Hotch gives for the better of others.

He gives his life for people he's never met.

He gives his family up for the life he knows he's meant to live.

He gives his son up for a better life without him.

He knows his entire life is about him giving away part of him.

He gives up a part of himself when he chooses to just stop smiling.

He simply stops trying after a few years on the job, it's to hard to remind himself that that part of himself is gone. Just another thing he gave away.

So when Morgan comes to him…. telling him of a secret passion and an all to fragile love, Hotch comes face to face with another thing he must give away.

He tells himself he gives for the betterment of others. That in the end, it's the best thing.

So in the end he gives away love, like he did life and family, happiness and self…for the betterment of others.