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Kyuubi inside her seal just looked outside to see what's going on outside of her sleeping jailer but couldn't help but smirk at what happened last night. She slowly smirk a pure mischievously smirk before she began to give off pheromones. "Enjoy my Naru-kun because I know I'll enjoy seeing what will happen once they get close to the pheromones I'm giving off."

She slowly closed her crimson slit eyes and went back to sleep inside the cage which had a long queen side bed with crimson blanket. The same one that she has wrapped around her body now before giving a long purr while she slowly fall into a long deep sleep thinking of what will happen soon and how she will enjoy it.

Naruto opens his eyes up to see a truly beautiful sight in front of his eyes to see at very first moment he wakes from his dreamy sleep. This sight that he truly enjoyed to see is an almost naked purple hair woman that's sleeping on his chest with just her black panties on her sexy body.

Her breasts against his chest but he could feel her harden nipples pressed against his chest that was something he enjoyed the feeling of. He slowly down at her back that has a scar on her soft smooth skin but mind could only start to wonder how she got it.

Anko whom is still sounded asleep on his chest in her just black panties that shaped and fit her ass perfect but he could tell that his hands moved in his sleep. The reason he can is because they are now under her panties and rested on both her ass cheeks that felt so smooth to the touch.

But seeing her like that so peaceful it caused him to come up with just one hell of a perfect idea to do for the both of them. He did want to repay them for all their kindness they have given him so far since they met him.

When he gets out of the bed slowly in order for her not to be woken up by him but that's when he moved her into new pose with her back now against the bed and her head resting on one of the pillows at the top of the bed.

He moved the blanket to cover her but couldn't help but feel the heat creeping on his face when he noticed again just how hard her nipples are but quickly covers them up as well with her black blanket with a rather large snake on it.

He did look at her because she did just know how to tempt him badly by only wearing panties to bed like that but he had to fight his desire to stay in bed. He slowly moved over to the door but he could hear her move in her sleep only for a smile to have come across his lips.

When he finally got out of the bedroom he looked over to where the kitchen is before heading over there. He looked to see what they had food wise before he takes out what he needed for breakfast.

Throughout cooking his mind couldn't leave the two women that he's cooking for because they seem so perfect to his eyes. He did look from time to time at the two bedroom doors but his smiled kept coming back onto his lips. "I truly hope they enjoy the food because haven't really cooked for anyone in the past."

When he finally is finished cooking and place the plates down on the table to get ready for them to wake up. That's when he noticed that both sleepy heads are now waking up and walking out of their bedrooms to the living room.

"It's about time you two wake up, you had me thinking you were going be sleeping the whole day away at the rate you two were going." He spoke in a teasingly voice over to them with a mischievously gin on his lips but he did noticed right away that Kurenai is in a red nightgown that covered everything but her long sexy leg.

Her red nightgown fit her curves so perfect it is if the nightgown was made just for her body in every part of the meaning. He could see just how big her breasts are now thanks to her wearing something didn't go against them like her normal outfit did.

When his eyes seen that he had to gulp down his saliva in order to keep him from drooling in front of her like a crazy pervert. He did stare at her long creamy smooth long legs but he eyes began to move again.

He when his eyes now noticed it just ended little bit right after that beautiful ass of hers which he could see her bare ass thanks to her wearing nothing under the nightgown. Only thing now inside his mind is if he was behind her and nightgown would just move up a little bit for him see all of her great ass.

He does hope that she does move it up so he can see it more even if it did made him sound like a pervert but who can blame him? Right in front of him is two of the hottest women in the whole village and they just want to be with him no one else.

He never felt this kind of feeling till he met the two of them because before them everyone in this village hated him. Hated him for something he couldn't even control or ask to have inside of his own body like this.

He hated his father at first when he heard the news but he slowly began to stop hating him when he though more on it and realized his father had no other way to do it. That's when he had realized also it was his father responsibility to protect the village and couldn't ask someone else give up their child if he couldn't do it himself.

At that time he learned what duty and responsibility truly meant which only made him stronger that day when he gave up his hate for his father. His eyes looked over to Anko when he finally snapped out of train of though.

