember it! COME ON, BE A MAN!!"

'That sounded aggressive but it cheered me up a little I guess.'

"M-My… My name is Hyuuga Hinata…"

"LOUDER!!" Everybody laughed. "Hey, you're being mean to him, Naruto!" "Aww, he looks like he's gonna cry." "KYAHAHAHAHAA!"

'I am not crying! Jeez. Quiet down for a bit, I'm trying my best here, you know. What are you laughing for?'

"M-My name is H-Hyuuga…"

"LOUDEERR!!" "Oh so he's a Hyuuga." "He must be pretty rich." "Meh. Isn't he supposed to be in Class 2-A? The Hyuuga clan is known for their superiority, right?"

'Darn it. Will you guys quit side-commenting? I can't finish!!'




Once again, silence plagued the classroom. Everybody was in shock, including the speaker herself. She had just let herself snap.

'Oh shit.'

If her father hears about this, her life was over. Hyuuga Hinata had never felt so embarrassed before. For sure, this little speech of hers— which was meant to be kept in her mind until now—would instantly reach her father's prying spies and then her father and then she dies.

And then…


"BWAHAHA!! Man, you're pretty funny!" "He kinda reminds me of Naruto, doesn't he?" "I didn't know there was a Hyuuga like this!"

"So, Hyuuga…" The brown-haired guy Hinata saw at the front building called out and grinned at her. The what appeared to be his dog barked at her as if greeting her as well. "Nice to meetcha! The name's Inuzuka Kiba."

Somehow after her introduction, everything seemed to lighten up in Hinata's point of view. Seeing everyone smiling and grinning at her and Naruto feeling proud for her.

"N-N-Nice to meet you, I-Inuzuka-kun." She smiled sheepishly and turned to everyone in class. "N-Nice to meet you, everyone!"


Meanwhile… at Class 2-A…

"My name is Hyuuga Neji. The next leader of the Hyuuga Clan."

"Nice to meet you, Hyuuga-san." A pale guy with dark hair stood up and smiled at him. "My name is Sai. I'm the class president if you're wondering." Afterwards, Sai reached out his hand, expecting a handshake from the transfer student.

Of course, Hyuuga Neji declined. He ignored him, but Sai continued to smile. "Excuse me for my ignorance, but I've heard that the Hyuuga clan's next head would be the first daughter of the current Hyuuga leader. Am I right, Hyuuga-san?"

Sai earned a glare but continued provoking him anyway. "You must be the son of the previous leader who mysteriously died. Then, doesn't that make you completely worthless now?"

Both of them engaged to a glaring contest while everybody else didn't care.

Anyone would think that victory was leaning so closely to Sai's side but Hyuuga Neji seemed to have something up his sleeve.

"Sai, isn't it?" Neji spoke in such an arrogant way, smirking. "If I'm not mistaken, you're that person who keeps on challenging Uchiha Sasuke from Class 2-G and eventually, keeps losing."

The subtle fight was getting interesting for Class 2-A.

"Losing to somebody from Class 2-G, isn't that humiliating?"

The slight frown was now evident on Sai's face.

"Please stop." Another guy stood. Neji was almost mortified as he saw the person's thick brows. "Hyuuga-san, Uchiha Sasuke was previously in Class 2-A, but because of his constant breaking of the rules he had to be reassigned to Class 2-G. Sai-kun's defeat could not possibly bring shame."

"In the end, Uchiha Sasuke still wins." Neji smirked smugly and proceeded to his seat.

"Instead of earning enemies you should consider your situation, Hyuuga-san." The previous person with the brows said. "Aren't you striving to acquire the Hyuuga Head position?"

"I don't want to hear a lecture coming from a failure like you, Rock Lee." He took a seat and sat up straight. "Every single one of you, I know all of your family background. Your personal information. Most importantly, your weaknesses. I did a little research, you see. And once I've read it once, I've read it enough. Would you like me to cite everything for you?"


"Sai-kun, I am not a liar." He spoke in a way that's kind and insolent at the same time. Like he was annoying him. "Before you speak about my life, aren't you in a tight situation as well? My father died, thus giving me an absolute zero percent chance to become the head but now the current leader's considering me as heir more than his own daughter! Didn't you hear about it? The daughter is currently insignificant. Now, haven't I proven myself yet? All I need to do is make sure the daughter fails which would be a lot easier because fate have already decided that she is in fact, a failure. You, Sai-kun, however, are merely a joke. You were simply adopted to gain an easy title. Technically, you're a puppet."

Hyuuga Neji slammed his palm on his desk and with a smirk, exclaimed to the whole class. "Now, doesn't everyone agree that I, Hyuuga Neji, am more capable of holding that position you're gloating about Sai-kun?"


"Oy, Oy, Hinata-kun. What's up? You've been pretty quiet, huh?" Kiba sat at the desk of Hinata as his dog jumped on his head.

"N-No, I'm just… I-I'm usually l-like this."

"Ah, really? How can you make friends like that?"

"I… d-don't have friends." Hinata played with her thumbs and whispered. "F-Father w-wouldn't let me. H-Hyuuga's d-don't need friends. A-All we need is b-business associates."

Inuzuka Kiba blinked but after a few moments grinned broadly. "Then, I'll be your first friend!"

She blushed while looking down. "T-Thank you, I-Inuzuka-kun."

"Don't be so formal! We're friends, aren't we?"

She smiled at him shyly. "K-K-Kiba-kun."

Kiba could've sworn he felt his face heat up but then again, it might just be because of the fact that they don't have air conditioner in this dump.


