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1: Murphy's Law

"Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes." –Anonymous

"One hour, one more hour!" Tom Majors hissed under his breath, tapping his foot as he eyes flickered towards the clock hanging on the wall, "One more hour and we're free!"

"Tom, that's what you've been saying all day!" Tom's best friend Khristopher; better known as Kaz; Kalinkas whispered backed, pushing his magenta tinted glass up his nose, "The only thing that's changed about it is the number before the word 'hour.'"

"Well, geez, Kaz" Tom stopped his insistent foot-tapping and leaned forward, resting his arms on his legs, "What're you so grouchy about? It's almost summer vacation!"

"Yeah, well, summer vacation's going to be as boring as Algebra." Kaz replied sullenly, "My parents are planning on a cruise and I'm going to be dropped off with my grandparents on the East Coast. And my grandparents hate me." The boy scowled across the gym at the Juniors on the opposite bleachers, all screaming and shouting. It was a rally, of sorts, for the last day of school. Kaz and Tom's last day as Freshmen.

"Darn, so much for my plan of getting out of the house for the summer. Now I haven't got an excuse to get away from my mom." Tom's mood was dampened as well and he dropped his chin into his hands, frowning.

While Kaz's parents had enough money to live at the high rise end of the neighborhood and afford several luxuries most people would love to have, Tom's life was a little different. His parents were divorced, his dad having moved out when Tom was still little, and that left him alone in the house with his mother. Tom had grown up with tears, screams, and loneliness, his mother was rarely there for him and now that he was older he tried to stay out of her sight as much as possible. She'd told him he looked too much like his father. Tom's often cocky-to-sour attitude was a result of his childhood.

"Well, look at it this way," Kaz made a valiant effort to cheer his best and only friend up, "It couldn't possibly get any worse that it already is. At least we can still see each other in Chaotic." He patted his pants pocket, grinning.

Tom grinned too, putting his own hand protectively over the pocket of his jeans where his Code Scanner rested, "Then again," He said, "As Peyton would say 'famous last words, bro!'"

Both boys howled with laughter.

As soon as they were two blocks from the school, both boys yanked out their Code Scanners. It had become a sort of ritual; after school, on the walk home, as soon they were two blocks away, they pulled out the Scanners and ported to Chaotic.

This time, however, there was no confirmation that their code was in Chaotic. Their scanners lay, dead, in their hands, not responding. Kaz repeatedly punched the button on his red device, brow furrowing. Still nothing.

"Aw, man, no way, I jinxed us." He muttered, looking at Tom. Their expressions were identical; horror-struck.

"This sucks!" Tom's horror was quickly replaced by his temper and he shoved his Code Scanner away into his bag, cheeks flushing, "This just plain sucks!" And he stomped the rest of the way to his house, Kaz lagging behind with a pale face and blank expression. Neither of them said anything to one another as they parted.

Summer dreams, ripped at the seams…

Kaz dragged himself up his walk, only pausing to pull the mail out of the mailbox, and through the front door of his house. There, he kicked off his shoes, dropped his bag on the floor, and walked into the kitchen where he carelessly tossed the mail on the table and made a bee-line for the fridge.

"Kazdan?" His mother trailed in, covered in flour. He hadn't even noticed the mess on the counter by the sink, "What's wrong, Kazdan? It's the last day of school, you should be ecstatic."

"Hmph." Kaz snorted in reply, pulling out a soda can and popping it open to take a gulp. He wandered out of the kitchen and started heading towards the stairs and his attic bedroom.

"Kazdan, there's a letter for you!"

Rolling his eyes, the boy ducked back into the kitchen, snatched the envelope from his mother's hands, and went up the stairs as fast as he could without spilling his soda. Once there, he shut the door and carelessly tossed the letter onto his desk beside his laptop, sank onto the bottom bunk of his bunk bed, and sulked, soda can clenched in his fingers.

It wasn't fair. What logical reason was there for his—not to mention Tom's—Scanner to quit working? A bolt from the blue. A big, fat, stinking lightning bolt that ruined their summer. How stupid. How lame. How cruel. How inexplicably unfair.

Kaz jumped, sloshing soda onto his lap, as the phone in his room started ringing. It was a private phone with its own number that only a few people knew. Kaz set his half-empty can on the bedside stand and half walked, half shuffled over to the phone. His pants were soaked.



Kaz whipped the phone away from his ear on instinct, halfway through taking off his soda-soaked pants. He could barely hear Tom's voice ranting through the other end of the phone. Then there was a silence and he brought the phone back.

"Geez, Tom, are you trying to blow my eardrums out?"

"Kaz, Kaz, did you get a letter!? In the mail!?" Tom was talking very quickly and in a very excited tone of voice, "Did you get a metter in the lail!? I mean, a letter in the mail!?"

"Slow down before you hyperventilate!" Kaz tossed his wet pants in the laundry basket by his door and started tugging on a pair of worn out pajama bottoms, "Yeah, I got a letter in the mail. What of it?"

"Did you look at it!? Did you open it!?"

"No, why?"

"Open it! Quick open it! You're never gonna believe what it says!"

Kaz sighed, letting Tom know he was annoyed with him, propped the phone between his ear and his shoulder, and slit the letter open, eyes scanning the typed words on the heavy paper in his hands. The phone thudded to the carpeted floor.