He can tell that Anko on the other hand isn't wearing a nightgown like Kurenai because she's still only had her black panties but she does gave him a stare at him. She quickly noticed that his eyes are now forced on her but she didn't know why or where.

She slowly forced on where his eyes are now looking only to find out that his eyes are locked on her breasts. A very truly mischievously that would put him to shame came across her breathtaking lips while she licked her tongues.

She took her hands and moved them to her soft breasts with her nipples still hard showing to him and moved them together. She didn't stop at just pressing them together because by seeing the look she's getting from him only increased her grin.

That's when her hands began to moves them around a bit slowly at first but fast while his eyes stared harder only to cause him to blush greatly but he could feel a nosebleed slowly coming to happen.

When Kurenai had noticed the food as she only simply stopped her best friend from causing him to die of blood lose. She quickly looked back over at him whom gave her a thank you look that caused her to smile at him.

Anko only looked at her before she moved up to so they were now in a locked staring match only for Kurenai to move her hand to the other woman's side. She slowly tickled her side only for Anko to let out a howl of laugher but caused her to lose the match to her best friend.

"You know that's a dirty trick to use on me and why you ruin my fun with him?" Kurenai only shake her head at the woman with a pouting face. A pouting face that only could be described as cute in his mind when he seen it.

"You almost made him pass out with your teasing and I can't have my student dying of blood lose now can I? What kind sensei or girlfriend would I be if I let something like that happen to him with your breast show?" Kurenai teasingly scolded, Anko couldn't resist it but let out another cute pout.

"It's not fair how you can wear something like that with only nightgown no panties on showing off there and tell me not to have fun." Kurenai stopped with her mouth now closed and immediately looked down when she realized what her best friend had just told her.

She moved her hands to the bottom of her nightgown and tired to move it down without any success at all. "You forget that Naruto-kun is staying here didn't you? That's only reason I can see you wearing that around because you had forget." Anko let out another wave of laugher when she looked at her blushing best friend.

Naruto moved over to her only for her to back up away from him shyly but he his arms encircled her back. He softly pressed her against his body slowly only for her head to have moved over to his neck slowly at first but when it get there she just closed her eyes.

"I don't know why I'm doing this at all, first being with you the first day I met you. Asking you live with me like this because not me at all. Only one person in my life has ever got to point touching my breath and that took a month. You have done so much more in just two days now I just don't know why." She looked up at his blue calm eyes that just seem to calm her crazy out of control mind.

"That goes same for me Naru-kun because I may have tease men a lot in the past but you just made me feel so much better about myself just by you looking at me. It just like there's some kind of invisibly aura around you that truly makes people who see it to truly just feel better about them." Anko mouth locked on his before her tongue moved to start a heated tongue war.

Once it ended his mouth didn't have any time for air because Kurenai replaced Anko's mouth but he couldn't help but move his hands down to her ass with his fingers moving across her smooth asshole cheeks.

When the tongue war ended with the black hair woman he grabbed and slapped her right ass cheek that made a nice sound in his mind. "I don't know why two beautiful women would do things like this to me but I'm glad. Let's eat before the food I made you go to waste ok? We can talk about more of this after."

"You can cook?" Both women asked him simultaneous which caused him to just smirk a kitsune smirk over to them but his eyes just stare at them almost in a mischievously way. "I wonder how they will like my cooking; hopeful they will enjoy it and not hate it." He moved over to put the food down on the plates that were already set on top of the table and uses his hand to wave them over to the dinner table.

Kurenai still tired to pull nightgown lower but still no lack at all but she can see that Anko looked at the food with a curiosity look on her face that only made her giggle for they walked over.

Anko is the first to sit down quickly followed by Kurenai for two reasons for her speedy movement. First reason was because she wanted to hide the part of her that's exposed to him for his eyes to see. The last reason was because she's curious to see how good of a cook he really is or how bad of one.

But he could easily tell that both of them were scared to try his cooking that only caused him to let out a small laugh. He just can simply guess that they think this way because it is a man that's cooking right now.