"No way!! Hyuuga-san you're thinking too highly of yourself!" Rock Lee protested.

Neji smirked and once again looked at Sai as if he was cleverly daring him to speak. "What do you mean? Sai-kun is obviously an unworthy leader. Isn't the fact that he had been relentlessly losing to somebody from Class 2-G proof enough?"

"Losing to somebody from Class 2-G is understandable. Everybody knows the only true opponent of Class 2-A is Class 2-G—!"

"Don't say unnecessary things!" Sai interrupted rashly.

Hyuuga Neji knew perfectly well he triggered something there. Seems like his little research was inappropriate. But it was fine… He learnt something interesting today.

"So does that mean that Class 2-A, the exclusive class, is actually afraid of Class 2-G?" Burn!

"That's not true, Hyuuga-san." Sai said, regaining his composure. "Anyway, moving on to our previous discussion…"

Oh yes, Hyuuga Neji definitely triggered something back there. If this little piece of information about Class 2-G possibly being on the same level or probably even higher with Class 2-A was a hundred percent propaganda then Sai wouldn't be trying so hard to cover it up.

"If you want to be class president, then fine…"

"…" Neji did not speak for he knew there would certainly be a catch.

"But…" And as he expected. "Before that, you have to defeat a representative from Class 2-G."

A smug plastered itself on Neji's face. "Certainly. You can even make that representative Uchiha Sasuke…" He looked at Sai again and pointed a finger at him. "And I'd even beat him for you, Sai-kun."


"So, why are you and the other one in different classes? Wouldn't it be easier if you two were in the same class? Ah! Not that I don't want you here, Hinata." Naruto exclaimed while he sat on the desk beside Hinata's.

"T-That's probably b-because…"

"What? Sorry, I can't hear you." This time, Naruto looked like he wasn't kidding.

"F-Father… separated us b-because…" Her hands balled to fists under her desk and due to her desperation to hide her frustration, she smiled nervously impulsively. "B-Because were b-being compared."

Kiba leaned slightly from the edge of her desk. "Compared? Whatddya mean?"

"I-It's simple really. I-If I c-could prove m-myself better than him t-then I get t-to be the Clan L-Leader."

"If not?" This time the blonde leaned near her.

"… S-Something bad'll h-happen."

"What is it?" And as expected, Naruto was too oblivious to actually notice she didn't want to say it.

"I-I'm going to be s-sent to s-some place else. A-as s-somebody… t-that never existed."

"Whoa! Really? Do all Hyuugas have to undergo that?! Cool!"

'… It's not cool at all. It's… scary.'

"Anyway, anyone wants to join me? I'm gonna go at the ramen shop down the street!"

'… Mother…'

"Jeez, you guys are so boring. Hey, Hinata, you go with me!"

"W-W-What? B-But isn't going out o-of school grounds during classes p-prohibited?"

'Besides I don't wanna walk under this insane heat!'

"Don't give me that crap, let's just go!" Naruto insisted and grabbed her wrist. She could hardly keep up when he was walking. Usually she would take small slow steps but he was practically dragging her. "Wow, your wrists are kinda… small." He said in a manner of either an insult or an innocent judgment. "Heh. Kinda like a girl's." Definitely an insult.

"T-That's not true!" She objected, deliberately lowering her voice a bit. "I-I a-a-am c-completely a m-m-man." Yes, it is very awkward to say.

"Cool down, I'm just kidding." He laughed and continued walking (and dragging her). "But you can't deny that you're kinda too short for a gu—"

"A-Ah, please q-quit teasing me!" She unconsciously pouted and Naruto couldn't help but laugh at how childish… and girly she was being. Well… of course, Naruto does think she's a guy.

It was at that time that Hinata felt like this trip to the Ramen restaurant wouldn't be so bad after all but then…

As they went out of the building.

The sun blazed and also…

Class 2-A was waiting in front of their territory.

"Hinata, where're you going?" Hyuuga Neji asked in a superior-like way, glaring at her.

"T-T-That's…" She cowered in fear. Her cousin would surely do anything for her to lose this little game her father arranged.

"That's really none of your concern, right, '2-A student'?" Hinata was both relieved and at the same time surprised when Uzumaki Naruto defended her. Hinata probably never noticed before but up close… Naruto kinda looks… cool.

"Putting that aside, I'm not actually here to deal with the trash anyway, I'm here for a much more important matter."

"And what is that?"

"As Class 2-A's new and better Class President, I'm here to challenge Class 2-G… and as fate decides it, win." The way he said it pissed off Naruto immensely. "Yeah? So who would it be? Sasuke again?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Then…" Naruto grinned and before Hinata knew it, her shoulders were grabbed by his hands and with a slight push, Naruto declared. "Hinata'll do it!"

'What th—?!'

"B-But I…"

Neji glowered. "I refuse. To fight somebody as low as him would be a disgrace. Besides it is fate that he will lose."

'Who the hell cares about your opinion?'

"That's too bad." A voice came from above.

As everybody's eyes adjusted from the intense sunlight, they witnessed a group of grinning guys by the windows at the 2nd floor.

"It's Class 2-G." Students from Class 2-A murmured from each other. Others in somewhat dread. Others in disgust.

"Hinata'd be up for the challenge." Kiba yelled down to them. "Because he's Class 2-G's Class President!"

'WHAT?! You guys are totally making this up! Don't I get to decide for myself first?'

"Fine then." Neji's smirk was back on his face once he said that. "Since the weather's like this. It's a swimming contest."



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