To Kazdan Kalinkas:

First, a congratulations are in order. Well done on all your victories within Chaotic and may skill and luck continue to persist in your battles. Secondly, it is our sincere hope that you will accept the offer that is to follow.

Chaotic was a product of several minds of genius and wild imagination, as I'm sure you know. It has been active across the globe for over four years now and its popularity has not dwindled. However, nor has it risen. In an attempt to draw in a larger audience to share this wonderful world, we decided we needed fresh, new, imaginative minds.

In short, we humbly request that you come visit Khaos Corporation and stay for your summer holiday at our facility. You will be treated as an honored guest with a fully equipped luxury cabin, tours of the company buildings, and, of course, a number of free and rare scans.

If you accept our offer, please send a reply via e-mail with the address on the bottom of this letter. If you do not accept, please reply accordingly.

Our sincerest hopes that you'll visit,

The Khaos Corporation Brothers

And following it was an e-mail address.

Kaz felt his jaw drop, was aware that Tom was shouting at him over the phone that still lay on the floor, was aware that the paper had drifted from his immobile fingers. But nothing stuck. He couldn't process it. It wasn't possible. He was dreaming. It was a joke. Yeah, that was it. A joke. Kaz snatched the phone off the floor.

"—can't believe this! Can you believe this!? It's incredible! I mean—!"

"Tom, shut up for minute! What if this is a joke!" Silence on the other end of the line, "Think about it! First our Code Scanners stop working and now we get these letters that are supposedly from Khaos Corp! What if it's a hoax!?"

"You really think it's a joke, Kaz?" Tom sound disappointed but then so was Kaz, "The only possible way for someone to shut off our Code Scanners would be from the Khaos Corporation building, right? So it must be true!"

"Hmmm…" Kaz mulled it over in his head, bending over to pick up the letter that he'd dropped and letting his eyes sweep over it once more, "Well, I guess…"

"Admit it, Kaz, you want it to be true just as much as I do. If not more so."

Kaz couldn't help but smile, "Alright, you got me. I do want it to be true. So, here's the deal, we e-mail them back, pack, and—."

"Don't say it." Tom said sourly, "I don't need to. She'll love the chance to kick me out of the house."

Kaz wished he hadn't even thought about it, "Call you in a bit then?"

"In a bit." Tom agreed and hung up. Kaz set the phone back on the hook, plopped in front of his laptop and powered it up, stretching as it loaded. Summer was looking to be alright. No, that was definitely an understatement, summer was going to awesome.

"Mom?" It was later in the evening and the Kalinkas family was sitting down for supper. Kaz was busy trying to cut through his steak at the moment.


"Um…that letter I got in the mail…it was from Khaos Corporation. You know, the company that makes Chaotic?" His mother didn't respond, still waiting, and Kaz gulped continuing, "W-well, they invited me to stay at their facility for the summer and tour it and…stuff." He finished lamely, "So, you wouldn't have to send me to Grandma and Grandpa's."

"Well, it'd make my parents happy," His father stated, tapping his fork against the side of his plate, "They were planning a trip to Las Vegas."

"They don't like me anyway" Kaz said and then bit his lip. That might have been crossing the line.

"Kazdan!" Oh yeah, that was crossing the line.

"Well they don't, Marietta." His father muttered.


Both Kaz and his father looked shamefaced at their plates while they got a scornful stare from Marietta Kalinkas. After a few moments, she dropped her gaze and Kaz chanced a glance at her.

"So…um…can I go? Tom's going too."

His mother pursed her lips like she always did when she was thinking hard about something. No doubt she was evaluating his school year and the mid terms. Kaz had nothing to worry about; he was smart, close to genius, and passed almost all his classes with A's.

"What do you think, Nathaniel?"

Kaz looked at his father pleadingly. The man sighed as he ran a hand through his fading red hair and looked from his son to his wife. Then he leaned forward, "Well, I think Kaz has earned this. He's through with his Freshman year of school, which he passed with flying colors, he's been quite good about keeping his room clean and getting his chores done, and he hasn't been to the hospital at all this year."

Kaz's face flushed with pride at the first couple of compliments but then went sheet white. His dad just had to mention it! He just had to! Kaz slumped in his seat, figuring there was no way he was going to go to Khaos Corporation even though they probably had a medical area right there.

Kaz had been born with an over reactive panic attack system, so to speak. Whenever he got really scared or upset he'd faint or sometimes get a little woozy in the head. But there where sometimes when he'd get a flood of adrenaline so large he couldn't handle it and would go into a full blown panic attack. He'd ended up in the hospital twice because of that. The first time he'd had an attack, when he was seven and they'd still lived in the city just outside Chicago, he'd almost been hit by a car. The second time was after they'd moved into this small town, when he and Tom were both ten and they'd been playing at the park when Kaz had fallen from the domed monkey bars straight to the ground and broken his leg. The shock and pain had been the trigger. Kaz's attack scared Tom so badly that he wouldn't talk to Kaz for three days.

"I suppose it's alright," His mother's voice cut into his thoughts, "As long as he's responsible enough to—."

"Thank you!" Kaz shouted, pumping his fists into the air, "Thank you so much! Yes! Wait until I tell Tom!"

And without a backwards glance at his half-eaten food, Kaz jumped out of his seat, dashed from the room, flew up the stairs, and vanished into his room before his mother could shout at him to come back down and finish his supper.

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