Kurenai is the first one of the two women that tries his food but once she does her eyes go right to Naruto then eat even more of it. "How is it Kurenai-chan? Tell me already don't just eat more of it." Anko asked her best friend who just looks back at her with her ruby colored eyes because she wanted to know how well his cooking is.

"If you don't eat it fast, I'll eat it on you and that's something you can bet on." Anko just now was simply totally shocked that Kurenai liked it that much. In all of her life she has never seen her long time friend this crazy over someone cooking.

She always had been the kind of woman that seem only eat food that she cooked or was cooked at her favorite place but never from anyone she has ever dated. She remembered the last time one of her boyfriends tried and she couldn't believe how bad he was at making a simply dish.

That was the winning key for her she to try his cooking for right now just to see if Kurenai is right about this one. When she finally tired to for herself she couldn't believe how her mouth felt from the tastes of it but she looked over at Kurenai to see her grinning crazy at her.

"Yes, you're never leaving this house ever again because we not going let you. Naruto-kun you better truly really realized that now. Because there's no way we are letting you leave anytime soon because of this good coking." He couldn't believe what he heard but laugh only for them stare harder at him.

He could only just smile then began to eat his food but his eyes go back and forth between the two women in front of him. He then noticed that there are a lot of photos around the house of the two of them while his eyes looked around the kitchen and parts of living room he could see while he sat down.

"You two must be very close to each other because there are so many photos everywhere and some are nice to see." His eyes went right away to the one photo of the two of them in bikinis which were really nice to see on them. Kurenai just followed his eyes then smirked once she found out where he had looked at.

"Yes, the two of us have known each other for years. She has become a sister to me who sometimes is a big pain in the butt." Anko just sticks her tongue out at her but that's when Kurenai just took some of her food causing her to pout which started him to laugh.

She glared at him while she came up with a great idea to get pay back on him. She moved quickly over to him without him seeing and cuts his cheek with her knife. Once the blood left his cheek she licked it off his cheek slowly with her tongue.

He could feel her tongue slowly moving over his cheek with her hot wet saliva come off her tongue mixing with his blood. She did a 2rd round with her tongue to get off rest of her saliva and his blood only to make him want her do that again all over again.

"Your blood has a great taste and I think I may want more of it again really soon." She once again smiled but a true smile and he just plainly looks at her funny but Kurenai on the other hand just lets out a little giggle. She knows her friend is crazy about blood but to her it was funny seeing his face like that it was just so priceless to her.

"You must like blood or something?" Anko just hangs on him and with a smile across her beautiful lips but she does look back down to him. He can tell by her eyes that she's truly happy right now that's something he always wants her to be.

The last thing he ever wanted is for any one of these two beautiful caring women to be sad no matter what. He only wants them to smile with happy face because when they smile they are just way to beautiful in his eyes.

"Yea, but I don't know why but I just do and it funny scaring people as well. Don't hide it because I know you were little scared and maybe even turned on." He only could shake his head before his eye turned back to Kurenai who still had a sweet innocent smile on her lips.

"I guess I was because you're the first to ever do that to me." Anko just quietly goes back to her sit and eats what is left of her food. Kurenai could simply only shakes her head because from now on it was going be a lot more chaos around this place. Chaos which she didn't mind having around because she is going to enjoy it as well in more ways than one.

"What are you two doing for today?" His eyes just kept forced on staring at their lovely eyes because both of them have eyes that are just breathtaking and no matter how many times he sees them, he just can't stop staring into their eyes.

It's like he's being pulled by some kind of invisibly force to stare deeper into them without any control of his own. One thing he knows for sure about this is that he enjoys it so much being pulled to them like right now.

"I'm off today but I think you and Kurenai have train and do missions with your team. Don't forget you have a duty now." He slyly nodded his head but comes up with a good idea for the three of them to do.

An idea that only made him smiled because he just hoped that it will work out like he had planned it inside his mind. His smile slowly became a full kitsune smirk only to confuse both women when they see it.

"How about you come with us Anko-chan? I mean if that something you would like to do with us because I know we would love to have you there with us." She was greatly taken back but she did like that idea very much at that. Her eyes turn over to Kurenai who simply nodded her head agreeing to her with a smile on her face.

