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"Major Lorne you are back earlier than expected. Was there a problem?" Woolsey greeted as Lorne walked up the stairs to Woolsey's office.

"Not really sir. The good news is, it appears that they have a supply of naquadah."

"Naquadah?" Questioned Woolsey. "Are you sure?"

"They allowed us to test a sample and it came back positive. They apparently mine it on the planet, but were reluctant to show us the mines. They are however, willing to trade."

"They are? For what?" Woolsey asked as he entered his office and sat down.

"Well right now they would like medical aid."

"I hope Major that you are not about to tell me you may have brought a viral infection into the city."

"No sir." Lorne replied, trying to keep his temper in check. "It appears there was a mining accident recently. There were many wounded. Mainly broken bones, a few more serious injuries including burns and they would be grateful for any assistance. In return they would give us enough naquadah to build ten generators."

"That many? I am impressed Major. I am afraid however, that the infirmary is rather short staffed at the moment. You will be limited to only one doctor. I will inform Dr Keller. You have a go as soon as the medic is ready." Woolsey was about to tap his earpiece when he became aware that Lorne was not going. "Is there a problem Major?"

"Well, I feel it would be best to take a detachment of marines as well."

"Have they displayed hostile behaviour?"


"Are the heavily armed?"


"Do they carry weapons?"


"So what is the problem?"

"I just feel that thy are hiding something."

"You want me to stretch the resources of this city because of a hunch?"

"Better safe than sorry, especially in this galaxy."

"Major if we sent out an extra detachment of marines every time something felt wrong, we would have to consider bringing back The Draft in order to maintain numbers. I need something more than a hunch."

"First off Sir it is more than a hunch. They were clearly trying to hide something. Secondly, why are they mining naquadah? There was no sign of them using it at the settlement. If they don't use it, they must be selling it to someone. None of the races we have come across use it so that would suggest that they are selling it to a new race. A race that uses naquadah is most definitely a potential threat." Lorne paused and then went in for the kill. "Finally and with all due respect Sir I would like to remind you that while Colonel Sheppard is off-world I am the ranking officer and the placement of the marines falls under my jurisdiction. And I am going to order an extra detachment to accompany my team back to the planet. They will go in a second jumper which will remain cloaked, so not to upset the natives." Woolsey was momentarily stunned. By the time he was halfway towards recovering Lorne was already out of the door.

Having made the necessary preparations Lorne made his way to the jumper bay. He immediately made his way over to the second jumper and carefully explained the orders to the marines before turning back to his jumper. He was greeted by his men struggling to carry large bags up the ramp into the jumper. "Young what is all that stuff?" He asked.

"Ask the doc." The airman said, before adding the customary, "Sir."

Lorne, already in a bad mood after the Woolsey meeting stormed off towards the infirmary. Seeing Keller and Beckett in the corner he walked over and said, "Doc need your help sorting out your staff."

"Major!" Jennifer greeted, as she turned round. Seeing how tense Lorne was she quickly added, "Is something wrong? What happened?"

"Well one of your members of staff is currently loading my jumper with so much junk it is not going to take off. So please could you sort whoever it is out and get my jumper cleared. There is only so much incompetence I can take in one day. Thank you."

"Oh boy." Carson said quietly.

"No." Jennifer said.

"What?" Lorne questioned.

"I said no. You gave a list of ailments to Woolsey, including fractures and burns. Treatment of those requires a lot of equipment. I can't just wave my hands and unbreak a leg. Splints will be required. Possibly surgery as well, which in turn will require proper surgical equipment. Woolsey is under the impression that the people are too much of a security risk to bring back here so all treatment must be performed on the planet. If you have a problem with his assessment I suggest that you talk to him. In the mean time I have to get changed. I will see you on the jumper." With that she stormed out.

"Damn I put my foot in it. I didn't think it would be the doc coming with us."

"I know lad. But even if it weren't Jennifer, calling any of her staff incompetent is not likely to get ya into her good books now is it?"

"Sorry. I am just having a very bad day."

"Well I am sure there will plenty of time on the flight to apologise."

"Yeah, thanks." Lorne said before sheepishly returning to the jumper bay, via the armoury, to start the mission.

As he entered the Jumper he ensured his team were in place. "Everyone here?"

"Yes Sir. The doc is up front."

Lorne shut the jumper door and headed to the pilot seat, trying to ignore the glares from Jennifer. Having radioed the marines in the other jumper he contacted the control room and got a go for launch.

After the jumpers had emerged through the gate Lorne checked that the second one had cloaked. He then turned to Jennifer and said. "I am sorry. I was way out of line. None of your staff are incompetent. I was just venting, I had had a run in with Woolsey."

Jennifer's expression softened and she said. "You should not let him get to you."

"I know, but he rubs me up the wrong way." Lorne explained. "So am I forgiven?" He flashed a smile.

"You are on probation." Jennifer smiled back. "So how long until we are at the settlement?"

"Should be there in about twenty minutes. How come you drew the short straw?"

"There are four medical teams off-world at the moment so we were already on a skeleton staff. Carson and I were the only two on duty when Woolsey radioed and Carson suggested I might fancy 'a wee bit of fresh air', mainly cos he has a date tonight. Besides Woolsey has been trying to get me off-world for the last couple of weeks so.." She trailed off.

"Beckett has a date already? He has only been back a little while. Maybe I should put on a Scottish accent." Lorne mused.

When they landed outside the settlement Lorne asked, "Do you need to take all this gear with you? I mean could you assess first and come back."

"But then I would waste time coming back. This way I can assess and treat quicker and we will be back on Atlantis sooner." Jennifer explained.

"Fine, but you can write me a sick note to get out of Woolsey meetings for a month." Lorne muttered. "But before we go I just need to check in with the marines." Tapping his earpiece he said, "Resnick do you read?"

"Affirmative Sir. We are about a hundred metres from your location."

"Good. Remember you are not really here. Do not leave the jumper unless I signal you or any of our life signs mysteriously vanishes. First sign of trouble get back-up."

"Yes Sir."

Breaking of the transmission Lorne notice how worried Jennifer was looking. "I thought they were friendly and peaceful?" She asked.

"They are." Lorne smiled. "But you can't be too careful."