"I guess I could go and scary some genins badly truly badly scary them, I have to ask why do you want me there?" He moved his finger to his lips trying to take as long as he can because he could see it having a big effect on Anko with her stare growing harder by the second.

"That's because it's nice having two of you around at the same time. You two truly seem to be happy together but it is a shame if you were apart like that now weren't it be just a big shame if you're apart?" Kurenai giggle a sweet cute giggle at that and put her chin on her hands with a smile showing brightly to the both of them.

"She also needs to put some clothes on first or she'll not only scary them but turn them on." Anko just looked over at Kurenai but she then looked back at him with a devil grin on her face for both of them to see.

His eyes just look lower only for her to slowly look back over to her friend before she moves a hand down her chest. "You truly are in a teasing mood Anko-chan crazy one at that, I don't think you have ever done anything like this to anyone before beside Naruto-kun right now."

"I can't help it because it's so fun with him being so innocent over there with his hunger eyes. There is also the fact that I don't think he wants me put clothes on right now." He gets up and goes to her and just looked down because he didn't want her to and that is the truth. His eyes looked into her eyes that only caused her to look away from his eyes shyly.

"Yes I don't and I know the reason she like tease this way more than normal. It's because Kyuubi-chan is giving off strong pheromones making you both go crazy and think its ok be naked front of me. " He gave her a long kiss with passion on her chest then slowly licked around her nipple causing her to moan in front of Kurenai.

That only caused her blush badly and look away from the both of them quickly. Kurenai shouldn't help but giggle at that but she sees Anko looking at him because he isn't finished with her yet. He took her nipple slowly into his wet mouth hunger sucking on it before he stopped and back way with a smirk on his face.

"I guess I need clothes on or you're going all out on little old me in front of Kurenai-chan. You need keep that fox under control we can't have you jumping us so soon because of these damn pheromones your damn fox is giving off to us." She got up but gave a playful scolded look at him before she shakes her waist at him and headed to her room to change.

Kurenai on the other hand headed to her own room as well but he followed her slowly but she noticed. She turns around when she noticed and heard door close behind her. Her smile could be seen to him but she had a feeling he's here because he wants see her change.

"You got to see Anko-chan like that so you think it's my turn to show you? How do I know I want to or maybe just Kyuubi making me want to?" she teased him but he could even tell it's her way of teasing but she about say someone but he quickly shut up her by putting his lips against her to seal her words.

"She may help you by doing that but you need to have these feels for me already, all she does it help you open and share them with me. Trust me if this wasn't truly how you felt I not be doing this to you. It's just not right at all to do then." He then began to nip at her ear which caused her to let out a long moan from having her ear played with by his teeth slowly.

She believed him by the look in his pure and innocent eyes but she couldn't believe someone his age or a shinobi all together could have eyes of a saint. These eyes that truly had seen so much and done so much but yet somehow kept his pure good heart and soul like the person in front of her.

She could tell by how he treats them and how he speaks to them that he wouldn't try do anything that made them force to give their own self to him without wanting to. She slowly moved her arms around his neck before she moved her head to his neck with her hot breath hitting against his bare skin.

She knows Kyuubi's pheromone maybe helping her right now but she knows she isn't going give into lust and jump him. She just wanted feel warmth of someone just like she knows her best friend does. The warmth they have both sought for so many years but always ran into perverts trying having sex if they see just a sight of bare skin.

She looked at someone younger than her but at the same time act more grown up then all men in her life so far. He may tease Anko with her nipple but that all he did seeing them both almost naked so many times like that without even trying to take them.

She smiled before she moved her lips to his claiming then for herself hungrily at first but harder while the heated tongue war got longer. The longer it went the harder both of them went at each other before she could feel herself falling on her back onto the bed softly.

His hands move up and slowly pulled the nightgown off her body and throw it off to the ground then noticed she didn't even have a bra underneath her nightgown. His lips slowly at first moved to her arms to give each one a kiss then one to her chest.

That's when she moved her hands to his head to stop him from going any lower on her body. "I don't mind you touching but I'm not ready to go all the way, I just met you and I also don't know if I can go that far with anyone yet." He just smiled back up to her while his arms held her close to him as he whispers into her ear that she didn't have to worry.

Once she finally got off her bed and back on her feet she headed to the normal colored wooden dresser by a large standing mirror but she looked back over her shoulder to see that his eyes were now glued to her ass.

She couldn't help but shake her waist only for his eyes to lock on her ass even harder when it shakes in front of his hunger eyes. She let out a smile while she kept shaking her waist for him but she then went to find clothes to wear.

When she opened the dresses she could feel his hand now on her ass and felt his hand give each cheek a good hard squeeze. When she found the clothes she wanted to wear she moved him little bit back.

She had pushed him back in order for her to puts her blue panties and bra on but before she can put her normal dress made of bandages on. She had hoped to do that but before she could he had moved his hands back over to her ass which caused her to look at him with a raised eyebrow.

He just grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands slowly before pulling her closer to him then claimed her lips with him to give her a kiss filled with passion and love. Once he finished the kiss he took a step back to watch her change now but she just couldn't help but shake her head at him.

"We have to get going and you still need to change yourself." He nodded and goes to the bathroom where he unseals a scroll from his right arm. He unseals the scroll a large size bag came out out. He then took a new change of clothes from it as he changes into them before he seal the bag once more.

Once he gets done he walked out but his lips just turned into a smile when he could that both of them are waiting for him. He just simply wondered what kind of day he will have but he does know that if he has this day with the two of them. No doubts in his mind that then it is going be one hell of a great day to look forward to having.

"Let's get going and scaring some genins!" He just shakes his head before the three of them start heading off to the training ground eight. When the three finally get there they see Hinata and Shino already there waiting for them.

He walked over to them only to feel a kunai cutting his cheek slowly and Anko starting to lick his blood scaring the two genins but Naruto just kisses her lips before she pulled him into a deeper kiss.

"How are you guys doing?" His two teammates just stare at him before they look over to their sensei. "This is my friend Anko-chan and Anko-chan this is Shino and Hinata." Anko waved before moving her hand on Naruto's hand.

"What are we going to do Kurenai-sensei?" He smirked to her but she just rolled her eyes before walking up to the four of them. "We are going to train and hopeful do a rank d mission."

Anko and Naruto look at each other then back at Kurenai. "That's boring.' Both stated causing Kurenai to to let out a long cute sounding giggle. Naruto couldn't help but stare only for Anko to flick him on the nose to get him back to the real world.

"How are we going to train Kurenai-sensei?" Shino said his normal voice but Naruto just lies down. With his eyes locked on his two girlfriends. He also lets his eyes wander a little bit too much to earn himself a grin from Anko.

"First tell me what you three force in the most and I'll try to work around that, I only have a feel of your skills so why don't you tell me how your skills fully are." She just looked over at team really quick but shake her head when she can see that Naruto just lying down on the ground.

"I'm mostly force in my clan skills with my bugs while training and when I get a chance to do missions." Shino spoke but Kurenai looks to Hinata now because she had a feeling that Shino would have said something like that to her about his skills.

"I also force mostly in my clan skills and hand to hand but I don't know how god I'll do when it comes to missions." Kurenai nodded her head back to the shy girl before closing her ruby eyes much to Naruto disappointment.

"I guess I can help you two get better on the area that you two lack for right now till we find something ells to train you on." She looked over to the only one that hasn't said anything and is too busy staring at her eyes.

"Only thing I suck at is genjutsu but beside that then everything I'm good at and will show you anytime you want." That caused her to smile and Anko to smirk at the last part of it but she noticed her best friend blush somewhat.

"Then its good thing you have me as your sensei because I'm a genjutsu user." Anko just looks around before moving to Naruto. "She means she's known as genjutsu mistress." Naruto nods his head before Anko laugh causing Kurenai to regret what Anko told him.

"We will have a test to see how strong you are in your own areas; you will be going against the two of us. Don't you dare hold back understand?" Her genins nod their heads to her before she and Anko left the area to give them time to get ready.


How will they handle their training fight against their own sensei and Anko?

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